3 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. The Life Skills Program opened doors that I didn’t even know existed, provided me with a wide network of mentors and leaders, and prepared me for networking events in the ‘real world’. I had the pleasure to be the first student who experienced the National Leadership Forum on Law & CSI in Washington, DC – where I met 200 students from all over United States. Thanks to that initial trip, I also got a tour of one of the most beautiful college campuses – Georgetown University (my alma mater).
    Mr. Cronin is changing students’ lives every day. He has been one of my biggest fans and supporters. Not only has he been my mentor but also a father figure throughout my high school and college years.
    To all the students reading this, remember that anything is possible! The struggles and hardships are part of making progress and creating your own personal brand. Higher education granted me the opportunity to turn my dreams into reality. Keep fighting and challenging yourself because it will pay off in the future!

    • Thank you, Marta. You are an inspiration and role model for us all. I am glad you continue to stay in touch with our Life Skills class community.

  2. The Life Skill Program has helped me a lot. From learning how to build a network of successful people to having a great personal brand, the Life Skills program is a very helpful class that I’m glad to be apart of.

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