Today’s Class: November 9, 2018

Mandarin translation of – “I was pleased to meet Kevin today.

Today’s guests were 4 friendly, conscientious LaSalle Academy juniors who

shared their strategies for finding “the right” college to develop their talents and find a fulfilling career opportunity.

5 Hope Life Skills students welcomed our LaSalle Academy guests to Hope High School prior to the start of today’s class. Left side of the photo – Jose Quintanilla welcomes LaSalle guidance counselor, Edward Cronan. Starting in the foreground of this photo and working to the back, Lucy Salado (left) greets LaSalle junior Wandaly Montilla. Then, Lisbet Gomez (left) welcomes Wara Oladele. Paola Varela (left) greets Jack Sheil and, in the background, Kevin Castenada (left) welcomes Jay Hu.

One by one, Lisbet (far right), Lucy, Paola and Kevin individually introduce Wara, Wandaly, Jack and Jay to their Hope Life Skills classmates to start today’s class.

Jose finishes the process with his introduction of Mr Edward Cronan.

Once the introductions were complete, the entire Life Skills class individually welcomed each LaSalle guest.

Then, questions from the Hope Life Skills students about each LaSalle student’s strategy for finding the college which made them feel was the right school for them. Each student had an interesting perspective, especially Jay Hu (sitting at the far right). Jay is a foreign exchange student from China. He speaks 4 languages – Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese, and English. He has done research on USC (University of Southern California) and UCLA (University of California at Los Angeles). He is looking into a film production and business major. Jack, to the left of Jay, is considering a business major at school’s like Providence College, Fairfield (Connecticut) and URI. Wara (to left of Jack) is considering majoring in Pharmacy or Medicine. One of the school’s Wara is considering is Rutgers (New Jersey). And, finally, Wandaly is looking at being an education major at Rhode Island College or URI. Each LaSalle student has already begun their college search. They’ve done extensive research about the major they’re interested in and have already visited some of the colleges they are considering or will visit them this year. Impressive.

The conversation with the Hope Life Skills students will continue on November 30th when they visit a class of LaSalle students which Mr Cronin will teach on the topic of “Personal Branding” and “Networking“.  LaSalle students will return to Hope High on December 5th for Future Forum 3.



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