Today’s Class Review: May 13, 2020

  1.  Today’s class asked HOPE LIFE SKILLS students and guests (Marta Aparicio Hope High 2010, Georgetown University 2014, Columbia University 2020; Tara Cronin; Johnny Montanez Hope High 2010; and Diane West, Hope High Guidance Counselor) to COMPARE and CONTRAST life in the countries of Singapore and the United States of America.  After reading the Hope Life Skills textbook “The Story of Singapore and The Change Agent Who Created It“, students and guests listed their perceived PLUSES and MINUSES of living in Singapore when compared to their present lives in the United States.  AFTER an open discussion, here’s what our students decided:


  2.   15% of Singaporeans are millionaires; opportunities for making lots of money
  3.   English language – the world’ most spoken language helps doing business in a global marketplace
  4.  90% of Singaporeans own their own home
  5.  Confidence and Trust in the National Government unlike the United States
  6.  FREE, world class Health Care
  7.  Weather –  nice and warm!!!
  8.  Low Crime
  9.  Little to No drugs
  10.  Full Employment
  11.  World Class Port of Singapore is a hub for business in Asia


  1.  Cost of Owning a Car with the requirement of buying a Certificate of Entitlement before buying the actual car
  2.  Chewing gum prohibition and other strict laws, enforcement, and severe penalties
  3.  Caning (beaten with a stick for some crimes)
  4.  Weather –  too warm for some!!!
  5.  Privacy;  lack thereof
  6. lack of NATIONAL, fresh water reserves

Summary –   it’s interesting to note 2/3rds of the students participating in today’s conversation expressed a preference for the Singaporean lifestyle over the United States lifestyle.   Issues like trust in government leaders, quality of public education, home ownership and wealth opportunities, and access to good health care were a few of the most compelling characteristics of Singapore.  

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