Today’s Class: September 15, 2017

Today’s Life Skills class introduced the protocol for future classes

as well as listening to the experiences of 5 Hope High School seniors who were part of the Hope Life Skills class during their Junior year at Hope.

class 1 -IMG_4149

Mr Cronin introduces today’s guests as well as explaining the Life Skills class protocol for welcoming guests to the class.

class 2 - IMG_4150

As students learned today, we rise in an expression of respect each time a guest enters our classroom to be followed by each student welcoming our guest with a firm handshake, eye contact, a smile and a personal greeting like ‘Hi, my name is Raul’ and  ‘thanks for coming to our class’ or ‘welcome to Hope!

class 3 - IMG_4154

(left to right) Aimon Foreman, Imani Turner, Mohamadou Mbaye and Sara Jackson share their stories in Hope Life Skills.

class 4 - IMG_4157

Yael Torres shares the story of his paid summer internship at CVS Health in supply chain management.

internsara 9 - IMG_3908

Sara spoke about her experience as a paid intern in a Providence bookstore. Here Sara introduces several children’s books to a customer interested in finding a book for his young daughter.

internimani2 - Screenshot952017-08-23-15-38-16-21

Imani, in the center of this photo in the green dress, spoke about her experience representing the Hope Life Skills class at the National Youth Leadership Forum on CSI and Law in Washington, D.C. this summer. Over 400 high school students from all over the world joined Imani for conversations and mock investigations and trials using the latest forensic experiences in this week long conversation.

Intern Aimon 2 - IMG_3882

Aimon spoke about her paid summer internship at the corporate offices of CVS Health, a 180 billion dollar company located in Woonsocket, RI. Hope Life Skills students compete in an interview process for internships in computer programming, pharmacy, store management, supply chain management and graphic design during the summer following their Junior year Life Skills class.

interncvs10 - IMAG0103_1

Yael Torres spoke about his internship in supply chain management highlighted by his meeting with CVS Health CEO, Larry Merlo, in Mr Merlo’s executive office.

Interncvs0 - IMG_3898

Photo of Aimon and Yael as well as two other Hope Life Skills students, Fernando Perez (brown suit) and Jose Orellana (blue suit) who were part of the Life Skills internship program and continue to work summers at CVS.  This photo was taken in in the CVS Health cafeteria. Fernando’s internship was in computer programming while Jose’s internship was in pharmacy. Sitting across the table from the Hope team is Matt Lague, their mentor at CVS.










Homework and Opening Day Notes – September 8th, 2017

The first day of Hope Life Skills 2017 was about introductions;

class goals, Hope student expectations of Mr Cronin and his class, Mr Cronin’s expectations of the students and stories about his wife’s cooking and his 3 children’s quest for success.   Mr Cronin identified the following Hope Life Skills objectives:

  1.  build student confidence and self esteem;
  2.  introduce and develop Skills for life time success:
    • personal brand development
    • networking
    • written, verbal and body language communication
    • collaboration
    • creativity

Mr Cronin also instructed students to

check out the homework assignment at the end of this blog.

Finally, Mr Cronin extended

invitations to BIF 2017 at the Trinity Theatre in Providence

this Wednesday (September 13) and Thursday (September 14) starting each day at 7:30am with breakfast and lunch provided and dismissal around 4:30pm.  First 2o Hope Life Skills students who request attendance at BIF 2017 will be accepted.  Students are asked to pick one of the days (Wednesday or Thursday) to attend.


One of the 12 daily story tellers sharing their personal story of challenges and success to the Trinity Theatre audience at BIF

BIF 10 - 5photo

Hope Life Skills students ‘networking’ at BIF during lunch

BIF 10 - 8photo

Hope Life Skills students Fernando Garcia (right) and Gisabel Salcedo (left) with one of the BIF storytellers during lunch.



  1. each student to email Mr Cronin either asking for a ticket to either this Wednesday or Thursday at BIF 2017 at the Trinity Theatre in Providence OR informing Mr Cronin you are unable or not interested in attending BIF 2017. First to email Mr Cronin will be the first students to be given tickets to attend.  Please send your request to attend to Mr Cronin by Sunday, September 10 at 5pm.  On Monday, September 11th before 12pm, Mr Cronin will send an email to students interested in BIF 2017 the day they can attend.  Students should email Mr Cronin – – with any questions.
  2. each student to fill out their business card information on the sheet of paper distributed in class and hand in to Mr Cronin next class (September 15).
  3. Next week’s class will be in Room 112.



Today’s Class: May 26th, 2017

Today’s guest was Manny Rivas, Hope High 2016 graduate,

a 2015 Life Skills graduate, and present Providence College business and marketing major in his sophomore year.   Today’s Hope Life Skills host was Laisha Mendez.

Manny 2- IMG_3838

Laisha Mendez introduces Providence College sophomore, Manny Rivas, to the Life Skills class.

Manny 3 - IMG_3844

Manny responds to Zidany Fatuda‘s (orange sweatshirt) question

Manny spoke about his freshman year experience at Providence College.  “If I could recommend a few things,

I would encourage your students, Mr Cronin, to be more focused on math, reading and writing while they’re in high school.  

Math class is intense at Providence College.  And, my professors are assigning a few books a week to read!   I’m always writing tooYour Hope Life Skills students really need to be more serious about their math, reading and writing courses while they’re still at Hope High School if they want to be successful in college.

Manny described his college experience, his roommate and how and why he decided upon Providence College.  “I’ve established a schedule I follow every class day;  a time to study, go to class and have fun. I have a diverse network.  My college roommate is white, from Connecticut, from a very rich family.  He’s become one of my best friends!

Providence College is looking for qualified students of color.  Providence College understands the value of a diverse student community

and they’re offering college scholarships to create a diverse Providence College.  I encourage all of you today to push out of your comfort zone to meet new people, regardless of their ethnic group or income level.  

Today’s Class: May 19th, 2017

The Hope Life  Skills guest protocol was cancelled for today’s class!

No formal greeting with the standard Hope Life Skills extended handshake, confident eye contact, and disarming smile followed by  ‘welcome to Hope High School‘ by the day’s Life Skills student host outside the classroom in the school corridor for this day’s guest.  No escort into the classroom.

No formal introduction by the day’s Hope Life Skills student host to the class.

A few students entering the classroom who saw the stranger sitting in the shadows of a corner of the classroom went up to extend a handshake and say ‘hello’.   The

reason -

The Future Forum: May 17th, 2017

future 9 - IMG_3677

Natalie Hogan speaks to the Hope High and LaSalle Academy students about her career path from Sculpture major at the Rhode Island School of Design to ‘Futurist’ at Hasbro and now her latest opportunity at DataRobot.

 The Hope Life Skills class rolled out the welcome carpet for 14 students from LaSalle Academy and more than 20 professionals from business, academia and non-profits for a

conversation on the impact artificial intelligence, AI, is having on today’s jobs and future career opportunities for our Hope and LaSalle students.

future 99 - IMG_3668

Sara Jackson and Mohamadou Mbaye (standing) welcome The Future Forum guests to Hope Hope School.

The conversation did not focus on the jobs being eliminated but new opportunities, some yet to be created, by artificial intelligence

and the skills and mindset to realize them” commented Life Skills teacher Stephen Cronin.

Today’s Class: May 5th, 2017 – CVS Heath Career and Job Day

The Hope Life Skills class traveled to Woonsocket, Rhode Island today for their

annual Career and Job Day at the impressive campus of CVS Health,

a $177 billion, international company.

cvs -IMG_3614

Ms Nuri, Laisha Mendez and the rest of the Hope Life Skills class check in to the reception desk at the Marketing Center facility on the CVS Health Campus.

cvs 1 - IMG_3619

Gerardo Castenada receives his Identification tag at the reception desk at the Marketing Center.

cvs 0 - IMG_3621

Ariel Hall greets Fred Felix, a senior manager at CVS Health

cvs 2 -IMG_3628

Carlos Sanchez, Senior Director of Channel Innovation and Program Delivery,  welcomes the Hope Life Skills class to the CVS Health campus and informs the students of the day’s agenda.

cvs 99 -IMG_3625

The Day’s agenda

Carlos Sanchez, the host and coordinator of this event for the past several years, began the day’s program with several impressive facts about CVS Health, ranked 7th on the Forbes 500 list with almost 8,000 CVS stores throughout the United States, Puerto Rico and Brazil.  He then presented an assignment to the class.  “As you hear about CVS Health today and meet several of our team members in your department immersion meetings, ask yourself what skills and qualities you possess that would cause CVS Health to consider you a good candidate for a job here.”   Fred Felix added

how would you respond during the job interview if you were asked ‘what value would you bring to CVS Health if you were hired’?

Today’s Class: April 28th, 2017

Today’s class was Part 1 in a series of three classes focusing on our students’ preparedness for their future.

The Hope Life Skills class first stop on their ‘future readiness tour’ was LaSalle Academy, a private high school in Providence, Rhode Island.   Our mission at LaSalle today was, primarily, to

LaSalle - IMG_3610

Hope Life Skills students on the walkway leading to the main entrance of LaSalle Academy in Providence.

extend to the LaSalle students an invitation to the Hope Life Skills “Future Forum”, hosted by the Life Skills class at Hope High on May 17th starting at 9:30am.

Interview: Syd Mead

Cover of The Future Forum brochure distributed to the LaSalle Academy students today. This Syd Meade work of art is also the cover of the assigned reading for the Future Forum. LaSalle students were given a copy of “The Future” book to read prior to The Future Forum.

Today’s Class: April 7, 2017

Interview: Syd Mead

One of Industrial Designer and Futurist artist, Syd Mead’s, images of the future.

Today Life Skills class was a ‘prep day‘ for upcoming Life Skills classes.   There are a number of classes in the coming weeks and months where the Life Skills class will be traveling to remote sites for class.   There is also a major event planned for May 17th called “The Future Forum“.   Hope Life Skills will host visiting students from LaSalle Academy as well a 4 future oriented business people who will share their perspectives on The Future and guide integrated small groups of Hope and LaSalle students in a collaborative activity to identify trends to exploit for their future career opportunities.  Stay tuned.

Today’s Class: March 31, 2017

Today’s Hope Life Skills

host was Delsairey Almonte.

Delsairey welcomed

our guest, the future President of the country of Guatemala,

Rodrigo Zetina-Yglesias, to the Hope Life Skills class.

Rod IMG_3566

Delsairey greets the future President, RodrigoZetina-Yglesias, prior to the start of class.

Rod 2IMG_3567

Delsairey leads the future Guatemalan President into the Life Skills classroom

Rod 3 IMG_3570

Delsairey introduces Rodrigo as “the Future President of Guatemala” to her classmates to start today’s class.

Rod 5 IMG_3575

Justin Cordeiro welcomes Rodrigo to Hope Life Skills following Delsairey’s introduction.  Ariel Hall waits to do the same.

 Today’s class became a lesson in the power and importance of inquiry.

This class is also a testament to the impressive curiosity, confidence and intelligence of empowered Hope High School students,

teacher not required”

Today’s Class: March 24th, 2017

Today’s guest was Elsch Maisoh Jr, Project Engineer, Gilbane Building Company,

Providence, RI.  Gilbane is a family-owned, national construction and real estate development company. Forbes Magazine ranked Gilbane as the 108th largest privately held company in the United States in 2006 with estimated revenues of $2.83 billion.

Today’s Life Skills class host was Felicia Dickerson.

Elsch -IMG_3488

Felicia (center) welcomes Elsch (right) to Hope High Life Skills. Jean Louis Jimps (left), Hope High super guidance counselor, joined Felicia’s introduction today out side the Life Skills classroom.

Elsh 2 - IMG_3490

Felicia introduces Elsch to her classmates to start today’s program. Great job, Felicia!

Elsch 3 - IMG_3494

Deyreni Ferreras leads the class to welcome Elsch following Felicia’s introduction. Yael Torres is quick to follow Deyreni

Elsch’s story began with two questions –  what is engineering?   what is the profile of a typical engineer?  The class responded impressively.  “There are a wide variety of engineers today from computer technology to construction and many in between” said Yael Torres.   The class consensus was

engineers need to be creative, good in math, conscientious and ethical.

And, they are gender neutral;  i.e. both male and female engineers.

Elsch 4 - IMG_3498

Elsch begins his story.

Elsch shared his personal story.  “My parents were hard working Haitian immigrants.  They instilled the importance of education in me and my siblings” he said. “While my elementary schooling was successful, middle school was a disaster.  I went to the Met and things got better.  I was fortunate to have a few internships and