Launching Hope High School’s American History Life Skills Class

The 17 year Hope Life Skills program has transitioned to Hope High School’s American History Life Skills class. Simply stated, the Hope Life Skills class that has been scheduled during the school’s once a week Advisory class will now be a full time, 5 day a week class embedding the school’s American History curriculum with the teaching of life skills, behaviors, and attitudes from the former Hope Life Skills program.

You ask “WHY“?

Because American History offers an abundance of rich, relevant stories, from its inspirational people to its most significant events, to introduce and develop the critical life skills we’ve been helping students learn and use for the past 17 years at Hope High School.   This is the “WHY” of our American History Life Skills class.

Please check out the pdf of the American History Life Skills class SYLLABUS posted on this site.

I have also linked a VIDEO introducing the Life Skills component of the class.

Feel free to send me, Stephen Cronin, any questions and/or suggestions about the program to my email address (   The aim of this class continues to be continuous change, i.e. refinement, to meet the ever changing needs of our students for their success in the dynamic 21st century.




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