Today’s Class: April 27, 2018

Today’s Hope Life Skills Class guest was Ray Nunez, the Program Coordinator at Leadership Rhode Island.

Our host today who welcomed Ray Nunez to the Life Skills class was Eveline Silva.

ray IMG_5149

Eveline Silva welcomes Ray Nunez from Leadership Rhode Island to Hope High School

ray 2 IMG_5150

Eveline introduces Ray Nunez to her classmates at the start of today’s class

ray 3 - IMG_5154

Following Eveline’s introduction, Lisanyis Gonzalez and her fellow classmates welcome Ray Nunez to today’s class.

 Leadership Rhode Island is an organization which focuses on maximizing the potential of  individuals, organizations, communities and, in the process, the entire state of Rhode Island by bringing people together to share their stories.

One of Leadership Rhode Island’s services is a personal strength assessment.  

Today’s Homework: April 13, 2018

CVSH - IMG_50641.  Please tell me something you heard during your visit to CVS today as you listened to one of the many people you met that caused you to reflect and think about your own life or plan for your future success.  Please send your reflection to my email address in a well written statement with perfect spelling, SHORT SENTENCES and good grammar, punctuation and capitalization AS SOON AS POSSIBLE but before April 23rd!  Thank you.

Today’s Class: April 13, 2018

Ryan 6 - IMG_5137

Today’s guest, Ryan Roslonek.

Today’s guest was

Ryan Roslonek, Coast Guard Academy graduate, Coast Guard veteran, Business Solutions Architect/ Corporate Senior Manager, coach, and father.

Today’s host was Ayo Onajide.

Ryan - IMG_5121

Ryan (left) is welcomed to Hope by Ayo outside of the classroom before the start of the class.

Ryan 2 - IMG_5122

Ayo leads Ryan into the classroom for his introduction

Today’s Field Trip: April 12, 2018

CVSH - IMG_5064

The Hope Life Skills class outside the Financial Services building on the CVS Heath corporate campus in Woonsocket, RI prior to the beginning of today’s career and jobs event.

It was a visit to America’s 7th ranked company on the Fortune 500 list with more than $184 billion dollars in revenue in 2017, almost 250,000 people work for CVS, 9,800 stores, CVS pharmacies are found in every state in the United States as well as the South American country of Brazil and Puerto Rico and 79% of all Americans live within 3 miles of a CVS Pharmacy.     The Life Skills

class came to the CVS Health main campus to learn what it’s like to work here and meet the people who make CVS Health the successful company it is!

Today’ Homework: April 6, 2018

1.   Please share with me one thing from today’s class with Coach Flynn and Kait that made you think about your strategy, your plan, your brand presentation for your future success.  Please send your well written answer with short sentences, perfect spelling and punctuation to my email address by Tuesday, April 10th.

2.   Yes or No.  Have you either sent an email to Coach Flynn or Kait Camacho Orona following today’s class OR connected with Coach Flynn on LinkedIn?

3.  Please read the Boston Globe article entitled “Here’s How A Dairy Farmer From Vermont Became An NCAA Track Champ” I distributed in class today.  Imagine – you have an opportunity to meet Elinor Purrier representing the University of New Hampshire at a college fair in Providence.  Because you remember my admonition “Questions Are More Important Than Answers“, you approach Elinor with a smile, A FIRM HANDSHAKE, good eye contact and a pleasant greeting like “Hi Elinor.  I’ve heard about you. Congratulations on your NCAA championship“.  Then you ask Elinor a question for an answer about something you’re curious about with her personal story – what question would you ask Elinor during your meeting?   Please send your well written answer with short sentences, perfect spelling and punctuation to my email address by Tuesday, April 10th.

Today’s Class: April 6, 2018

Brown 15 - IMG_5040

Brown University Head Softball Coach, Katie Flynn (right) and Brown University Pitcher, Kait Camacho-Orona (left) share their personal stories of coaching and playing softball at Brown University.

Brown University Head Softball Coach, Katie Flynn and Brown University student athlete, softball pitcher, Kait Camacho-Orona

were today’s Hope Life Skills class guests.

Our exemplary class host for today’s class was Rosa Rodriguez.

Brown - IMG_5025

Rosa welcomes Coach Flynn and Kait to Hope High School and the Life Skills class before the start of today’s class.

Brown 3 - IMG_5032

Rosa introduces Kait and Coach Flynn to her classmates at the start of today’s class.

Brown 5 - IMG_5035

Following Rosa’s introduction, Mariana Guerrero Pimental welcomes Coach Flynn with a smile, good eye contact, firm handshake and a warm greeting as Tatiana Brito does the same with Kait in the background.

Today’s Homework: March 23, 2018

You have TWO WEEKS to do this homework assignment because we don’t have class this coming Friday, March 30th.  I look forward to reading your answers.  Please get your answers to me as soon as you can.  Thank you.  Have a wonderful and peaceful Easter.

1.  Please tell me ONE THING which resonated with you from today’s class with Edwin.  In other words, identify one thing which took place during today’s class, whether it’s something Edwin said or something you observed during Rosa or Ianique’s mock phone interviews, which made you think about your strategy for success.   Please send your well written answer to my email address with perfect spelling and punctuation, SHORT SENTENCES and correct capitalization of words like ‘I”  as soon as you can I look forward to reading your answer.  Thank you.

2.  Please read the incredible story of Joe Rantz in “The Brand” textbook from page 89 to page 101 posted on this web site.  Then, please send me your assessment on how Joe Rantz was able to find the strength as a young boy, after his parents abandoned him TWICE, to persevere and continue his life to pursue his dreams, graduate from college and then become a successful engineer at the Boeing company!   Why didn’t Joe give up?  How was he able to continue, forgive and work hard in school and on his college and Olympic rowing teams?  Please share your insights with me by sending your well written statement to my email address with perfect spelling and punctuation, SHORT SENTENCES and correct capitalization of words like ‘I” as soon as you can.  

I look forward to reading your answer.

Thank you!!!!


Joe Rantz preparing to row for the United States Olympic crew team in the 1936 Olympics in Berlin, Germany against Adolf Hitler’s favored German crew team. An incredible race that shocked Hitler!


Today’s Class: March 23, 2018

Edwin 15 - IMG_5013

Edwin Piverger connects with members of the Hope Life Skills class today.  From left to right – Lisanyis Gonzalez, Eveline Silva, Rosa Rodriguez, Nayely Furcal Marte and Walter Jimenez.

Today’s guest  was Edwin Piverger, Talent Acquisition Manager for Pet Food Experts

( a distributor of pet foods and accessories to pet stores in the northern states of the United States of America.  Edwin is responsible for identifying and recruiting talented people to his $260 million  company located in Pawtucket, Rhode Island.

Today’s host was Jonasia Brown.

Edwin - IMG_4974

Jonasia Brown welcomes Edwin to Hope High School and listens how he would prefer to be introduced at the start of the class.

Edwin 77 - IMG_4982

Jonasia introduces Edwin to her classmates at the beginning of today’s class.

edwin 2 - IMG_4989

Following Jonasia’s introduction, Laisha Mendez introduces herself to Edwin and welcomes him to Hope Life Skills as Catherine Visono and Oladidupo Ojekunle prepare to do the same.

Today’s Homework: March 16, 2018

Why We're Here - IMG_4961

1. Please read today’s handout entitled “Why We’re Here”.   Note the list of things I ask for your help so  I can fulfill my responsibilities to you.   Please indicate the things you feel you’re already good at.   Then, please indicate the things you’re not good at yet and need more of your attention.

#1. Things you’re already good at.

#2.  Things you need to work at.

Please send your well written answers with perfect spelling, good punctuation and capitalization and SHORT SENTENCES to my email address by Tuesday, March 20, before I go to bed.  Thank you.  Can’t wait to read them.

2.  This video below is an empowering story of courage, love and perseverance in the face of incredible challenges.   When I watch this video, I feel my challenges in life pale to what this brave woman has faced in her life.  Her story gives me strength.  I hope you feel the same way after you watch.   Thank you.


Today’s Class: March 16, 2018

Kaydi - IMG_4914

Rosa Rodriguez (right) welcomes Kaydi McQuade to Hope High School prior to today’s Hope Life Skills class.

 Today’s guest was Kaydi McQuade, a partner at Back Pocket Resources.

Kaydi runs a temporary work agency, also called a temp agency or temporary staffing firm, that finds workers for companies looking to hire.  Some companies need short-term workers. Other companies may be looking for permanent employees.  Companies sign contracts with employment firms like Kaydi’s staffing/work agency to find all kinds of workers.  Temporary employees are often needed for cyclical jobs for short term, busy periods of the year.

Today’s host was Rosa Rodriguez.

Kaydi 2 - IMG_4918

Rosa introduces Kaydi to her classmates at the beginning of today’s class.

Kaydi 3 - IMG_4920

Francisco Gonzalez welcomes Kaydi to class following Rosa’s introduction