Today’s Class: December 8, 2017

Claudia Cardozo, the Community Development Manager at Coastway Community Bank and

President of her own consulting company, Cardozo Coaching, was the guest of today’s Hope Life Skills class.

Claudia 3 - IMG_4550

Claudia shares her story of ‘fearless’ focus and resilience in overcoming obstacles for success.

Marianella Galan Jimenez was today’s class host.

Claudia - IMG_4536

Marianella welcomes Claudia to her Hope Life Skills class and exchanges business cards in the process as students await her introduction inside the classroom.

Today’s Homework: December 8, 2017

1.  Please identify what you enjoyed most about The Future Forum.  Please send your well written statement in short sentences with perfect spelling and good punctuation and grammar to my email address before Monday, December 11th, 11:59pm.

2.  We frequently speak about the importance and benefit of constructive criticism in our Hope Life Skills class.  Please send one suggestion which might improve the Future Forum in a well written statement in short sentences with perfect spelling and good punctuation and grammar to my email address before Monday, December 11th, 11:59pm.

3. Please give me the name one Future Forum 2 guest you have sent a follow up email to.

4.  I appreciated your feedback in class on Friday about whether we should keep Future Forum 3 in December of 2018 for Hope Life Skills students ONLY or invite students from a private school to join the Forum as we did for Future Forum 1 last school year.    Please share your preference and why you feel this way in a well written statement in short sentences with perfect spelling and good grammar and punctuation to my email address before Monday, December 11th, 11:59pm.  I truly appreciate your candid feedback.  Thank you.

Forum 0 - IMG_4428

Future Forum 2 – December 5, 2017

Forum 0 - IMG_4428

Mark Huang, Director of Economic Development for the City of Providence, addresses the audience at Future Forum 2

What happens

when you bring together twenty successful, forward thinking entrepreneurs, college professors, social activists, technologists, designers, health care change agents, marketers, trainers, oceanographers, and artists

with several of Hope High School’s best and brightest?

Take a look.

Preparing for Future Forum 2

At the end of Friday’s class,

I encouraged all of you to prepare for Future Forum 2.

The better we prepare, whether it’s a softball game, an exam, or a networking event like the Future Forum, the better our chances for the success we hope to achieve.

I encourage you to watch the videos posted here.  The speaker, Masayoshi Son, is Japan’s wealthiest person.  Be patient watching this video.  However, if you can, it will be worth your while.  Watch and listen.  You will not only learn a lot;  many of you will become more curious, more creative and more confident.

‘Masayoshi Son’ is worth $23.5 BILLION! despite having lost most of his wealth in the year 2000

when his investments in internet companies failed.  He didn’t quit; he persevered!  Today Masayoshi Son is the Founder and chief executive officer of SoftBank, the chief executive officer of SoftBank Mobile, and current chairman of Sprint Corporation.

Masayoshi Son believes ‘AI’, Artificial Intelligence, will increasingly change our future.

He has stated the year 2017 is the tipping point for the world’s focus on AI, Artificial Intelligence. From this year forward, there will be more and more conversations, investments and uses of artificial intelligence devices. Siri, Google and Ford driverless cars, Rumba vacuum cleaners, drones, to name a few, are here NOW!  UnderArmour is designing and producing intelligent sportswear with AI in the fabric of the clothing.  In fact, Masayoshi Son predicts

in “30 years, when the population of the earth will be 10 BILLION, there will be 10 BILLION robots on the earth as well“.

Tuesday’s Future Forum is our first step getting prepared for this eventuality.

You are intelligent and creative enough to be successful in a world of artificial intelligence.  Yes, you are! Keep being curious. Don’t be afraid to be imaginative. Work hard always.

Push out of your comfort zone!

And, keep building networks of diverse, curious, hard working, respectful people who always do the right thing.

If you examine your network and everyone looks like you and has the same interests as you, you are missing opportunities for success.

Build a diverse network of good  people who have similar AND different interests as you.

See you Tuesday at the Forum!  And,

don’t forget your business cards.

Today’ Homework: November 17, 2017

1. After watching the following video, please explain how someone like Kayla finds the courage to persevere and, then, push out of her comfort zone to try a sport she had never done before.  Better yet, please tell me, in a well written statement with perfect spelling and short sentences, what steps you would take to get the courage to push out of your comfort zone to get the courage, like Kayla, to do something you’ve never done before. Thank you.  Please send your answer to my email address by Sunday, November 26th, before 11:59pm.  I look forward to reading your answer.

2.  Please read the article I distributed in class today.  After completing the read, go back to page 2.  On this page you learn MIT robot scientist, Daniela Rus,

designed a “dime size, origami robot made out of meat byproducts.  The robot is designed to be swallowed, then be guided through a patient’s stomach to repair internal wounds” inside a person’s body.

This assignment is now a challenge.  I challenge you to think of a job you would enjoying doing, 10 years from today, that takes advantage of artificial intelligence like a smart robot or super computer code.  Don’t let anyone tell you “it’s not possible”.  Use your imagination!!!!!  Don’t worry about how crazy it might be!  Imagine!!!!  Just think – who would ever have thought 10 years ago that someone would invent a “dime size, origami robot made out of meat byproducts…. designed to be swallowed, then guided through a patient’s stomach to repair internal wounds” inside a person’s body.  Be bold!  Be imaginative!   Please describe, in a well written statement with perfect spelling and short sentences, a job or a business you own, 10 years FROM TODAY, which uses a form of artificial intelligence like a smart robot or super computer codePlease send your answer to my email address by Sunday, November 26th, before 11:59pm. I can’t wait to see how imaginative you have been!!!!!Robot article - IMG_4382

Today’s Class: November 17, 2017

Today’s guest was Jeff Sparr, Founder of Peace Love,

Jeff 1 - IMG_4356

Jeff Sparr is greeted by today’s class host, Nayely Furtado, before the start of today’s class

a non-profit foundation whose mission is to help people dealing with the challenges of mental illness.   From depression and anxiety to obsessive compulsive disorders (OCD),

Peace Love helps those afflicted by some form of mental illness to create peace of mind through art

and storytelling.  “I’ve suffered from OCD and anxiety since I was in college.  It took a while before someone suggested I try painting to help me deal with it.  So I did” said Sparr.  “Despite having no artistic training,

painting made me feel better. 

Jeff 2 -IMG_4357

Nayely introduces Jeff Sparr to her classmates to start today’s class.

I thought this might help others suffering from mental illness too.”  So, Jeff started Peace Love.

JEff 3 - IMG_4361

Ayo Onajide welcomes Jeff with a firm handshake, good eye contact and “thanks for coming to our class” following Nayely’s introduction.

Today’s Homework: December 3, 2017

1.  Read pages 61 through 67 in the “Brand” textbook, the ‘Story of Cesar Chavez’.

2.  Let’s use our imagination.   Make believe you have the opportunity to have dinner with Cesar Chavez at a restaurant called Forbes Mill Steakhouse at 206 North Santa Cruz Highway in Los Gatos, California.     You and Mr Chavez are seated when the waitress approaches you.  You notice her name tag says – Tara Cronin, Providence, Rhode Island.    Hmmmm…..Your mind starts wondering.  Could she be…..?   Please share with me one question you will ask Mr Chavez during dinner.   Then, please tell me something you will say to the waitress other than ‘how is the Australian Coldwater Lobster at this restaurant?’.    Please send your well written answers with perfect spelling and well constructed, short sentences to my email address by Sunday, November 12th before midnight!  Thank you.  I look forward to reading your responses.

3.  Today’s guest, Nan Quinlin, encouraged all of us to

set up our profile on LinkedIn,

a popular, employment networking web site (  LinkedIn is used mainly for career networking;  i.e. (that is) people looking for jobs and companies looking for good job candidates.  LinkedIn will be another tactic for building your network of successful people who may one day help you get an internship, job or maybe acceptance into the University or College of your choice.

LinkedIn_Logo_2013.svgGo to the LinkedIn web site to set up your profile.   Check out my profile on LinkedIn.  You can also

check out the LinkedIn profiles of Hope Life Skills graduates Hafzat Akanni, Marta Aparicio, or Johnny Montanez.

Once you’ve finished setting up your profile,

connect with me on LinkedIn.

You can find my LinkedIn profile by  putting my name, Stephen Cronin, in the inquiry bar at the top of the site.  Make sure you read the Stephen Cronin profile to make sure it’s me.  There are many Stephen Cronins on LinkedIn.

Once my profile appears, click on the connect button.

This will send a message to me asking if I will connect with you which I will.   I look forward to connecting with you on linkedin.  Please do this as soon as possible.

4. What do you think about a “Meet Mr Cronin” night at Hope High School?    I would ask you to bring one or both of your parents to meet me.   I will have dinner for everyone;  we can talk about the menu during one of our classes.  We’ll start about 6:30pm.  I will have a few of my friends, like George Ortiz and Marta Aparicio, come to meet your parents too.  I will tell parents about what we’re doing and planning to do in the Hope Life Skills program.  WHAT DO YOU THINK?   WILL YOUR PARENTS BE INTERESTED AND ABLE TO COME?

Today’s Class: November 3, 2017

Today’s guest was Nan Quinlan,

a professional training and coaching consultant and contractor.  In other words,

Nan helps people find and get the jobs they aspire to.

Nan also helps companies find and keep the best employees in their companies.   Furthermore, Nan trains people to maximize their BRANDS to find and keep the jobs they like.

nanq - IMG_4288

Nelson Castillo (right) welcomes Nan Quinlan to today’s Hope Life Skills class.

nanq 2 - IMG_4290

Nelson does a great job introducing Nan to his classmates at the start of today’s class.

nanq 3- IMG_4293

Walter Jimenez greets Nan following Nelson’s introduction.

Today’s Homework: October 27, 2017

1.  Read the Brand textbook entitled “The Development of the American Brand in the 20th Century posted on this web site.  Read pages 3 through 20.

2.  Then, complete the activity on page 21 by answering these two questions –

a) please describe how other people perceive your brand today.  In other words, please tell me what your teachers and other students who observe you in school say what kind of student and person you are today.  For example – will they say you are reliable or unreliable?  Respectful all the time or disrespectful some time?   Will they say you always work hard or just some of the time?  Honest or not?  On time all the time or sometimes late or absent?  Neat or not?  Prepared or unprepared for class, the team you play on or work?  will they say you are curious – always trying to learn new things to get better or you prefer to stay as you are now with no interest in changing?  Shy and introverted or someone who pushes out of their comfort zone to meet new people and try new things?   Hang around with a diverse group of people with different interests than yours or do you only hang around with people who are like you and have the same interests as you?  Do you ALWAYS hang around with people of good character – respectful, always reliable, and working hard people?    Please send the description of how people perceive your brand to my email address in a well written statement with good grammar, SHORT SENTENCES, perfect spelling and punctuation before 11:59pm, Tuesday night, October 31.

b)  please describe how you would like people to eventually perceive your brand later in your life.  Please tell me what you hope people you go to college with or work with at a job or work for you at your company will ultimately say about what kind of person and worker you are.   Please send the description of how you hope people will ultimately perceive your brand to my email address in a well written statement with good grammar, SHORT SENTENCES, perfect spelling and punctuation before 11:59pm, Tuesday night, October 31.


Today’ Class: October 27, 2017

Today’s guest,

Tino Chow, was arguably one of the most interesting guests

who have visited our Life Skills class.  Our interest in Tino was created not only his

passion for design and entrepreneurship

and his appreciation of the exceptional opportunities the United States of America extends to those who live here but also by Tino’s fascinating story of being

born in the fascinating Asian country of Singapore and educated in the Chinese territory of Hong Kong.


Jonasia Brown (right) welcomes Tino Chow to Hope High and the Life Skills class and gives Tino her business card in the process before the start of today’s class.

TinoChow 2- IMG_4254

Jonasia introduces Tino to the rest of her classmates

TinoChow 4 - IMG_4263

Following Jonasia’s introduction of Tino to the class, the class approaches Tino and individually welcomes him to the Life Skills class. Walter Jimenez welcomes Tino with a smile, great eye contact, a firm handshake and a ‘thanks for coming to our class today’ greeting.