The Social Studies 2.0 – Life Skills class  – mantra has and continues to be





Today’s class featured a panel of successful professionals
from a diverse field of professions:
medicine, counseling, psychology, engineering, higher education, and administration.

Today’s Panel of Successful, Influential professionals

The class began with each panelist introducing themself with a brief story of where they’re from and the success they now enjoy and concluded with NETWORKING among guests and students over a catered LUNCH.

Central High School senior, Alonnie Stoval, exchanges her business card with Doctor Jamall Pollock, Associate Dean at Brown University.

Victoria Mealer-Flowers is the Student-Athlete Development Senior Manager, Community Engagement and DEI programs at Brown University networking with Central High School senior Henry Pardo and Nurisbel Santana as Alonnie Stoval joins their conversation during the networking lunch.

Engineer Yemi Onipede networks with a ‘fist bump’ with Angel and Diego Cortez while Central High School senior Chris Feliz looks to Hamid Akinfolarin, a Civil Engineer.

Doctor Yvorn Aswad, medical doctor who received his degree from UCLA and a native of South Central Los Angeles who now makes his home in Providence, Rhode Island, shares his personal story with the Central High students.

Luckson Omoaregba, the Director of Pathway Programs at the Alpert Medical School of Brown University, networks with Central High School seniors Chris Feliz and Angel.

Here’s a more complete biography of each member of our Professionals panel:

Central High School Students’ Great Impression at the 2023 Women’s Summit at Bryant University

10 Central High School Women were warmly welcomed and continuously engaged in networking conversations during this year’s Women’s Summit® presented by Bryant University on Thursday, March 16, 2023 by the more than 1,000 successful women professionals in attendance. The Summit, sponsored by several regional and national corporations including Platinum Sponsor Amica Insurance and Diamond Sponsors Bank of America and Fidelity Investments, focused on the theme of “Moving Forward Together: Me, We, Us”.

Doctor Daria Long, Harvard and Yale trained Emergency physician, national television contributor (CNN) and TEDx Speaker, networks with Central High School student Alonnie Stoval and her fellow Central High classmates following Dr Long’s Keynote address.

The 10 Central High School women were introduced to the Women’s Summit attendees by Central High School volunteer Life Skills teacher, Stephen Cronin, an account executive at Signature Printing in East Providence, Rhode Island. Mr Cronin introduced his 10 Central High School students to the entire Women’s Summit audience following the Women’s Summit’s Opening Keynote address by Sally Helgesen, one of the world’s premier experts on women’s leadership and an international best-selling author, speaker and leadership coach. After Mr Cronin asked his students to stand to be recognized at their assigned tables in the Women’s Summit auditorium, he thanked the Women’s Summit leaders for inviting the Central High women and asked the professional women in the audience to PLEASE network with these “10 remarkable Central High School women. This is why we’re here! Each student has their business cards and they’re eager to network with you. We’re hoping you’ll take time out of your busy day to share the wisdom that’s enabled you to be the success you are today”.

Stephen Cronin introduces his 10 Central High School students and presents a sample of his students’ business cards to the 1,000 women attendees at the Women’s Summit.

Central High School women respond to the applause from the Women’s Summit audience.

Women’s Summit attendees responded by approaching the 10 Central High students, in-between and after the Women’s Summit workshops and presentations, with introductions, greetings, an exchange of business cards, and rich conversations about their stories of hard earned success.

Central High School student, Carolee Salas, and Lisa Dandeneau, the President of Navigant Bank, at the 2023 Women’s Summit.


Central High School Class President, Ida Faye, exchanges business cards with Leah Wood, Director of Regulatory Affairs for the Verathon Company.

It was wonderful meeting such impressive young women at the Women’s Summit” observed Michelle Felizzola, Senior Assistant Director of Admission for Multicultural Recruitment, Bryant University. “I’ve received so many positive messages about how engaging the Central High School students were today. So professional. Impressive.” from Mailee Kue, Ph.D, Assistant Vice President, Student Affairs & Title IX Coordinator, Bryant University.I was able to speak with the amazing Central High students for few minutes. It only takes that long to see how impressive they are!” Allyson Antin, Corporate Sales – Marriott Hotels.

Central High School student Chevalee Graham, gets a selfie with supermodel and business woman, Beverly Johnson, the first African-American Supermodel, AND the Founder, Chairwoman, and CEO of Beverly Johnson Enterprises.   Central High School senior Mikaiya Johnson, waits to do the same with Ms Johnson.

Central High School sophomore, Rexella Bishop, networks with Ms Rita Williams-Bogar, Bryant University Trustee and President and CEO of Personal Development Solutions following Ms Willaims -Bogar’s presentation.

Hope Life Skills Moves To East Providence

A 21st Century Marketing Forum

Stephen Cronin Opens “A 21st Century Marketing Forum” at East Providence High School on April 1, 2022

More than 30 students from East Providence High School, 2 student athletes from Providence College as well as 15 marketing professionals from a diverse number of companies came together on Friday, April 1, from 9:am to noon in the East Providence High School auditorium to discuss 21st century marketing strategies and tactics in a global marketplace as well as present students with several career opportunities related to the ‘marketing’ industry. The event was part of the College, Career, and Life program Stephen Cronin teaches as a volunteer at East Providence High School. He taught this same curriculum, as a volunteer teacher, at Hope High School for 18 years (www.hopelifeskills.com).

Marketing strategists, graphic designers, data analysts, web site architects, offset, digital, and large format print managers from companies like Fidelity Investments, CVS Health, Signature Printing, Giant Shoulders, Vector North America, MSCHF, Working Planet, Third Effect Marketing and Design, and Nunez -The People’s Agency entertained student questions as well as providing East Providence High School juniors and seniors with best marketing practices for creating, promoting, and exploiting student personal brands for lifetime success.

(left) Soren Ryherd, Co-Founder and President of Working Planet;  (center) Nick DeCesare, President of Third Effect Marketing and Design;  (right)  Anna Barcelos, Director of Marketing Vector North America.

The Marketing Panel provided students with a contemporary definition of ‘marketing, descriptions of marketing related careers, and a fundamental marketing strategy for promoting and protecting student PERSONAL BRANDS, especially on social media, in order to build a NETWORK of successful, influential people who can provide them advice and support as they prepare to compete in a global markplace for career and successful lives.  The marketers also entertained student questions about their career paths, from challenges and opportunities, as well as ‘PERSONAL BRAND marketing strategies and the life long value and importance of ‘NETWORKS’.  The Marketing professionals attempted to instill a feeling of empowerment among the students, inspiring them to be confident to push out of their comfort zones to ask questions, meet new people from diverse backgrounds with diverse interests for NETWORKS of successful, ethical, influential people.

The FORUM also provided a ‘CREATIVE THINKING’ exercise where the Marketing Professionals facilitated small group ‘COLLABORATIONS’ among students to invent or create a ‘saleable‘ product or service to present to the Marketing Panel for their feedback and their market strategy for promoting the student product or service.

Dan Paquette, Vice President of Sales at Signature Printing, outlines best practices for effective ‘collaborations’ as students collaborate to create a product or service to sell to customers
(standing left) Steve Etchells: Vice President of Social Media Technology Optimization at Fidelity Investments and Jude AmoakoDirector of Partnerships at Nuñez, The People’s Agency, providing Print Design, Logo Design, Brand Design, Advertising, Brand Consulting, Graphic Design, Web Design, Package Design, Illustration, collaborate with students for their new service or product to sell.


The Hope Life Skills program of the past 18 years has been updated and refined to address the new, frequently changing opportunities AND demands our students face in a technology driven, 21st century global marketplace. 


Whether the company is Fidelity Investments, one of the largest asset managers in the world with $4.9 trillion in assets , or the digital marketing company Working Planet,  all companies are spending significant amounts of time and money looking for the ‘right‘ people.   Companies are looking for people who can ADAPT to new environments and challenges with a  PERSONAL BRAND and SELF ESTEEM which empower them to PUSH OUT OF THEIR COMFORT ZONES to CREATE, ASK QUESTIONS, and COLLABORATE with people with different skills sets and from different backgrounds to expand horizons of ‘what’s possiblepeople  with STORY TELLING SKILLS with effective written and oral communications, i.e. people who can write a coherent statement and speak clearly and effectively;   people with NETWORKs of creative, reputable, influential, successful people who provide guidance and mentor ship with a healthy attitude towards ‘change‘;    CRITICAL THINKERS who make well founded analyses and decisions based on empirical data, i.e. FACTS, complemented by the ability to recognize ‘partisan‘ information and ‘bias‘ that proliferates across all forms of media for ‘what it is’;  and, MUCH MORE.

You ask “WHY“?


SUCCESSFUL COMPANIES ARE SPENDING LOTS OF TIME AND MONEY SEARCHING FOR PEOPLE WITH THE AFOREMENTIONED SKILLS, BEHAVIORS, AND ATTITUDES.    AS A RESULT, STUDENTS HAVE A TIMELY OPPORTUNITY TO FIND REWARDING, WELL PAYING CAREERS.    STUDENTS SOCIAL STUDIES 2.0 offers an abundance of lessons from the rich, relevant stories shared by guests visiting our class as well as the relevant stories of success and failure from people in history to introduce and develop the critical COMPETENCIES students need for the jobs they will soon be competing for in an ever changing global marketplace.   This is the “WHY” of  SOCIAL STUDIES 2.0.

Please check out the pdf of the SOCIAL MEDIA 2.0 Skills class SYLLABUS posted on this site.

I have also linked a VIDEO introducing MANY OF THE PARTICIPANTS in the class.

Feel free to send me, Stephen Cronin, any questions and/or suggestions about the program to my email address (stevecronin1949@gmail.com).   The aim of this class continues to be continuous change, i.e. refinement, to meet the ever changing needs of our students for their success in the dynamic 21st century.   OUR NEW WEB SITE – SOCIAL STUDIES2POINT0.COM IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION.




Homework – May 27, 2020

Please read pages 108 to 122 in the “Brand” book posted on our hope life skills web site (www.hopelifeskills.com) for a brief profile on Paul Robeson.

I will be asking you to share your reaction and opinion on Paul Robeson’s amazing life during our next Zoom class on June 3rd at 11am. 

There are no right or wrong answers.  I am curious about your insights, opinions, and your questions.

Stay safe.  I always look forward to speaking with you.  Thank you.

Paul Robeson - IMDb

Wednesday, May 27th, 2020 Class

OUR MAY 27th class will feature Southern New Hampshire University‘s Director of Development and Athletic Hall of Fame alum, Ed Ithier.   MR Ithier will speak about his university’s exciting tuition “free” hybrid plan.   Southern New Hampshire offers strong student support programs – tutoring, mentoring, and close contact with professors to go along with the most impactful part of a college education – campus life among a diverse group of people from across America and the world:  living in a dorm, eating the delicious cuisine of SNHU’s acclaimed cafeteria (I have eaten there), great college sports, arts, and clubs, a 21st century data driven curriculum, and MULTIPLE INTERNSHIP OPPORTUNITIES.   SNHU has a beautiful, growing campus. It’s only 2 hours from Providence and near one of New Hampshire’ major cities: Manchester.  Be prepared to liberate your curiosity to ask Ed Ithier multiple questions to get the answers you’re looking for. Hope senior, David Narvaez, has met and spoken with Ed Itier during last year’s Life Skills class. BTW – one of my students from a Providence summer Life Skills program just finished his freshman year at SNHU.

Today’s Class Review: May 13, 2020

  1.  Today’s class asked HOPE LIFE SKILLS students and guests (Marta Aparicio Hope High 2010, Georgetown University 2014, Columbia University 2020; Tara Cronin; Johnny Montanez Hope High 2010; and Diane West, Hope High Guidance Counselor) to COMPARE and CONTRAST life in the countries of Singapore and the United States of America.  After reading the Hope Life Skills textbook “The Story of Singapore and The Change Agent Who Created It“, students and guests listed their perceived PLUSES and MINUSES of living in Singapore when compared to their present lives in the United States.  AFTER an open discussion, here’s what our students decided:


  2.   15% of Singaporeans are millionaires; opportunities for making lots of money
  3.   English language – the world’ most spoken language helps doing business in a global marketplace
  4.  90% of Singaporeans own their own home
  5.  Confidence and Trust in the National Government unlike the United States
  6.  FREE, world class Health Care
  7.  Weather –  nice and warm!!!
  8.  Low Crime
  9.  Little to No drugs
  10.  Full Employment
  11.  World Class Port of Singapore is a hub for business in Asia


  1.  Cost of Owning a Car with the requirement of buying a Certificate of Entitlement before buying the actual car
  2.  Chewing gum prohibition and other strict laws, enforcement, and severe penalties
  3.  Caning (beaten with a stick for some crimes)
  4.  Weather –  too warm for some!!!
  5.  Privacy;  lack thereof
  6. lack of NATIONAL, fresh water reserves

Summary –   it’s interesting to note 2/3rds of the students participating in today’s conversation expressed a preference for the Singaporean lifestyle over the United States lifestyle.   Issues like trust in government leaders, quality of public education, home ownership and wealth opportunities, and access to good health care were a few of the most compelling characteristics of Singapore.  

Quarantine Homework for May 13, 2020

PLEASE, read the short textbook “The Story of Singapore” to prepare for our conversation during this Wednesday’s (May 13 at 11am) Zoom class.    This text a short story about the country where next week’s guest, Tino Chow, was born, raised, and served in the Singaporean army.  Please don’t get overwhelmed.  First, just “skim” the book;  this means, simply look at the pictures on each page and the breakout print sections in large print on each page.   Then, if you see anything you’re curious about, go back and read all the information on those pages in the book.   Singapore –  it’s a capitalist democracy; you can own your own company.   Singapore has a diverse population.  5,000,000 people live on this island country that is 1/4 the size of Rhode Island.  They love basketball.  Buying and selling chewing gum is against the law.  If you don’t flush a public toilet, you can be fined.  If you put graffiti art where you shouldn’t, you can be caned (beat with a stick!).  And, to buy a car, you need to apply to the government for the right to buy your car AND THE APPLICATION will COST around $40,000;  then, you pay the car dealer another fee to buy the car.  Education is the best in the world and education is FREE.  FREE HEALTH CARE.   90% of all Singaporeans own their own home.  15% of Singaporeans are millionaires.  No unemployment.  No homeless.   They have to buy clean water from the neighboring country of Malaysia because Singapore has NO sources of water on the island.  They are also expanding the size of their island nation;  that is, building land on the seas around them to make their island bigger. Drug dealers are executed.  Singaporeans live longer and healthier than people in the United States.  Very little crime.  Tino served in the Singaporean military for 2 years.  Everyone has to serve in the military OR a public service organization for 2 years after high school.  And, more!!! Join me on a Zoom conversation on Wednesday, MAY 13th, at 11am to discuss what you read in this short textbook.  Mr Buchanan, our Principal, Ms West, one of our Guidance counselors, alums Marta Aparicio (2010), Jason Roias (2014), Johnny Martinez (2010), my daughter in California, Tara, and her boyfriend, Mark Gonzales, will join our conversation.  Contact me if you have any questions OR if you can’t be available to the Zoom class on Wednesday.  Thank you.

4.Next week, please be prepared to join me on Zoom on Wednesday, MAY 2oth, at 11am to speak with Tino Chow and myself to ask him your questions about his experiences in Singapore and Hong Kong and your own experiences during the corona virus outbreak and quarantine.

Tino Chow (right) visiting the Hope Life Skills class 2017.

NB –  Please feel free to invite your parents and/or siblings to any of our conversations And, if you have relatives living in a foreign country, you may ask if their country is affected by the Coronavirus pandemic and how their country is protecting its citizens from the virus.

Quarantine Life Lifter!

As we all prepare for our Wednesday, 11am, Zoom conversations,  please take a moment of levity to enjoy this video!  It always puts a smile on my face.

AND, if there is anyone person in this video you recognize, let me know.

I’ll start –  Bernie Williams, New York Yankee center-fielder from the great Yankee teams of the late 1990s and early 2000s.

I hope you enjoy!