Today’s Homework: January 19, 2018

1.  Please bring TWO sheets of paper and a pen to next Friday’s class.  Next week’s class will feature guest, Nan Quinlan, who will help us prepare a JOB WINNING resume.

2.  Please read the Washington Post article I distributed in class entitled The Surprising Thing GOOGLE Learned About Its’ Employees –  And, What This Means for Today’s Students“.    Please identify ONE SKILL you have that you would mention during a job interview with Google.  Next, please give me an example of when and how you used this skill effectively in the past.  As always, please send your well written statement with SHORT SENTENCES, perfect spelling, good grammar and punctuation to my email address no later than Tuesday, January 23th, 2018, before I go to bed.


Nan Quinlan discussing the best ways to position your brand in your job resume with a previous Life Skills class.


Today’s homework: December 15th, 2017

1.  Here’s an interesting video.  So many of us too often state we can’t get something done by a deadline because we’re too busy with other things going on in our life or we’re too nervous to introduce ourselves to someone we’d like in our network or too embarrassed to play the role of HOST for one of our Friday morning classes. “Oh, I’ve been too busy, Mr Cronin to do the homework…….” ……”Oh, I’m too embarrassed to introduce someone.…….”  This video is the story of a remarkable high school girl who is never too embarrassed to try something she is challenged to do, and often fail, but continues to persevere and try harder to get better so she can be the best she can be.

Isn’t this the goal we all have?

After watching this video below, please send a well written statement composed of short sentences, good grammar and punctuation and perfect spelling to my email address by December 27th, 2017, about what YOU COULD DO that you’re not doing now by simply “pushing out of your comfort zone” to be the best you can be.

2.  Please read my blog on Today’s class and tell me what you think about what we discussed in class today.   Please tell me one thing you agree with AND WHY you feel this way and, if there is anything you disagree with, what you disagree with AND WHY you feel this way.  Please send a well written statement composed of short sentences, good grammar and punctuation and perfect spelling to my email address by December 27th, 2017.

3.  Please tell me the name of one person you met in our class this year that YOU SENT AN EMAIL TO WISH THEM “HAPPY HOLIDAYS and Happy New Year!”

4.  After listening and reading our list of coming events and guests during Friday’s (December 15th) class for the second half of our class, please state a PERSONAL GOAL(s) you have for the second half of our Hope Life Skills class.  For instance, you might indicate being invited to go with the class on our tour of a college campus OR being chosen for a paid CVS Health summer internship at CVS offices in Woonsocket, RI OR meeting and adding an FBI agent to your personal network in one of our classes.   Please send your well written statement composed of short sentences, good grammar and punctuation and perfect spelling to my email address by December 27th, 2017.  Thank you.

5.  For those of you interested in the story of Kayla Montgomery, the female track star battling the debilitating disease, MS (multiple sclerosis), here’s a video of what she’s doing now in college.

Preparing for Future Forum 2

At the end of Friday’s class,

I encouraged all of you to prepare for Future Forum 2.

The better we prepare, whether it’s a softball game, an exam, or a networking event like the Future Forum, the better our chances for the success we hope to achieve.

I encourage you to watch the videos posted here.  The speaker, Masayoshi Son, is Japan’s wealthiest person.  Be patient watching this video.  However, if you can, it will be worth your while.  Watch and listen.  You will not only learn a lot;  many of you will become more curious, more creative and more confident.

‘Masayoshi Son’ is worth $23.5 BILLION! despite having lost most of his wealth in the year 2000

when his investments in internet companies failed.  He didn’t quit; he persevered!  Today Masayoshi Son is the Founder and chief executive officer of SoftBank, the chief executive officer of SoftBank Mobile, and current chairman of Sprint Corporation.

Masayoshi Son believes ‘AI’, Artificial Intelligence, will increasingly change our future.

He has stated the year 2017 is the tipping point for the world’s focus on AI, Artificial Intelligence. From this year forward, there will be more and more conversations, investments and uses of artificial intelligence devices. Siri, Google and Ford driverless cars, Rumba vacuum cleaners, drones, to name a few, are here NOW!  UnderArmour is designing and producing intelligent sportswear with AI in the fabric of the clothing.  In fact, Masayoshi Son predicts

in “30 years, when the population of the earth will be 10 BILLION, there will be 10 BILLION robots on the earth as well“.

Tuesday’s Future Forum is our first step getting prepared for this eventuality.

You are intelligent and creative enough to be successful in a world of artificial intelligence.  Yes, you are! Keep being curious. Don’t be afraid to be imaginative. Work hard always.

Push out of your comfort zone!

And, keep building networks of diverse, curious, hard working, respectful people who always do the right thing.

If you examine your network and everyone looks like you and has the same interests as you, you are missing opportunities for success.

Build a diverse network of good  people who have similar AND different interests as you.

See you Tuesday at the Forum!  And,

don’t forget your business cards.

Today’s Homework: December 3, 2017

1.  Read pages 61 through 67 in the “Brand” textbook, the ‘Story of Cesar Chavez’.

2.  Let’s use our imagination.   Make believe you have the opportunity to have dinner with Cesar Chavez at a restaurant called Forbes Mill Steakhouse at 206 North Santa Cruz Highway in Los Gatos, California.     You and Mr Chavez are seated when the waitress approaches you.  You notice her name tag says – Tara Cronin, Providence, Rhode Island.    Hmmmm…..Your mind starts wondering.  Could she be…..?   Please share with me one question you will ask Mr Chavez during dinner.   Then, please tell me something you will say to the waitress other than ‘how is the Australian Coldwater Lobster at this restaurant?’.    Please send your well written answers with perfect spelling and well constructed, short sentences to my email address by Sunday, November 12th before midnight!  Thank you.  I look forward to reading your responses.

3.  Today’s guest, Nan Quinlin, encouraged all of us to

set up our profile on LinkedIn,

a popular, employment networking web site (  LinkedIn is used mainly for career networking;  i.e. (that is) people looking for jobs and companies looking for good job candidates.  LinkedIn will be another tactic for building your network of successful people who may one day help you get an internship, job or maybe acceptance into the University or College of your choice.

LinkedIn_Logo_2013.svgGo to the LinkedIn web site to set up your profile.   Check out my profile on LinkedIn.  You can also

check out the LinkedIn profiles of Hope Life Skills graduates Hafzat Akanni, Marta Aparicio, or Johnny Montanez.

Once you’ve finished setting up your profile,

connect with me on LinkedIn.

You can find my LinkedIn profile by  putting my name, Stephen Cronin, in the inquiry bar at the top of the site.  Make sure you read the Stephen Cronin profile to make sure it’s me.  There are many Stephen Cronins on LinkedIn.

Once my profile appears, click on the connect button.

This will send a message to me asking if I will connect with you which I will.   I look forward to connecting with you on linkedin.  Please do this as soon as possible.

4. What do you think about a “Meet Mr Cronin” night at Hope High School?    I would ask you to bring one or both of your parents to meet me.   I will have dinner for everyone;  we can talk about the menu during one of our classes.  We’ll start about 6:30pm.  I will have a few of my friends, like George Ortiz and Marta Aparicio, come to meet your parents too.  I will tell parents about what we’re doing and planning to do in the Hope Life Skills program.  WHAT DO YOU THINK?   WILL YOUR PARENTS BE INTERESTED AND ABLE TO COME?

Today’s Homework: October 27, 2017

1.  Read the Brand textbook entitled “The Development of the American Brand in the 20th Century posted on this web site.  Read pages 3 through 20.

2.  Then, complete the activity on page 21 by answering these two questions –

a) please describe how other people perceive your brand today.  In other words, please tell me what your teachers and other students who observe you in school say what kind of student and person you are today.  For example – will they say you are reliable or unreliable?  Respectful all the time or disrespectful some time?   Will they say you always work hard or just some of the time?  Honest or not?  On time all the time or sometimes late or absent?  Neat or not?  Prepared or unprepared for class, the team you play on or work?  will they say you are curious – always trying to learn new things to get better or you prefer to stay as you are now with no interest in changing?  Shy and introverted or someone who pushes out of their comfort zone to meet new people and try new things?   Hang around with a diverse group of people with different interests than yours or do you only hang around with people who are like you and have the same interests as you?  Do you ALWAYS hang around with people of good character – respectful, always reliable, and working hard people?    Please send the description of how people perceive your brand to my email address in a well written statement with good grammar, SHORT SENTENCES, perfect spelling and punctuation before 11:59pm, Tuesday night, October 31.

b)  please describe how you would like people to eventually perceive your brand later in your life.  Please tell me what you hope people you go to college with or work with at a job or work for you at your company will ultimately say about what kind of person and worker you are.   Please send the description of how you hope people will ultimately perceive your brand to my email address in a well written statement with good grammar, SHORT SENTENCES, perfect spelling and punctuation before 11:59pm, Tuesday night, October 31.


Today’s Homework: October 13, 2017

homework - IMG_4205

Here’s a photo of the first page of the article I distributed in class today. My question asks you to reflect on a comment I wrote on page 3 of this article.

1.  After finishing the article I distributed in class today, reflect on a reference I made on page 3.  I wrote several comments on the side of the page made by Google‘s former Senior Vice President of People Operations, Laszlo Bock, about several important skills for lifetime success.    Please indicate which one of these skills you feel you are best at and why.  As always, please send your well written, grammatically correct statement with perfect spelling and good sentence structure to my email address by Tuesday, October 17, before midnight.  Thank you. I look forward to reading your response.

2.  Next, please indicate one of these skills you need to improve upon.  As always, please send your well written, grammatically correct statement with perfect spelling and good sentence structure to my email address by Tuesday, October 17, before midnight.  Thank you. I look forward to reading your response.

Today’s Homework: September 29, 2017

1. Read pages 1 through 49 in “The Future” book posted on this web site.   Take special note and review of the photos and the captions beneath each throughout this book.  This assignment will be relevant to many of our activities and classes in the Hope Life Skills class as we introduce and develop skills and behaviors for future success.  Part of your life’s challenge will be to identify careers and opportunities for your success.  We will have many class activities and conversations about ‘the future’ this year in Hope Life Skills.  The reading of this book is our first step to inspire you to think about artificial intelligence’s effect on future career and entrepreneurial opportunities.


2.   After reading “The Future” book, please send me  a well written statement identifying a career interest you might pursue as of June 2023.   Next, please explain why you are interested in this opportunity and why you feel this is a realistic opportunity in an age of increasing artificial intelligence (robots, smart devices, algorithms, computer programs, etc.).  Rest assured, there is no correct answer.  I’m interested in you telling me what you think is possible and might enjoy doing at the same time.  Please make sure your statement has perfect spelling and punctuation, good grammar, and NO RUN ON SENTENCES.   Please make sure you send your answer to my email address NO LATER THAN SUNDAY, October 8th.  Thank you.

3. If you have any questions about this assignment, feel free to email me your questions.   I look forward to reading your answers.

4.  Our next class will meet in Room 117 NOT 112!

5.  For those students who did not complete our  last homework assignment listed below on this web site – Today’s Homework, September 15th –  it’s not too late.  Please send me your late homework assignment(s) to my email address as soon as possible.  Thank you.

6.  Here’s a video to inspire your creative thinking for the career interest in the year 2023 you’ll be sharing with me as part of the homework assignment listed above in #2.  This video is one person’s perspective on the future.   My hope is this video will inspire you to think creatively, innovatively, of something you’d like to do in your future, possibly creating your own company with a unique idea or product or possibly working for an existing company to provide new ideas for its future success.  I look forward to your answer to your career interest in the year 2023.   Rest assured, there is no correct answer.  It is what you think is possible and might enjoy doing at the same time.

Today’s Class: September 29, 2017

Today’s class became the latest installment of

a Sherlock Holmes like mystery – “The Case of The Homework Abductions”.

CLASS 6 -IMG_4166

The Hope Life Skills Weekly Compliance Report: attendance, i.e. who’s here, who’s not, who’s late and not, as well as homework status

8 student homework assignments from the September 15th class were delivered to Mr Cronin’s email address.

“Only 8!

a perplexed Mr Cronin exclaimed in class.  23 homework assignments were missing!   The knee jerk assumption was ‘hackers!!’.   Could this be the work of those same dastardly, cyber disrupters who infiltrated the Home Depot and Target web sites last year?  “Is nothing safe on the internet today?” a frustrated Mr Cronin sighed.

What to do?

Only one way to proceed -

ask the question

‘why’.  And, what better

 way than the time-tested index card exercise!

Homework and Opening Day Notes – September 8th, 2017

The first day of Hope Life Skills 2017 was about introductions;

class goals, Hope student expectations of Mr Cronin and his class, Mr Cronin’s expectations of the students and stories about his wife’s cooking and his 3 children’s quest for success.   Mr Cronin identified the following Hope Life Skills objectives:

  1.  build student confidence and self esteem;
  2.  introduce and develop Skills for life time success:
    • personal brand development
    • networking
    • written, verbal and body language communication
    • collaboration
    • creativity

Mr Cronin also instructed students to

check out the homework assignment at the end of this blog.

Finally, Mr Cronin extended

invitations to BIF 2017 at the Trinity Theatre in Providence

this Wednesday (September 13) and Thursday (September 14) starting each day at 7:30am with breakfast and lunch provided and dismissal around 4:30pm.  First 2o Hope Life Skills students who request attendance at BIF 2017 will be accepted.  Students are asked to pick one of the days (Wednesday or Thursday) to attend.


One of the 12 daily story tellers sharing their personal story of challenges and success to the Trinity Theatre audience at BIF

BIF 10 - 5photo

Hope Life Skills students ‘networking’ at BIF during lunch

BIF 10 - 8photo

Hope Life Skills students Fernando Garcia (right) and Gisabel Salcedo (left) with one of the BIF storytellers during lunch.



  1. each student to email Mr Cronin either asking for a ticket to either this Wednesday or Thursday at BIF 2017 at the Trinity Theatre in Providence OR informing Mr Cronin you are unable or not interested in attending BIF 2017. First to email Mr Cronin will be the first students to be given tickets to attend.  Please send your request to attend to Mr Cronin by Sunday, September 10 at 5pm.  On Monday, September 11th before 12pm, Mr Cronin will send an email to students interested in BIF 2017 the day they can attend.  Students should email Mr Cronin – – with any questions.
  2. each student to fill out their business card information on the sheet of paper distributed in class and hand in to Mr Cronin next class (September 15).
  3. Next week’s class will be in Room 112.



Today’ Homework: May 26th, 2017

Manny 3 - IMG_3844

Manny Rivas during today’s Life Skills class

1.  Please be candid and honest with your response to this homework assignment:  please send your perception of the Manny Rivas brand in a well written statement to my email address by Thursday, June 1st before 11:59pm.  Please make sure your candid, honest description of Manny’s brand has good grammar, no spelling mistakes, short, well constructed sentences and good punctuation.   And, finally, tell me if you would hire the Manny Rivas for YOUR company and why.  Thank you.