Suffolk University Testimonials

Undergraduate Student Comments from
Stephen Cronin’s “Personal Branding and Networking”  presentation to
3 different classes at
Suffolk University in Boston, MA
on Monday, October 24, 2022.

Zenas Kennedy: Pleasure as well meeting you yesterday, it never seems to amaze me how small our world is sometimes! I really enjoyed your presentation yesterday, thank you again!


Good afternoon. My name is Audrey Weenas and I’m a student from the Globalization class taught by Professor Huemme. I just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed your presentation on success the other day! It was interesting to hear your stories, especially your student’s success stories. I wanted to let you know after class the other day but I had somewhere to go to. Thank you, Audrey Weenas


Anton Verscheure     (He/Him) 1:18 PM     –    Hello Mr. Cronin, I really enjoyed your talk on Monday. I have always struggled to find or tell my story, but after listening to your talk I felt more inspired. I would like to connect with you because I think you are a very inspiring and I would like to have you in my network.


Good Morning Mr.Cronin! I really appreciate the talk you gave to the Strategic Management class at Suffolk University on Monday.   It was something I needed to hear as a first generation college student. Thank you again, Sir.    Have a blessed day! –   Elizabeth Gezehagn


Hello, my name is Talia Fusco. I was in Professor Huemme’s class at Suffolk University today. I’m reaching out in regard to your lecture. You probably hear this often, but I am positive not often enough. Today my entire outlook on what it means to function in the business world changed. I grew up in a close-minded space, confined to doing only what I was told because I thought that only like-minded people would be able to thrive.  People were always fixated on what they needed to do to avoid the inevitable criticism of the world, barely scratching the surface of real human connection, and discarding anything deeper than what the eye can see. My perception was almost as if a majority of people are proud to be shallow, to lack personal connection, or a burning passion for anything. I thoroughly enjoyed the real-world examples in your presentation and showcasing the growth of people with a drive for success. I now, more than ever, understand the importance of stepping out of your comfort zone and establishing a personal brand. Starting November I will be working for a franchise, having creative control over the entirety of their media platforms, managing and furthering the brand; I’ve been extremely skeptical about taking on a responsibility as big as this one, as it is my first real world business experience.  I believe this new information and way of thinking peaked my confidence immensely and will enable me to accomplish great things moving forward. I hope that what you do continues to change young minds’ perspective for years to come because I certainly needed a push in this direction. Today was awesome and I will never forget this experience. Thank you so much. Best,    Talia


Hello Mr Cronin.   I’m Shonette Crossdale.   We spoke yesterday in my strategic management class you presented for Professor Robert Huemme.  I really wanted to thank you again for your presentation.  It was really uplifting and left me feeling more confident about my career path and I’m taking the right steps to get where I want to be in the future.   I’ve tried looking for you on LinkedIn to remain connected but unfortunately, I was unable to find you in the searches. I also wanted to connect with you in the hopes you could help me find an entry-level job after I graduate in December and network with people who work in high-level positions in their marketing roles.   I’m looking forward to meeting with you again, have a great week!    Shonette C.

Hello Mr. Cronin.   I hope this message finds you doing well. I wanted to thank you again for coming into our class and relaying such a powerful message. I really enjoyed learning about different ways of networking and how to successfully make a positive impression. I learned a lot of useful information concerning personal brand and how to effectively establish my own personal brand. I will be applying the lessons learned from this presentation to my skill set to maximize potential. Thank you for the lessons learned.      Best,  Corey Frassica


Greetings Mr. Cronin.    This is James Auger, the Indonesian American senior at Suffolk University and we spoke about connecting more after class. I just wanted to say thank you for coming to talk to us yesterday in Professor Huemme’s class, it was very enlightening to learn about the importance of soft skills and how important networking is. My dad’s name is Mark Auger, Director of Commercialization in shoes at Under Armour, if your son would like to connect with him or if he knows about him.


I researched Tino Chow and Donna Mumma and they are both amazing people! Tino Chow especially is a very interesting person and has a fascinating outlook on life goals and aspirations where it can be broken down to a science experiment. Giant Shoulders is also a great company with a very positive look towards branding and I like how they are working with very ethical organizations like health and wellness companies, clean energy initiatives, and education.   I would love to connect with either of them and talk more about what they do and maybe ask them for some advice on how I can better myself as a digital marketer and what skills I should be learning.  Thank you for your time Mr. Cronin and thank you again for the knowledge I’ve gained from your speech.

Sincerely – James Auger:  Digital Marketing Major, Suffolk University Senior

Hi Mr Cronin.    I just wanted to say thank you for coming to our class yesterday! I’m sorry I didn’t get to speak to you for longer afterwards, I had another class to run to. You gave a very motivating presentation and really got me fired up about my future. I’m interested in sales and real estate and have a dream of using sales to pursue my passion in real estate investing. I noticed you work in the printing industry, my father does as well and always talks to me about what he has going on at his work. I wish you the very best and once again, thank you so so much for taking time out of your day to come speak to us! It’s very much appreciated.

Best,     Christopher McCann

Greetings, Mr. Cronin.    My name is Omar Elharezi. I was in Mr. Huemme’s class where you gave a presentation earlier today. I am the student from the UAE and was ironically wearing the Yankee cap. I just wanted to let you know that I immensely enjoyed your presentation, specifically the emphasis you placed on making and nurturing connections. It’s been on my mind the whole day. I often find myself in rooms or within reach of influential people in the business world, primarily because my sister owns various companies throughout the Middle East, and she occasionally allows me to tag along to meetings with her. Last year I had the opportunity to chat with Yasir Al-Rumayyan, A chairman of Aramco, and I regrettably didn’t exchange information even though we had a pleasant conversation. It is frustrating that I am often in a direct position to make connections with people who others may have to wait long periods even to have the chance to talk to, but don’t take advantage of it. The ties that I do have, I am bad at keeping in touch and holding on to them. Your presentation was fascinating because it covered an issue I often try to improve. I was hoping to draw on your experiences a little more through an email or phone call regarding enhancing the skills and qualities needed to secure potential connections and keep them close. It’s clear that you are well experienced in making and maintaining relations, and I would greatly appreciate it if you could dive a bit deeper into it with me. I apologize for the lengthy email; I just haven’t been this enthusiastic about a class in a very long time. I would love to learn more from you whenever you may have the time.

Best Regards,   Omar Elharezi


Mr. Cronin.   Good morning, I am Rex Yip! Thank you so much for coming in yesterday during my SIB-101 Globalization class and having such an amazing lesson for us.     Here is my email address: I am currently seeking internship opportunities, so if you have any information, feel free to email me.     Also, do you mind sending me a link for your LinkedIn account? Because I was having a tough time finding it. And my LinkedIn account currently is in progress, once that is finished, I will contact you on LinkedIn.   Thank you again and have a great day!    Best regards,   Rex Yip


Gabriel Lebold (He/Him) 10:41 AM  –   You spoke in Professor Huemme’s class on Monday. You seem like an amazing mentor and teacher to learn from and I’d love to connect more for the future.


Hi Mr Cronin.   This is Ella Gesmundo, I met you at the end of Professor Huemmes class today. I wanted to start with saying again that it was so great to meet you. You had mentioned a friend of yours, Sally Lapides, that was in real estate. I brought up that I’m in the mix of getting my license and was just wondering if you had some more information on Sally. Along with that I would love to get your LinkedIn.  I hope to hear from you soon and to keep in touch for the future! Take care!   Ella Gesmundo,  Marketing,  Suffolk University, Class of 2026, Boston, MA

Good Afternoon Mr. Cronin.   Thank you again for your presentation to our class about the importance of networking and self awareness of our personal brand.  Everything you said was incredibly impactful and your students are incredibly fortunate to have you as a resource. Your presence and storytelling are characteristics that I hope to someday possess. I will nurture the relationships I build in the future and am excited to reinforce the soft skills we went over in class today. It was a pleasure to meet you today.     Best Regards,  Boston Emmanuel, Accounting, Senior,  Suffolk University

Hello Mr. Cronin.    I am a student at Suffolk University. I wanted to personally thank you for your presentation and for taking the time to speak with my class and me. I was very impressed by your career path and inspired by your dedication to your students. I hope to talk again soon. Thank you!   Franceska Lucaj –    Undergraduate Student at Suffolk University – Sawyer Business School,  North Kingstown, Rhode Island, United States





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