Today’ Homework: April 28, 2017

1.  Part of our visit to CVS Health on May 5th will be small group meetings with employees in a variety of jobs.   Your meetings with CVS employees in different departments will be called “Department Immersions.   Department immersions will enable you to speak with CVS employees in a small group to find out what their job is like.   Here’s a list of Department Immersion choices:  Supply Chain Management; Graphic Design; Pharmacy; Promotional MarketingInformational Technology (IT); Email Marketing; Performance Analytics (measuring success); Financial Reporting.

  Please identify the department immersion you would like to participate in.   Please send your choice to my email address in a well written statement by Thursday, May 4th, 4am.  Thank you.


One Department Immersion opportunity from last year’s visit to CVS.   Fernando Perez ( in the brown suit) and Juan Corona (dark hoodie) listen to a CVS employee on CVS’ Information Technology (IT) team.

2. Here’s the full agenda for our visit to CVS Health on May 5th, 2017.

9:30 – 9:45                           Introductions and opening exercise
9:45 – 10:00                        About CVS Health
10:00 – 10:30                      Key note address
10:30 – 10:45                      Questions & Session Wrap-up                  
10:45 – 11:00                      Travel to departments
11:00 -12:30                        Department Immersion
12:45 – 1:45                        Lunch and review of opening exercise work
1:45 – 2:00                           Final Q & A and closing

3.  Finish last week’s assignment on the reading of “The Future” textbook.  This assignment is important because of May 17th’s Future Forum.  You will be involved in a collaborative activity with at least 2 LaSalle students and a corporate futurist trying to identify a career opportunity in this evolving age artificial intelligence.   The LaSalle students will be prepared from their reading of “The Future”.    To be a well prepared, responsible, contributing member of your collaborative group, you need to read “The Future“. Thank you.

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