Today’s Homework: November 15, 2019

1.   Read today’s blog posted on this web site that tells the story of Francisco Noya’s appearance at today’s class.   THEN, write your reaction to Francisco’s visit in the “LEAVE A REPLYcomment section below the post on this web site before midnight on Wednesday, November 20th.

Today’s Class: November 15, 2019

Today’s class was a lesson on the importance and value of asking questions.

Francisco answering Lydia Watkins’ question.

Unlike most classes, our students were not told anything about the job of our guest when today’s class host, Omayra Corporan, introduced him to her classmates to start the class.   ” I can only tell you our guest’s name is Francisco and he was born in Venezuela.”

Omayra Corporan welcomes Francisco to the Hope Life Skills class before the start of the class outside the classroom.

Omayra Corporan introduces Francisco to her classmates to start today’s class.

Elliott Burrell introduces himself and welcomes Francisco to today’s Hope’s Life Skills class following Omayra’s introduction.

The students were then instructed to ask any question to Francisco to figure out his job.

However, the only answer Francisco was allowed to give was “yes” or “no“.

Today’s Homework: November 1, 2019

  1.   Please write a ‘succinct’ statement sharing your perception of one LaSalle Academy student brand you encountered yesterday that impressed you.   Describe the brand using adjectives which describe the brand of one of the many LaSalle students you observed yesterday.  Please, send your ‘succinct’ statement to my email address no later than Tuesday, November 5th, 11:59pm.  By sending me your homework before Tuesday, November 5th, 11:59pm, it will give me an opportunity to read, reflect, and respond to your statement.  Thank you.
  2. Establish your personal LinkedIn site.  After doing this, send a “CONNECT” request to my LinkedIn site.  I spoke about the value of LinkedIn yesterday to you and the LaSalle students.   Please keep in mind the importance of the ‘information’ you share on your LINKEDIN site.  Information like your extracurricular activities, your after school jobs, your enrollment in the Hope Life Skills program, your attendance in the FUTURE FORUM, and your career aspirations are important to encouraging successful people with their LINKEDIN sites to send a “CONNECT” request to you to join their network.  This is one way for you to build your valuable networks for lifetime success.   For example:   describe your enrollment in Hope Life Skills as “an elective, credited course introducing and developing life skills and attitudes for success. The program’s foundation rests upon the importance of personal brand and the development of specific skills using one’s personal brand to build a network of successful, reputable professionals for career opportunities and mentorship for life.  You might also acknowledge your attendance in THE FUTURE FORUM # 4 as “an annual event bringing national corporate futurists (e.g. Bank of America, Data Robot, Accenture, Working Planet, Brown University, etc) together with a diverse group of high school students for a collaboration using design thinking and creativity to solve a social problem or create an entrepreneurial opportunity with AI (artificial intelligence).   And, don’t forget the teams you’re part of AND the part time jobs you hold. Hope High School soccer team or Subway Sandwich Shop, shift manager

Today’s Class: Field Trip LaSalle Academy

Today’s Hope Life Skills class was a visit to LaSalle Academy for  a presentation and networking opportunity.

Hope High Life Skills outside the main entrance of LaSalle Academy on Academy Avenue in Providence.


Mr Cronin began the day by presenting his perspective on the power of ‘Personal Brand’ and its impact on building personal networks of successful, reputable people for lifetime success to a class of Hope High AND LaSalle Academy students.

Following the presentation, LaSalle students hosted a luncheon where Hope and LaSalle students networked among themselves and, in the process, expanded their individual networks with new acquaintances of successful, aspirational contemporaries.


  1.   Please look up the definition of “succinct” in the dictionary.
  2.    THEN, after reading pages 52, 53, 54, 55, and 56, in your “The FUTURE” book, send me an email expressing your reaction to what you read on these pages in a way that REFLECTS THE DEFINITION OF “SUCCINCT”.   Send your answer to my email address before Tuesday, 11:59pm, October 29th.  Please don’t forgetyour statement expressing your reaction to what you read needs to be SUCCINCT“.   Thank you.   If you don’t have “The FUTURE” book, click on “THE FUTURE” book cover on this web site.

Today’s Class: October 25, 2019

2 guests visited our Life Skills class today,

Juanita Sanchez High School Junior, Weam Mousa,

and Entrepreneur, Founder of Career Devs University, and

Entrepreneur in Residence at the Nelson Center at Brown University, Arnell Milhouse.

Welcoming Arnell back to the Life Skills class and, for Weam, her first visit to Hope High School was

Katelyn Taverez and Dalanti Vanover.

Dalanti Vanover (far right) welcomes Arnell back to Hope High as Weam (far left) is welcomed to Hope High for the first time by Katelyn Taverez before the start of today’s class.

Katelyn introduces Weam to her classmates to start today’s class.

Dalanti introduces Arnell to his classmates following Katelyn‘s introduction of Weam.

Jarlene Carona welcomes Weam to the Life Skills class following Katelyn’s introduction.

Today’s Homework: October 18, 2019

  1.  Bring to class next week your time management worksheet that shows:
    1. a personal goal you write on the bottom of the sheet under the GOALS box;  a life goal you have this moment in your life.
    2. WEEKLY objectives you write on the bottom of the sheet under the OBJECTIVES box;  the objectives you are focusing on this week.  These objectives are activities which help you achieve your goals.  These objectives could be coming to school each day on time, adding successful, reputable, conscientious people to your personal network while, at the same time, ending relationships with people who do not share the same values you have, who may not be responsible or focused on doing the things they need to do to be successful, or who are not respectful of all people.   An objective may be always doing Mr Cronin’s homework you are assigned during the week.  Because Sara reminded us how important reading is in COLLEGE and LIFE, you read 10 pages in Mr Cronin’s FUTURE BOOK.
    3. WEEKLY priorities you write on the bottom of the sheet under the PRIORITIES box;  priorities are SPECIFIC activities that help you accomplish the objectives you set.
    4. On your time management worksheet, write in TWO specific PRIORITIES or activities YOU COMPLETE EACH DAY in the daily boxes that help you accomplish the objectives you identified at the bottom of the page.  Those priorities could be getting Mr Cronin’s homework completed on Tuesday evening at 9pm OR sending an email to Sara Jackson on Monday at 6pm thanking her for coming to our class on Friday, October 18 OR reading at least 5 pages in MR Cronin’s FUTURE BOOK on Sunday evening from 7 to 8pm.  Remember, two activities you completed EACH DAY during the week that help you accomplish your objectives.
  2. PRIORITIES help you accomplish OBJECTIVES.  OBJECTIVES help you accomplish your GOALS.  They are all connected.   Managing your time to accomplish priorities, objectives, and goals will help you become the successful person you aspire to become.
  3. Remember:   COURAGE, DISCIPLINE, and FOCUS on doing the right things when you need to do them.

Time Management Worksheet to be turned in next class with YOUR NAME ON TOP.


Today’s Class: October 18, 2019

Today’s guest was Sara Jackson,

Providence College sophomore, Hope High graduate, and Hope Life Skills grad.

Today’s Life Skills host was Jarlene Carona.

Today’s conversation was focused on Sara’s transition from Hope High to Providence College, from her high school expectations of college to the

reality of college’s challenges and the importance of TIME MANAGEMENT.

Jarlene welcomes Sara back to Hope High School prior to the start of today’s Life Skills class.

Jarlene introduces Sara to her classmates at the start of today’s Life Skills class.

Following Jarlene’s introduction, Omayra Corporan introduces herself to Sara and welcomes her to the Life Skills class.

Today’s homework: October 11, 2019

  1.  Send me your BUSINESS CARD information before Sunday night, 11:59pm.
  2.    click here for the Business card template showing the information you will send me.       Business Card template-
    1. the day you’ll be sending me your business card information.
    2. THEN, FILL IN ONE activity each day  THAT IS something HELPING YOU ACCOMPLISH YOUR LIFETIME GOAL OR A WEEKLY OBJECTIVE.  (i.e. Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday).   All I need to see is ONE ACTIVITY EACH DAY on your worksheet but that one activity must an activity that helps you become a successful student and person.   Bring this worksheet to next week’s class and give it to me.  Make sure your name is on your worksheet.  PLEASE MAKE SURE I CAN READ YOUR WRITING!!!!!!!  PLEASE.
    3. Fill in the FAMILY CONTACT sheet so I can contact your parent, guardian, or mentor TO introduce myself and the LIFE SKILLS Program.  I want your parent, guardian, or mentor to know and understand what we do in this class.  TURN THIS SHEET IN TO ME AT NEXT WEEK’S CLASS.   THANK YOU.  

Today’s Class: October 11, 2019

Today’s Class was a continuation of the Hope Life Skills class conversations about

what it takes to be successful in life.

Today’s topics were creating a great personal brand,  using your brand to build a great network of successful, reputable people, time management, pushing out of your comfort zone, and three key concepts:

three key concepts for lifetime success – #1 having the courage to always do what is the right thing to do     #2 having the discipline to do the things that aren’t always easy but what’s necessary to accomplish your goals        #3 always staying focused on your goals and values for lifetime success

Today’s guest was Jason Roias who shared his personal story which emphasized successfully managing time, ALWAYS building a personal network of successful, ethical people, courage to make tough decisions, discipline to work hard and do things that aren’t easy but in your best interest, and always staying focused on your lifetime goals.

today’s host was Hope High Life Skills junior, Jarlene Carona, who welcomed Jason to Hope High School and the Life Skills class prior to the beginning of today’s class.

Jarlene introduces Jason to her classmates to start today’s class.  Jason is a former Hope Life Skills student, Hope High senior class President, Hope High 2014 graduate, Providence community service activist, Founder of Hungry Fridays (feeding Providence’s homeless and less fortunate), full time college student, and employee at Hinkley Allen law firm.