Today’s Homework: January 18, 2018

Pick a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday over the next two weeks and record what you do each day on the time management survey I passed out in class. It will be interesting to see if your daily actions support your PERSONAL PRIORITIES.

1. The purpose of this assignment is for YOU to collect some credible (truthful) data to analyze so you can get better than you are now simply by using ‘time’ more efficiently, more effectively. Your use of one of your most valuable resources, TIME, to maximize/develop your MANY talents will create more opportunities to be the successful person you want to be.  Seguro!!! Please hand in your ‘time management‘ schedule to me at the beginning of our FEBRUARY 1st class.  Thank you.   I hope you find this ‘time management’ activity helpful to make sure you use your time wisely to support your personal priorities and be the successful person you aspire to be.

Today’s Class: January 18, 2019

Today’s topic of conversation was about

the importance and strategy for optimizing talent;

in other words, getting the most out of our abilities and opportunities.  To do this,

we began by gathering data about each student

in a Life Skills survey.  We then

analyzed the data

we collected from each student. Next, we

made a decision about the credibility of the data.

Is the data credible?  Do we believe the data is truthful? Can we trust the data to make important decisions?

Our class discussion

transitioned to examine some of the resources available to each student to maximize their potential

in order to be the best they can be, to be the successful person each student aspires to be.

One of the resources we examined was ‘time‘,

that is, the ‘time’ each student has each day to use wisely to be the best they can be.

If we claim we have priorities in our lives, then we need to make sure we dedicate time each week to support and care for these priorities.

Today’s Homework: January 11, 2019

  1.  If you had to share your perception of the ‘Abby Almonte brand‘ after meeting her for the first time in today’s class, what would it be?  Please describe your perception of Abby’s personal brand in a well written statement with perfect spelling and grammar, short sentences with spot on punctuation (commas, periods) and send it to my email address by Tuesday evening, January 15.

Today’s Class: January 11, 2019

Today’s class was about “Brand”,

perceptions and misconceptions, the development, promotion and protection of great ones, and the confidence great brands instill.

We accomplished this with our conversation with

Abby Almonte, sophomore at Loyola University Maryland,

a 4,068 student Jesuit college in Baltimore, Maryland.

We had an opportunity to reflect on many brands today:  Loyola University Maryland, Abby Almonte, and our own.

Energy.  Passion.  Excitement.  Optimism.  Humility.  Kindness.  Trust.  Pushing out of comfort zones.  Change.  Diversity.  Empathy.  Asking questions.  Meeting new people.  Seeing new places.  Networking.  Networking.  Networking.  Building great brands and networks to open doors and create opportunities for life time success.

Hope High School junior Lucy Salado (left) and Abby Almonte prior to today’s class as Lucy welcomed Abby to our Life Skills class.

An interesting part of Lucy and Abby’s conversation before class centered on Abby’s perception of the Hope Life Skills student brand.  Abby was explaining to Lucy how impressed she was with the Hope Life Skills students who visited her high school, LaSalle Academy, her senior year. “Lucy, I couldn’t believe the Hope students had business cards! Whoa! The Hope students were so professional. I thought they really had their act together. Impressive.”

Today’s Homework: January 4, 2018

  1.  Please research Loyola University, located in Baltimore, Maryland, as if you were considering this school to apply to.   Please send me a well written email no later than the end of day Monday, January 7th, 2 facts about the school which impressed you. Thank you.
  2. Please identify 1 fact about the school which might discourage you from applying to Loyola University.  Please send me a well written email no later than the end of day Monday, January 7th, identifying the 1 fact about the school which might discourage you from applying to Loyola .
  3. Please list 2 sources of information you examined in your research of Loyola University, Baltimore, Maryland.  Please identify those sources in a well written email to my address no later than the end of day Monday, January 7th.   Thank you.

Today’s Class: January 4, 2108

Mr Cronin with today’s guest, Marta Aparicio. He wanted the privilege of welcoming Marta to Hope and introducing her to the Life Skills class.

Today’s guest was Marta Aparicio.

2009 Hope Life Skills student.  2010 Hope High valedictorian.  Georgetown University full scholarship award winner and 2014 Georgetown graduate.   Follett Corporation Southeastern United States Director and Adjunct Professor at Miami Dade Community College.  And today, Columbia University Graduate Student in International Affairs with a Charles Rangel Fellowship who will be serving in the United States embassy in Bogota, Colombia this summer.


Mr Cronin introduces Marta to the students

Darwin Morales welcomes Marta to the class with perfect greeting skills – good handshake and eye contact, smile and a friendly greeting – before the start of today’s class. Great job, Darwin.

Today’s Homework: December 21, 2018

1.   Read the 38 pages in this pamphlet on “Change” I distributed in class today.   For those of you who don’t have this pamphlet, click on the “Study of Change” book icon on this web site.

2.  Do you think you’ve changed, something you feel good about,  – a skill, an attitude, an opinion, confidence in yourself, willingness to extend out of your comfort zone, communication skills, members of your network  – since the beginning of the school year?   YES or NO

3. Identify something you read in the “Change” pamphlet – a phrase, quote, or statement – which resonated with you, made you reflect upon or caused you to think about.

4. There were several change agents mentioned in this “Change” pamphlet.   Identify one “Change agent” whose story interested you and impressed you more than the others.  Then, please explain why this ‘Change Agent’s’ story so impressed you.  Please send your well written statement to my email address with PERFECT SPELLING, WELL CONSTRUCTED, SHORT SENTENCES with proper punctuation and grammar by Tuesday, January 1st, 2019.  This is 11 days from today.  Please attempt to ‘change’ your traditional methods of managing your time so that you are able to complete this assignment sooner than you normally would.   Thank you.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Today’s Class: December 21, 2018

Christmas cookies to stimulate ideas and encourage constructive criticism!

Today, students provided Mr Cronin with

feedback on what they liked and what could be improved upon with classes and events during the first semester of the 2018 Life Skills program.

From events like BIF and the FUTURE FORUM and visits to LaSalle Academy and Providence College, to the quality of our class guests and Life Skills homework, students provided Mr Cronin with constructive feedback on all of the above.

Mr Cronin was especially interested in student feedback about Life Skills homework,

especially the reading and writing assignments he gives each week.   Mr Cronin prefaced this inquiry with this statement – “we have data about about student preparedness for college and the workplace.  First, Hope graduates have told us, most recently during our visit to Providence College, that they were not prepared for the reading and writing assignments given by their college professors.  Secondly, the President of a digital marketing company looking to fill a number of job openings in his company recently told me he was surprised by the number of applicants with college degrees who could not compose an effective email.  He told me ‘people in my company and many other companies need to communicate effectively with colleagues, customers and prospects through email.’  Part of my responsibilities in the Life Skills class is to prepare you for this expectation.  Furthermore, I have learned I need to do a better job teaching time management skills.  Time management is an important skill for lifetime success.”

Jose Quintanilla and Selene Bun enjoy their treats!

Today’s Homework: December 14, 2018

Today’s HOMEWORK reading assignment.


  1.  I am asking for your opinionDo benefits, like protection from terrorist attacks, new medicines to cure diseases, personalized commercials sent to us, fun video games to play and smart phone technology to use,  justify, or make it ok, for companies and governments to continuously collect and use data about us all?    YES or NO.    If you said ‘yes’, please explain WHY you think it’s ok for governments and companies to collect and use data about us as long as we continue to have benefits like safety from terrorist attacks, new medicines to fight cancer and other diseases, personalized commercials sent to us, and fun video games to play.  If you said ‘no’, please explain WHY you don’t want governments and companies to have the right to collect and use data about us.  Please send your well written answer with PERFECT SPELLING and CAPITALIZATION, good punctuation and grammar, to my email address by Monday night, December 17, 2018.  Thank you.  THANK YOU.

Today’s Class: December 14, 2018

Today’s guest was Ray Nunez,

the Program Coordinator at Leadership Rhode Island.  Ray returned to the Life Skills class to review the results of the student strengths assessment survey, which the students took on October 19th, and answer any questions they might have.

Today’s host was Arthur Bonga.

Ray Nunez (right) was excited to see Hope Life Skills host, Arthur Bonga outside the classroom prior to the start of today’s class.