Homework – November 21, 2014

1. Read pages 1 through 23 in your “The Story of Hope In The Information Age: Circa 1980 to the Present” text book. Please write a review of this segment of the book. I will be looking for you to state what you agreed with and disagreed with and explain explain why you felt this way. I will also be looking for you to identify which parts of the text, if any, made you think about your own life. Please compose well written sentences (not too long) with proper grammar and punctuation. Finally, feel free to be candid. I am always looking for constructive criticism.  Don’t be afraid to criticize or praise portions of the text.
2. Please watch this video.
After viewing, send me an email with ONE question that comes to your mind after watching the video. Please send me your question by Tuesday morning, November 25th, 2014. Just ONE QUESTION.   Your questions will always be more important than your answers.   Without questions, there can never be answers.

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