Today’s Class: April 7, 2017

Interview: Syd Mead

One of Industrial Designer and Futurist artist, Syd Mead’s, images of the future.

Today Life Skills class was a ‘prep day‘ for upcoming Life Skills classes.   There are a number of classes in the coming weeks and months where the Life Skills class will be traveling to remote sites for class.   There is also a major event planned for May 17th called “The Future Forum“.   Hope Life Skills will host visiting students from LaSalle Academy as well a 4 future oriented business people who will share their perspectives on The Future and guide integrated small groups of Hope and LaSalle students in a collaborative activity to identify trends to exploit for their future career opportunities.  Stay tuned.

Today’s Homework: March 31, 2017

1.  Please connect with Rodrigo on LinkedIn.   Let me know when he accepts your request to connect.

2.  After reading the article entitled “11 Habits of Mentally Strong People”, please inform me in a well written statement sent to my email address which of the 11 habits you already possessPlease add how you have already exhibited this or these habits in your life.   Please ensure your spelling is perfect!   Use short sentences with good punctuation and capitalization.  I would like to get this email no later than Thursday, April 6th, 11:59pm.  Thank you.

3.  Please return your permission forms for our class at LaSalle Academy on April 28th and our visit to the corporate office of CVS Health in Woonsocket, RI on May 5th, for our next class, Friday, April 7th.  Thank you.

3.  Once again, I was proud of you today.  Keep pushing yourself out of your comfort zone.

Today’s Class: March 31, 2017

Today’s Hope Life Skills

host was Delsairey Almonte.

Delsairey welcomed

our guest, the future President of the country of Guatemala,

Rodrigo Zetina-Yglesias, to the Hope Life Skills class.

Rod IMG_3566

Delsairey greets the future President, RodrigoZetina-Yglesias, prior to the start of class.

Rod 2IMG_3567

Delsairey leads the future Guatemalan President into the Life Skills classroom

Rod 3 IMG_3570

Delsairey introduces Rodrigo as “the Future President of Guatemala” to her classmates to start today’s class.

Rod 5 IMG_3575

Justin Cordeiro welcomes Rodrigo to Hope Life Skills following Delsairey’s introduction.  Ariel Hall waits to do the same.

 Today’s class became a lesson in the power and importance of inquiry.

This class is also a testament to the impressive curiosity, confidence and intelligence of empowered Hope High School students,

teacher not required”

Today’s Homework: March 24th, 2017

1.  We speak often in this Life Skills class about pushing ourselves out of our comfort zone  –     Accept new challenges that sometimes make you nervous and worried about failure.   G0 to events where you’ll encounter and greet new people.  Do something you haven’t done before or try something again where you may have performed below your expectations the first time like speaking in front of a group.  Take a course you have an interest in but realize it will take a lot of hard work and you may need tutorial help to do well.   Why put this pressure on yourself????  Because, this is how we create diverse networks, meet new people with different interests than our own, and learn about new careers and interests.  This is how we build a diverse network of successful people who may eventually help us with our careers.   The process of pushing ourselves out of our comfort zone will make us stronger and better.  This is how we build confidence and self esteem.  Please watch this video of a remarkable high school student athlete who stepped out of her comfort zone in a way one might never imagine.  Remarkable and inspiring.  Please explain to me, in a well written statement, how pushing yourself out of your comfort zone has similarities to the way this courageous young woman pushed herself beyond her comfort zone.   Please send your well written statement with good grammar, perfect punctuation and spelling and SHORT SENTENCES to my email address by Thursday, March 30th before 11:59pm.  Thank you.

Today’s Class: March 24th, 2017

Today’s guest was Elsch Maisoh Jr, Project Engineer, Gilbane Building Company,

Providence, RI.  Gilbane is a family-owned, national construction and real estate development company. Forbes Magazine ranked Gilbane as the 108th largest privately held company in the United States in 2006 with estimated revenues of $2.83 billion.

Today’s Life Skills class host was Felicia Dickerson.

Elsch -IMG_3488

Felicia (center) welcomes Elsch (right) to Hope High Life Skills. Jean Louis Jimps (left), Hope High super guidance counselor, joined Felicia’s introduction today out side the Life Skills classroom.

Elsh 2 - IMG_3490

Felicia introduces Elsch to her classmates to start today’s program. Great job, Felicia!

Elsch 3 - IMG_3494

Deyreni Ferreras leads the class to welcome Elsch following Felicia’s introduction. Yael Torres is quick to follow Deyreni

Elsch’s story began with two questions –  what is engineering?   what is the profile of a typical engineer?  The class responded impressively.  “There are a wide variety of engineers today from computer technology to construction and many in between” said Yael Torres.   The class consensus was

engineers need to be creative, good in math, conscientious and ethical.

And, they are gender neutral;  i.e. both male and female engineers.

Elsch 4 - IMG_3498

Elsch begins his story.

Elsch shared his personal story.  “My parents were hard working Haitian immigrants.  They instilled the importance of education in me and my siblings” he said. “While my elementary schooling was successful, middle school was a disaster.  I went to the Met and things got better.  I was fortunate to have a few internships and

Today’s Homework: March 17, 2017

1.  Please send me a message through your LinkedIn site.  If you have trouble connecting with me on LinkedIn, please reach out to Mohamadou, Aimon, Felicia, Deyreni, Yael, Imani, Sara, Justin, or Jorge (and tell Jorge I miss him in class!!!) for advice.  They are very proficient on LinkedIn.  Please do so before Thursday, March 23rd, 11:59pm.

2.  Please read the story “9 Things Successful People Won’t Do!” I distributed in class today.    Which behavior of the 9 listed do you believe is most important?  And, please explain “why” you believe this behavior is so important.  Please send your well written statement with perfect spelling, good grammar and PUNCTUATION and SHORT SENTENCES to my email address no later than Thursday, March 23rd, at 11:59pm.   You all made me very proud today.  You all should be proud of yourself.  Your brands are getting stronger every day and your networking skills are impressive.    I feel you all can be very successful in life.  Stay focused!

Today’s Class: March 17, 2017

Today’s guest was Yahaira “Jay” Placencia, a Senior Vice President at Bank of America

in the Bank of America Wealth Management division.  In 2016, Forbes Magazine listed Bank of America (BOA) as the eleventh largest company in the world with its headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina.  BOA serves clients all over the world.   The National Football League team, Carolina Panthers, plays its home games in the Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Today’s host was Ingris Izaguirre Maradiaga.

Jay - IMG_3460

Ingris welcomes “Jay” outside of the Life Skills class prior to the start of class.

Jay 2 -IMG_3461

Jay said “Ingris made me feel welcome; she made me relax before going into the classroom to meet her classmates“. A perfect host!

Jay 3 - IMG_3463

Ingris escorts Jay into the Life Skills classroom

Jay 4 - IMG_3465

Ingris introduces Jay to her Life Skills classmates

Jay 5 - IMG_3466

Imani Turner welcomes Jay to class following Ingris’ introduction as other students waited to do the same. “I was very impressed with how professional the students’ greetings were. Firm handshakes and good eye contact. Impressive!“Jay commented.


Jay began her story by explaining what a person does working in the “banking” industry.   Like many large companies, there are a wide variety of jobs at a large company like BOA.  From tellers and managers of neighborhood BOA banks to computer programmers in the Informational Technology (IT) departments, Bank of America has approximately 208,000 employees.

I work in the wealth management division” 

Jay 6 - IMG_3470

Jay begins to share her banking story with the Life Skills class.

Jay said.  “This simply means when a person gives the bank a certain amount of money to invest,  my responsibility is increase the value of this money each year over time.  For example,

if someone gave BOA $100,000 to initially invest, my responsibility is to increase the $100,000 to $105,000 the next year and to $110,000 or more the following year

Today’s Homework: March 10, 2017

Business people communicating with each other against white

Networking event. People meeting new people looking to expand their networks with successful people

1.  Please read the article I passed out in class today entitled “8 Small Things People Use To Judge Your Personality” by Dr Travis Bradberry.  Dr Bradberry is the author of the best selling book “Emotional Intellligence 2.0″.    Identify what you believe to be the 2 MOST IMPORTANT behaviors listed by Dr Bradberry you should exhibit to impress and strengthen your brand when meeting people.   Please identify these behaviors in 2 well written sentences with perfect spelling, good grammar and punctuation and send them to my email address by Thursday morning at 3:45am.   Thank you.

2.  Please tell me what impressed you the most about Neil’s personal story today.  Please tell me your observation in a well written sentence with perfect spelling, good grammar and punctuation and send it to my email address by Thursday morning at 3:45am.   Thank you.

Today’s Class: March 10, 2017

Today’s guest was Neil Amper, Vice-President at Capstone Properties,

a commercial real estate company.   Commercial real estate companies buy, sell and lease (rent) factory buildings, apartment complexes, and other company buildings.

There was no class host today.  Rather, there was a test

to start the class.  Neil arrived early to Hope High School and went directly to our Life Skills classroom.  After Neil chose a desk to sit, I simply observed how Life Skills students would react to a guest already seated in the classroom.  The result of today’s test was impressive.  Almost every student, upon entering the classroom, approached Neil, extended a handshake and a “welcome to Hope High School”.

Neil - IMG_3444

When Ingris Izaguirre Maradiaga (back to the camera) entered the classroom and saw today’s guest, Neil Amper, sitting in one of the classroom chairs, she immediately approached Neil to welcome him to Hope Life Skills. By looking at Neil’s face, one can easily determine Ingris’ welcome was effective. Good job, Ingris! You represented us well today.

Neil’s story was both astonishing and inspirational.

I grew up in a very privileged family.

My father started what eventually became a $500,000,000 (million) scrap metal company in Pennsylvania.  We lived in a huge house with live-in servants.  My father owned his own plane.  We never wanted for anything.  After I graduated from college, I managed one of my father’s facilities in Rhode Island.  I was making a lot of money. 

At the age of 28, I was worth $10,000,000 (million).  

Today’s homework: March 3rd, 2017

1.  Write your job resume.  Don’t worry about how good it is.  When I lost my job last year, I had to write a resume.  I sent it to Nan for her review.  It took three or four attempts before I created a resume that Nan believed properly presented my skills, talents and experience that would illustrate the value I could bring to a new company.   Writing a good resume is a process;  it takes time.  And, it’s worth the effort.  You will all eventually need a resume to present when you apply for an internship, job, after school organization and even for a work study job at a college.    Please print your resume and hand it to me at our next class.    I look forward to reading your resume and giving you the constructive criticism to create the resume that will get you the job or internship you want.

To remind you of the format Nan described today, here is my resume as a reference.

Stephen Cronin                                                                                                                                   401-374-7603

15 Andrew Court                                                                                                     

Swansea, Massachusetts 02777


Executive Summary