Today’s Class: January 18, 2019

Today’s topic of conversation was about

the importance and strategy for optimizing talent;

in other words, getting the most out of our abilities and opportunities.  To do this,

we began by gathering data about each student

in a Life Skills survey.  We then

analyzed the data

we collected from each student. Next, we

made a decision about the credibility of the data.

Is the data credible?  Do we believe the data is truthful? Can we trust the data to make important decisions?

Our class discussion

transitioned to examine some of the resources available to each student to maximize their potential

in order to be the best they can be, to be the successful person each student aspires to be.

One of the resources we examined was ‘time‘,

that is, the ‘time’ each student has each day to use wisely to be the best they can be.

If we claim we have priorities in our lives, then we need to make sure we dedicate time each week to support and care for these priorities.

Today’s Class: January 11, 2019

Today’s class was about “Brand”,

perceptions and misconceptions, the development, promotion and protection of great ones, and the confidence great brands instill.

We accomplished this with our conversation with

Abby Almonte, sophomore at Loyola University Maryland,

a 4,068 student Jesuit college in Baltimore, Maryland.

We had an opportunity to reflect on many brands today:  Loyola University Maryland, Abby Almonte, and our own.

Energy.  Passion.  Excitement.  Optimism.  Humility.  Kindness.  Trust.  Pushing out of comfort zones.  Change.  Diversity.  Empathy.  Asking questions.  Meeting new people.  Seeing new places.  Networking.  Networking.  Networking.  Building great brands and networks to open doors and create opportunities for life time success.

Hope High School junior Lucy Salado (left) and Abby Almonte prior to today’s class as Lucy welcomed Abby to our Life Skills class.

An interesting part of Lucy and Abby’s conversation before class centered on Abby’s perception of the Hope Life Skills student brand.  Abby was explaining to Lucy how impressed she was with the Hope Life Skills students who visited her high school, LaSalle Academy, her senior year. “Lucy, I couldn’t believe the Hope students had business cards! Whoa! The Hope students were so professional. I thought they really had their act together. Impressive.”

Today’s Class: December 14, 2018

Today’s guest was Ray Nunez,

the Program Coordinator at Leadership Rhode Island.  Ray returned to the Life Skills class to review the results of the student strengths assessment survey, which the students took on October 19th, and answer any questions they might have.

Today’s host was Arthur Bonga.

Ray Nunez (right) was excited to see Hope Life Skills host, Arthur Bonga outside the classroom prior to the start of today’s class.

Today’s Class: December 7, 2018

Jason Roias, Hope High School 2014 graduate, recent candidate for the Providence City Council and co-Founder of “Hungry Fridays” –

a community service organization feeding the homeless of  the city, was the guest of the Hope Life Skills class.  

Today’s Hope Life Skills host was Darwin Morales.

Darwin welcomes Jason BACK to Hope High

Darwin introduces Jason to his Life Skills classmates at the start of today’s class.

Aaron Chy welcomes Jason to today’s class with a disarming smile and great eye contact.

Future Forum 3 – December 5, 2018

Jose Quintanilla (far right) presents his entertaining and enlightening marketing pitch for his team’s artificial intelligent (AI) company with his corporate team at FUTURE FORUM 3

FUTURE FORUM 3 was a conversation, an exercise, and an activity flavored with fun.

A conversation about Artificial Intelligence (AI)  and it’s impact on the world?  Yes, it was.   An exercise to develop creative thinking and collaboration skills?  What better way than students from 3 different high schools – Hope High, LaSalle Academy and Rocky Hill School – uninhibitedly sharing their creative ideas in a supportive, collaborative environment facilitated by successful, empowering professionals.  A networking activity to meet new people and build networks of diverse, successful, people to create lifetime opportunities for personal development and success?  The Forum proved to be a perfect venue for people to introduce themselves to each other, ask questions, exchange business cards, enjoy one an other’s company and display positive, personal brands over a delicious lunchFun, you ask?  Where else could so many enjoy each other’s company, fly drones, don virtual reality goggles, and be amazed at the magic of one of our visiting futurists, Roey Tzezana!?!   And, we won’t forget the insight from one, Lisbet Gomez, from Hope High School.  “It will always be about the data!, Mr Cronin”.    I concur.

Yes, it is, LisbetYes, it is.”

Yours truly opens FUTURE FORUM 3 with an introduction to two of the Forum’s featured speakers – (left) Dr Roey Tzezana, an Israeli “Futurist” and Artificial Intelligence expert and Melissa Cronin, a Managing Director at the international consulting company, Accenture, in their Technology Financial Services Division.

Today’s Class: November 16, 2018

Today’s guests were Catalina Martinez, Regional Program Manager,

NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) Office of Ocean Exploration and Research at the University of Rhode Island Graduate School of Oceanography

and Nikolai Pawlenko,  a commissioned officer at the NOAA Office of Ocean Exploration and Research, University of Rhode Island School of Oceanography.   Today’s hosts were Kevin Torres and Robert Desilets who welcomed Catalina and Nikolai to the Hope Life Skills class.

Kevin Torres (front left) welcomes Catalina Martinez while Robert Desilets (left background) welcomes Nikolai Pawlenko to Hope High School prior to the start of today’s class.

After escorting Catalina and Nikolai into the Life Skills classroom, Kevin introduces Catalina to his classmates while Robert waits to do the same with Nikolai.

Robert introduces Nikolai to his classmates.

Following the introductions, each student welcomes Catalina and Nikolai to Hope High School. Darwin Morales extends his hand to Catalina to welcome her to the class.

Catalina and Nikolai begin the class by describing their jobs at NOAA and the University of Rhode Island Graduate School of Oceanography.

Today’s Class: November 9, 2018

Mandarin translation of – “I was pleased to meet Kevin today.

Today’s guests were 4 friendly, conscientious LaSalle Academy juniors who

shared their strategies for finding “the right” college to develop their talents and find a fulfilling career opportunity.

5 Hope Life Skills students welcomed our LaSalle Academy guests to Hope High School prior to the start of today’s class. Left side of the photo – Jose Quintanilla welcomes LaSalle guidance counselor, Edward Cronan. Starting in the foreground of this photo and working to the back, Lucy Salado (left) greets LaSalle junior Wandaly Montilla. Then, Lisbet Gomez (left) welcomes Wara Oladele. Paola Varela (left) greets Jack Sheil and, in the background, Kevin Castenada (left) welcomes Jay Hu.

One by one, Lisbet (far right), Lucy, Paola and Kevin individually introduce Wara, Wandaly, Jack and Jay to their Hope Life Skills classmates to start today’s class.

Today’s Class: November 2, 2018

Today’s Hope Life Skills’ guests were Edwin Silverio and Kirtley Fisher.

Kirtley is the Associate Chief of Staff at the Rhode Island Department of Education. Edwin is an Advisor in the Pharmacy Returns Division of CVS Health, a $200 billion dollar company located in Woonsocket, RI.

Our Life Skills hosts,

charged with welcoming our guests to Hope High School and introducing them to their Life Skills classmates, were

Khadiatou Njie and Aaron Chy.

Both Edwin and Kirtley came to Hope High today to

introduce PAID summer internship opportunities to the Life Skills class.

Khadiatou (left in the foreground of this photo) welcomes Kirtley Fisher to Hope High as Aaron (in the background left) welcomes Edwin Silverio to Hope High prior to today’s Life Skills class.  Please note Khadiatou asked and was given Kirtley’s business card.  Excellent networking, Khadiatou.

Aaron introduces Edwin to his classmates at the start of today’s class.

Today’s Class: October 19, 2018

Today’s guest was Ray Nunez, the Program Coordinator at Leadership Rhode Island.

Christian Hernandez welcomes Ray Nunez to Hope High School today.

Leadership RI is a non-profit organization which brings people together, like a networking community, to maximize each person’s potential and, in the process, the companies and organizations they are part of.

Ray Nunez joined our class today

to administer the Clifton Strengths Assessment, an online personal survey that identifies each user’s strengths.

Mr Cronin’s Strengths Assessment

The authors of the survey believe they can identify what people are good at.   Ray Nunez explained “the survey creators believe in focusing on people’s strengths, what we’re good at, rather than what we’re not good at. 

By focusing on our strengths, we will be more successful

in our jobs and relationships.  We’ll feel fulfilled.  And, the companies and organizations we work for will benefit as well.

Today’s survey will identify your strengths so you can focus on potential jobs and relationships which take advantage of those strengths” 

Today’ Class: October 5, 2018

Today’s guest was Anthony Muhammad,

one of the largest banks in the World,

Deutsche Bank.

The Hope Life Skills host for this day was David Narvaez (left in photo) seen here welcoming today’s guest, investment banker, Anthony Muhammad, to Hope High School.

David introduces Anthony Muhammad to his Life Skills classmates to start today’s class.