Today’s Homework: October 4, 2019

  1.  Complete the TIME MANAGEMENT worksheet I passed out in class today.   Read the second page FIRST before answering the questions on the first page.   Bring your worksheets to class next week.  MAKE SURE YOUR PENMANSHIP IS NEAT, please, SO I CAN READ YOUR INTERESTING ANSWERS.   SECONDLY, PLEASE WRITE SHORT SENTENCES WITH GOOD PUNCTUATION (COMMAS AND PERIODS) AND PERFECT SPELLING.  If you get confused completing this assignment, please feel free to email me any questions you have.   REMEMBER, your questions will always be viewed as good questions.  If a question is important to you, it’s important to me.

    PAGE 2

    PAGE 1

  2.  HERE’S A NEW TERM FOR SOME OF YOU – SKIMPlease skim the entire THE FUTURE BOOK;  in other words, just read the words in red or highlighted in yellow accompanying each photo or image.  THEN, after skimming the entire book, identifyONE TOPIC connected to a photo or photos that made you ‘think‘, possibly ‘concerned‘, ‘afraid‘ or ‘angry‘, maybe ‘confused‘, or even ‘curious‘ for more information.  THEN, after identifying the topic that made you ‘think’, tell me ‘what’ your favorite topic/photos made you think about  Please, short sentences.  Perfect spelling.   Good punctuation, i.e. periods, commas, etc.   SEND YOUR ANSWER TO MY EMAIL ADDRESS NO LATER THAN WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 9, 11:59PM.   Thank you.  I look forward to reading your answers.  

Today’s Class: October 4, 2019

Today’s question to our class –  how many students are thinking about the FUTURE, NOW?

Today’s answer –  everyone should be, NOW.

This class of Hope High juniors should be thinking about the next big step to help them have the kind of future they’re hoping for.    A good job.   Maybe a good college with the most financial aid possible.   Possibly, a summer internship for valuable experience in a career they’re really interested in.  Building a network of successful people who will advise and help them throughout their lives.  All types of experiences and relationships that prepare our Hope Life Skills students for the kind of future they want –  a  job they love doing, earning good money to enjoy having all the things each student wants.

To make this happen, Mr Cronin began by giving each student a book to read that provides a look into the future they will soon find themselves competing with other talented, smart, well connected, well prepared people from ALL OVER THE WORLD.

MR Cronin passing out “The FUTURE” books to each student

Today’s Homework: September 27, 2019

  1.  Please describe, in well written sentences, your perception of Arnell Milhouse’s personal brand.   Short sentences.  Perfect spelling, punctuation, and capitalization.  And, of course, you read your description before sending it to my email address to ensure my perception of your brand will be an impressive one.  Please make sure I receive your response by and not later than Wednesday, October 2nd, 2019, 11:59pm.   Thank you.

    Arnell Milhouse meeting, greeting, observing, and formulating a perception of each student’s personal brand he met in today’s class.  The same process will occur with each class guest you meet this year, each person I introduce you to, each person you introduce yourself to at the FUTURE FORUM in December and at our field trips.   And, your personal brand can change this year and throughout your life according to the importance you place on how you present yourself.  Your personal brand and the network of successful people you create by how others perceive your personal brand either opens doors of great opportunity OR shuts you out quickly.  We’ll keep working on developing your personal brand and the network of successful people who are impressed by it so you’re always creating opportunities for great success.

Today’s Class: September 27th, 2019

Innocet Byiringiro welcomes today’s guest, Arnell Milhouse, to Hope High School and the Life Skills class prior to the start of today’s class.

Today’s guest was Arnell Milhouse,

Inventor, Creator, Founder and CEO of CareerDevs University, and the Entrepreneur in Residence at Brown University’s Nelson Center.

Today’s Hope Life Skills host was Innocet Byiringiro.

Innocet steps out of his comfort zone as he introduces Arnell to his classmates to open today’s class. Well done too!!!

Following Innocet’s example, all students approach Arnell to greet him and welcome him to the Life Skills class with good eye contact, a firm handshake, smile, and a friendly greeting.

Perfect greeting by Nehemias Rojas.

Today’s Opportunity – September 27, 2019

Arnell Millhouse (right) at today’s Hope Life Skills class. Elliott Burrell welcomes Arnell to today’s class while Raphael Cruz and Dalanti Vanover wait to do the same.

An invitation to participate in a unique, informative, program creating and developing entrepreneurial opportunities was extended to the Hope Life Skills students today.  But,


Click on the link below to join Arnell and his entrepreneurship incubator by end of today!!!!!

Contact me, Stephen Cronin, if you need help.    Buenos suerte!!!


Today’s Homework: September 20, 2019

  •  Please, watch these 2 videos featuring, Sophia, the first Android to be awarded ‘citizenship’ status in a modern day country (Saudi Arabia).  THEN, answer the following questions.  Remember,  I am convinced you are an intelligent, creative, push out of your comfort zone person who is more than willing to work hard and network to be successful.  YES YOU ARE!!!  Imagine…..
    1.  you are the owner of a company.   Please tell me –
      1. the name of your company,
      2. describe the services or products your company sells
      3. does the service or product you make bought by people (B to C) or companies (B to B)
      4. describe the person or company that would buy your services or products; for example –
        1. if your customers are people, is the person who buys your products or services male, female, or both;  what is the typical age of the person who buys your product or service (adults or kids)  OR do all ages of people have an interest in buying your product or service; are they rich or middle class OR is anyone able to afford to buy you products and services; do they live in a specific city, country or part of the world or is any person in any city or country interested in buying your products or services; is there are specific ethnicity or race more interested in your services or products or does every ethnicity or race of people interested in buying your products or services;
        2. if your customers are companies, describe the typical company interested in the service or product you sell.  Explain how your product or service helps the company that buys your product or service.
      5. describe the job you would program Sophia to do.  (Remember, Sophia is a ROBOT.  Don’t let her lipstick and voice limit your creativity and imagination for the job(s) you would program Sophia to do for your company.)
  • Please send your answers to my email address before but no later than Wednesday, September 25th, before 11:59pm.  Don’t forget our tenants for acceptable written communication: perfect spelling, good grammar, correct capitalization and punctuation, and short sentences. Read your answers before sending them to me.  Thank  you.  I look forward to receiving your answers.


Today’s Class: September 20, 2019

Today’s class focused three topics – 

#1.  transparency.  This year’s students welcomed 6 students from last year’s class to ask them what they liked about last school year’s Life Skills class and what they didn’t like about last year’s class.   #2.  Mr Cronin’s shared his vision of a Future  students will encounter in 2024, what the marketplace will look like, the impact technology and Artificial Intelligence will have on jobs and lifestyles, and how this class is created to help them prepare for the opportunities and challenges students will encounter in this technology influenced future.  #3.  Mr Cronin’s first impressions of this year’s class after the first class and first homework assignment.

Stephen Cronin focuses on 3 topics to start this week’s class

Today’s Homework: September 13, 2019

  1.  Create your Name Card, by indicating your FIRST NAME ONLY, in big, bold letters and bring it to the next class.
  2.  Indicate the ‘business card’ design you prefer, i.e.   #1.  the business cards we have used for several years     OR    #2. the new design I circulated in class today. click on this link for the business card template of the Hope Life Skills card we’ve used for the past few yearsBusiness Card template–         OR     – Press on this link for the different design: Business Card HOPE LIFE SKILLS2
  3.  Read the article I distributed in class today or click on this link to the article “THE BRAND CALLED YOU” by Tom Peters  (  After reading this article – #1.   give me the name of a person you think has a great personal brand and describe your perception of this person’s personal brand.     #2.  what do you think is the best thing others perceive in your personal brand.  LET ME Be CLEAR;  I WANT TO KNOW ‘WHAT OTHERS ACTUALLY THINK ABOUT YOU’  NOT WHAT YOU WANT THEM TO THINK ABOUT YOU.     #3.  If I were to offer you a well paid position working in my company,  please identify ONE of your QUALITIES that would bring value to my company; in other words, this quality of yours would definitely help my company be successful.   #4. if you could change one thing about the way others perceive you, i.e. your personal brand, what would that one thing be.      #5YES OR NO – do you use social media – Instagram, Facebook, TWITTER, etc?     #6.  If you do, if people only knew you from what you posted on social media, what would their perception be of the personal brand you have created on social media?  LET ME BE CLEAR;  I WANT TO KNOW ‘WHAT OTHERS ACTUALLY THINK ABOUT YOU’ NOT WHAT YOU WANT THEM TO THINK ABOUT YOU.      #7.   Yes OR No – are you happy with the perception people have of the personal brand you’ve created by your social media postings?
  4. Send your answers to my email address no later than Wednesday, September 18, 11:59pm.   Please – perfect spelling.  Use short sentences with proper punctuation (capitalization, periods, commas, exclamation points, questions marks,  etc.    I look forward to reading your answers.  Thank you.

Today’s Class – September 13, 2019

Stephen Cronin explains the Goals of the Life Skills class to the 2019 – 2020 class.

The Goals of the Hope Life Skills program are –  

#1.  build student self-esteem;  confidence.   #2. introduce the concept of “personal brand“,  in other words, the way others think about and/or perceive us, AND understand how a person’s brand EITHER creates opportunities for success for life OR eliminates opportunities for success for life.    #3. Have students use their brands to build networks of successful people who can advise and help them for life.   #4.  Introduce students to jobs and careers they are presently interested in OR jobs and careers they may not know about  #5.  teach and develop important communication skills especially collaboration, presentation, personal greeting, and writing skills.”

Stephen  Cronin explained to the students his commitment to their success. 

I am like your personal coach committed to helping you become a successful person for life by introducing and developing important skills and attitudes that most successful people use and constantly look to improve upon throughout their lives.  I will work hard to help you become a successful person.

I will do this as long as you fulfill my expectations which are –

#1 come to class on time, all the time.  For days when extraordinary circumstances prevent you from being coming to class and being on time, you text, call, or email me asap to explain reasons for your tardiness or absence.   #2Do YOUR HOMEWORK all the time and on time.  For days when extraordinary circumstances prevent you from completing your homework on the due date, you MUST text, call, or email me asap to explain reasons for your inability to pass in your homework on the due date AND THEN TELL ME the date you will most certainly complete your homework and turn it in to me.   #3ASK QUESTIONS – they are more important than answers!   All questions are important; there is no such thing as a dumb question.     #4.  say “THANK YOU” , always, when someone does something for you. Follow up ‘thank you‘ emails and hand written notes and cards help you build a great brand with people you network with!!    #5. PUSH OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE.   FOR EXAMPLE – Go on class field trips and introduce yourself to the successful people at the event. Ask for their business cards and give them yours!    ANOTHER EXAMPLE – Volunteer to be a class host-for-the-day by welcoming a class guest to our class and Hope High before the class starts THEN escort the guest into our classroom to introduce him or her to your classmates before the class starts. PUSH YOURSELF!!!!   #6.  Know MISTAKES are part of life and can present you with a great opportunity for learning something important that will make you a stronger and wiser person!   Don’t give up!!!!!  Keep working hard AND YOU WILL BE SUCCESSFUL.   #7NETWORK CONSTANTLY!”

“I look forward to reading your homework.   I also look forward to seeing you in ROOM 112 next Friday.”



Hope High School Student Summer Internship at CVS Health Corporate

Edwin Silverio (standing to the right), Senior Manager, Pharmacy Returns, at the CVS Health Corporate offices in Woonsocket, RI, introduces Hope High junior and member of the Hope Life Skills class, Jose Quintanilla, to members of the CVS corporate team on August 27th prior to Jose’s presentation about his summer internship experience.

Mr Cronin, Jose saved CVS hundreds of thousands of dollars this summer in his role during the summer internship.   He did a great job.” 

Marcos Vecoli, Advisor, Pharmacy Product Flow and DC Compliance

Jose presents to members of CVS Health’s corporate team about his role, responsibilities, and results during his summer internship at CVS Health, a $200 billion dollar, international company.


“Mr Cronin,  Jose is an amazing young man.  The simple fact he gave a professional presentation today to 15 high level CVS Health corporate team members should not be taken lightly.   Furthermore, his ability to gather and analyze data and make intelligent deductions from his analysis, his communication skills sharing information with other team members and his respectful and intuitive questions leaves observers here very impressed.” 

Edwin Silverio, Senior Manager, Pharmacy Returns

left to right – Edwin Silverio, CVS Health Digital Department team member Fernando Perez, Jose Quintanilla, Stephen Cronin Hope Life Skills teacher, and Yael Torres, CVS Health contractor.   Both Fernando and Yael were Hope Life Skills CVS interns following their junior year in the Hope Life Skills class. AND, because Fernando, Yael, and several other Hope Life Skills students’ personal brands were so strong interning at CVS Health, the company has continued to request their employment at the corporate office.


Thank you!

Edwin Silverio, Randy Martinez, Mike Martel, Donna Mumma and several other members of CVS Health for the opportunities they created for Jose this summer and all the Hope Life Skills students who preceded him.   This CVS Health team continues to change lives and mentor Hope High young men and women for life time success.