2018 National Youth Leadership Forum on CSI and Law

Members of the 2017-2018 Hope Life Skills class representing Hope High School at the 2018 National Youth Leadership Forum on CSI and Law in Washington, D.C. (from left to right) – Walter Jimenez, Nayely Furcal, Eveline Silva, Laisha Mendez, Rosa Rodriguez and Lisanyis Gonzalez.


   “I learned so much”….. “This Forum in Washington, D.C. was amazing!”   ” I met so many interesting, nice people from everywhere!”….   “I visited George Mason University“…….  “I took your advice on stepping out of my comfort zone and spoke to more people which helped me become good friends with my roommates and others.”…..  “The CSI part of the program  was extremely interesting and I learned so much about how the law really works.   I volunteered to be the sketch artist at court which I really liked doing.”…..  “I enjoyed it all!  I made new friends.  The students at the Forum broke up into two groups, CSI and Law.  I did the law part. It was exciting going to a courthouse and witness a real trial.  As a project in my class, we separated into two groups, two defense attorneys and two prosecutors.”………. “The mock trial was great!  I really enjoyed meeting students from all over the United States. I got to see how different and similar we all were.   I really enjoyed the simulations. The simulation I enjoyed most was the case with the sketch of the crime scene.”………”Thank you for giving me an opportunity to grow and add to my network.  Prior to being in your class, I wasn’t sure that I could get out of my shell and talk to new people. Thank you for teaching me the values of being the best I can be at all times. Thank you for teaching me to be brave. Being in your class taught me the importance of my future.  Also, thank you so much for giving me the chance to travel to Washington; I met so many diverse people my age and I saw many beautiful and different parts of D.C.”….  “I was part of an amazing group; we all become a family.  Everyone felt welcome just like I felt since the first day.  It was a great experience that helped me open my mind to a different career…….I collected a lot of business cards and I gave many people my business card…..Thank you…”……….

Thank you to our many sponsors who have made a visit to the National Youth Leadership Forum in Washington, D.C. possible each year.   This opportunity would not be possible without your unwavering generosity.

Finally, our Hope High School students made us proud once again.  Their intelligence, their responsibility, their willingness to step out of their comfort zones to maximize each opportunity, their engaging personalities makes the Hope High brand something to be proud of.


Today’s Homework: June 1, 2018

There is no homework for today.  I do hope you will use the time to catch up on any assignments you’ve missed.

Our next class will be our last class of this school year.  I will be distributing a form for you to evaluate my performance this year as your teacher.  You will be asked to fill out my evaluation anonymously.

You will be giving me a grade for how you think I did fulfilling the class objectives I shared with you at the beginning of the year.

Hope to see you Friday.

Thank you.

Today’s Class: June 1, 2018

Jim 7 - IMG_5351

Kevin Estrada and Lisanyis Gonzalez sitting up front with Walter Jimenez and Damilola Odelabu in the back of a $125,000 Tesla Model X autonomous electric car.

Today’s guest was Jim Clark, the President of JLS mailing company.

Today’s host was Lisanyis Gonzalez.

Jim -IMG_5320

Lisanyis welcomes Jim Clark to Hope High prior to the start of today’s class.

Jim 2 - IMG_5324

Lisanyis introduces Jim Clark to her classmates to start today’s class.

Jim 4 - IMG_5326

Mariana Guerrero Pimental welcomes Jim Clark to today’s class following Lisanyis’ introduction.  Damilola and Ianique Imboque wait to do the same.

Jim 3 - IMG_5325

Nayely Furcal welcomes Jim Clark to today’s class.

Jim 6 - IMG_5335

Jim begins to share the story of his autonomous, electric car, the Tesla Model X.

o to 60 miles per hour in 3 seconds” Jim began.

No gas nor oil.  No parts like carburetors or spark plugs to replace and  very little maintenance like gasoline powered cars. I plug the car into the electric outlet

Today’s Homework: May 25, 2018

Garin - IMG_5278

Arnell Millhouse (left) and Garin Veris

1.  Please connect with Garin Veris on LinkedIn.   Then, please let me know if you have.  Please send your YES OR NO answer to my email address by Tuesday evening, May 29, 2018, before I go to bed.

2.  Please answer the question posed by Arnell Millhouse and Garin Veris multiple times during today’s class.  Please read my blog about today’s class on the class web site to remind you what that question was.  Then, send your well written answer with perfect spelling, good grammar and punctuation and short sentence(s) to my email address by Tuesday evening, May 29, 2018, before I go to bed.  Thank you.  Have an enjoyable Memorial Day weekend.


Today’s Class: May 25, 2018

Garin - IMG_5278

Today’s Guests: Arnell Milhouse (left) and Garin Veris

Today’s guests were Arnell Milhouse and Garin Veris.

Arnell is a computer scientist and entrepreneur.  He is the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of Career Devs and the Founder of Intra City Geeks (intracitygeeks.org).  Garin is the former Athletic Director at the Massachusetts Maritime Academy.  He’s an attorney and a former member of the New England Patriots 1985 Super Bowl team.

Today’s Hope Life Skills hosts were Francisco Gonzalez and Ayo Onajide.

Garin 1 - IMG_5257

Francisco Gonzalez (red shirt) and Ayo Onajide (writing with nap sack) welcome Arnell Milhouse (lower right) and Garin Veris (top right) to Hope High School’s Life Skills class.

Garin 3 - IMG_5262

Francisco and Ayo escort Arnell and Garin into the classroom. Please notice Arnell’s unique mode of transportation into the classroom. Pretty cool!

Garin 14 - IMG_5305

Arnell’s hover craft which he used on the streets of Providence to get to Hope High today and his journey from the school lobby to our Life Skills class. Travel speed you ask? According to Arnell, “I can get up to 20 miles per hour!

Today’s Homework: May 18, 2018

1.   Please update your resume by listing your 5 personal strengths which were identified in the Gallup Strengths Assessment recently administered by Ray Nunez from Leadership Rhode Island. Please send your updated resume to my email address by Wednesday, May 23rd, 11:59pm!   Thank you. Please use the format in the JOHN Q SAMPLE resume below for the format for your updated resume.  I look forward to reviewing your resume.  Don’t forget Ray Nunez is in your network.  You may consider asking Ray if he would check your resume before sending to me.

Resume 0 John Q- IMG_5255

Please use this John Q SAMPLE resume to build your resume.


Today’s Class: May 18, 2018

NUNEZ - IMG_5201

Ray Nunez from Leadership Rhode Island returns to the Hope Life Skills class to explain the findings of the strengths assessment survey students completed on April 27th, 2018.

Ray 4 - IMG_5157

Ray Nunez administering the Clifton Strengths Assessment to the Life Skills students on April 27th.

 Ray Nunez, Program Coordinator at Leadership Rhode Island,

returned to the friendly environs of the Life Skills class to review the findings of the Clifton Strengths Assessment administered to the students during an earlier class on April 27th.

Each student was given a packet of information today listing each student’s 5 most prominent strengths with an explanation


Please note, at the end of this blog, there is a list of all the 34 potential strengths developed by Dr Clifton in the Gallup strengths’ assessment.

of what each strength means and how it is exhibited in their life.

NUNEZ 55 IMG_5208

Ray speaks with Eveline and Kevin about their assessment.

Today’s Homework: May 112, 2018

Erica 9 - IMG_5193

1.  Please tell me something Erica said during today’s class which made you think about your own plan to become the person you aspire to be.  If there was nothing Erica said that made you think about your career path and strategy, simply tell me “she did NOT say anything which made me think about my plan or actions to become the person I aspire to be!!!”  Please send your well written statement with perfect spelling, SHORT SENTENCES, good grammar and punctuation and capitalization to my email address before I go to bed on Tuesday, May 15th, 2018.   Thank you.

Today’s Class – May 11, 2018

Erica 5 - IMG_5180

Erica Laros is welcomed to Hope High by members of the Life Skills class. In the photo above, Walter Jimenez welcomes Erica to today’s class.

Today’s guest was Erica Laros, an attorney

who is the Founder and President of her own Law Firm, Laros Law, Trusts and Estates Attorney.

Our Life Skills class host today was Eveline Silva, aspiring lawyer

who will represent the Hope Life Skills class at the National Youth Leadership Forum on Law and CSI in Washington, D.C. beginning on July 22nd.

Erica - IMG_5174

Eveline greets Erica to Hope High prior to the start of today’s class.

Erica 2 - IMG_5176

Eveline introduces Erica to her classmates at the start of today’s class.

erica 3 - IMG_5179

Tatiana Brito introduces herself and welcomes Erica with a firm handshake, good eye contact and smile, and a friendly greeting following Eveline’s introduction.

Erica 8 - IMG_5186

Erica begins to share her story of becoming an attorney and then starting her own law firm.

 ” I really didn’t know what I wanted to be.  I was a history major in college.  I eventually figured things out after pushing out of my comfort zone, trying paid and unpaid internships and jobs,

constantly networking,

before ultimately figuring out what I wanted to do professionally”  Erica explained.  “I’ve found that

self confidence has a lot to do with figuring out what you’d like to do in your life. 

This may sound illogical but part of the process for becoming more confident is continually