Preparing for your JOB INTERVIEW

Nan Quinlan is a Senior Career Consultant at Transition Solutions. 

Nan helps job seekers get new jobs, how to protect and build an effective PERSONAL BRAND and

best practices for creating an effective resume and job interviewing skills and strategy.

Nan has

Nan visited our class today to inform students about best practices for a successful job interview followed by student role plays at a job interview.

Jessica Baquiax Bulus was the student class host today welcoming our guest, Nan Quinlan, to Central High School and our class.  Great job, Jessica.

Following Jessica’s introduction, each student approaches Nan to welcome her to our class with good eye contact, a friendly smile, a welcoming greeting and a firm handshake.  John Cuevas leads the class in a welcome.   Nan’s response after the class –   “an impressive group“.

Nan opens the class with a presentation on an effective strategy for a successful job interview. “Do your research on the country you’re apply to for a job.  Be prepared to ask a question about the company during your interview;  this will impress your interviewer you did your research and came prepared for the interview.   Ask people in your network if they know anyone who works there and ask  –  ‘what is it like to work there?’.  Make sure you know the job description of the job you’re applying for.  And, end the interview with a ‘thank you’ for the opportunity to apply”.


Liz Acevedo PImentel, a rising junior at Central High, volunteers to be a job applicant during the role playing exercise. Liz begins by introducing herself to the ‘company receptionist‘ and informs the receptionist she is ‘here for a scheduled interview with Nan‘.  Liz presented so well that all agreed she would be hired on the spot!   Great job Liz.

Liz responds to a question from Nan during the role play.  Impressive presentation of a PERSONAL BRAND by Liz.

Cam Davis follows Liz for the second job interview role play. Photo about shows Cam introducing himself to the company receptionist.



Cam’s presentation of his BRAND during the interview was exceptional.

Damian Cruzado was the 3rd person to volunteer for the role playing.


Damian presented himself humbly as a ‘multi-talented employee at the company he presently works at doing a number of jobs to help his company serve their customers‘. Impressive interview, Damian!

Nan agreed to return to our class for additional job interview role playing later this year.   Thank you, Nan.

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