Today’s Homework: November 9, 2018

  1.  Please send me an email identifying a grade you believe you deserve on your next report card and why you feel you deserve this grade.  Send your answer to my email address by Tuesday, November 13.   This is the criteria I consider when giving you the grade I believe you deserve:
    1. attendance –  “no absences” and never being late; if you must be absent or late, you always send me a text or email before the class informing me of your absence or tardiness.
    2.  homework – doing ALL HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENTS!
    3. pushing out of your comfort zonetry things you would not normally do like asking questions in class, being a class host to welcome our guests to Hope High and introducing them to your classmates at the start of class, going on field trips, etc
  2.  Hand in your permission slips for our November 30th field trip to LaSalle Academy next Friday, November 16th.

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