September 15, 2016: Field Trip – BIF 12

Another year.   Another trip to BIF.  Another opportunity to


showcase Hope High School’s impressive brand


build networks of successful professionals.

8 Hope Life Skills students arrived at Trinity Theatre in Providence on Thursday, September 15th, at 7:30am for a day of listening to 16 fascinating stories from a diverse group of people from all over the world on the Trinity stage and later network with these same storytellers and hundreds of members from the BIF audience.


Storyteller, Kalimah Priforce, from Oakland, California, shares his amazing personal story of growing up in a group home in New York City, starting his own computer service company at 16 years old and selling it at 20 years old before dedicating his life to community service in his murdered brother’s memory.


Hope Life Skills students network with BIF attendees during one of the breaks in the program.


Hope Life Skills students at the BIF Forum


Ariel Hall introduces herself to BIF storyteller, Kalimah Priforce, adds him to her network and, in the process, invites Kalimah to Hope High School for the following day’s LIfe Skills class. He accepted!


Hope Life Skills students prepare to network at the sushi reception following day 2 of BIF


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