The Evolution of Hope High School Hope Life Skills Class to the American History Life Skills Class

Hope Life Skills, a class which introduces and develops life skills for student lifetime success, has transitioned after 18 years to American History Life Skills.   Simply stated, this class is designed to use the rich lessons from people and events of American History with the stories of contemporary business men and women to teach the same transformative life skills, behaviors, and attitudes for student lifetime success:   PERSONAL BRANDs which enhance student reputations and how others perceive them;  NETWORKs of successful, reputable people who provide guidance and mentorship as well as helping students create opportunities for jobs, internships, and future success;  STORYTELLING skills for successful job interviews, effective resumes, and managing the opportunities and jeopardy of contemporary social media;  SELF ESTEEM development that empowers students to push out of their comfort zones to ask questions and meet diverse individuals who are successful, reputable and who expand student horizons of ‘what’s possible‘;   CHANGE management for a healthy attitude for ‘change‘ in our lives and the workplace with an ability to differentiate between ‘reckless‘ risk and ‘measured‘ risk and the skills to manage opportunities accompanying ‘measured‘ risk;   ADAPTABILITY  for  a healthy response to ‘changes’ in our lives and realizing the valuable lessons occasional ‘mistakes’ provide for improving  future performance;  CRITICAL THINKING for making well founded decisions based on empirical data, i.e. FACTS, and the ability to recognize ‘partisan‘ information and ‘bias‘ for what it is;  and, MUCH MORE.

You ask “WHY“?

Because American History offers an abundance of rich, relevant stories, from its inspirational people to its most significant events, for introducing and developing the critical life skills we’ve been helping students learn and use for the past 18 years at Hope High School.   This is the “WHY” of our American History Life Skills class.

Please check out the pdf of the American History Life Skills class SYLLABUS posted on this site.

I have also linked a VIDEO introducing the Life Skills component of the class.

Feel free to send me, Stephen Cronin, any questions and/or suggestions about the program to my email address (   The aim of this class continues to be continuous change, i.e. refinement, to meet the ever changing needs of our students for their success in the dynamic 21st century.




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