Today’s Homework: February 21, 2020

Faith Souza networks with Johnny Montanez during today’s class.

  1.   Complete the following NETWORKING SURVEY and EITHER send your answers to my email address as soon as you can but no later than Saturday, February 29th, 2020 OR return the survey form I gave you in class today at our next class.

This survey simply serves as a status report for you to measure your own progress developing a network of successful people you can call upon for advice and support throughout your life.

Fact – most career opportunities in life will come from someone in a person’s network.

  • Name one of the most important people in your present network. _____________
  • Name or describe a new person you’ve recently added to your personal network and explain how this person has enriched your network; explain how this person has improved your network.
  • Has there been a member of your network you decided could no longer be part of your present network?   yes or no     If yes, please explain why you decided to no longer have this person part of your present network
  • Give an example of recently extending yourself out of your comfort zone.
  • Describe a lesson learned from a recent mistake or failure which has made you a wiser or stronger person.
  • Describe a recent decision you made because it was the ‘right thing to do’.
  • Give an example of something creative you recently did.
  • Give an example of a kind act you did for a person who needed some kindness.
  • Name the book you are PRESENTLY reading.
  • Have you created a LinkedIn site?    yes or no
  • Who is the most recent person you sent a request to CONNECT with on LinkedIn?
  • Name most recent person you sent a ‘congratulations’ message on LinkedIn acknowledging a promotion, new job, or birthday.
  • Name the person in your network you sent an email, text, or written note to saying ‘thank you’ for doing something nice they did for you
  • What is your latest personal accomplishment you added to your LinkedIn profile?


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