Today’s Class and Homework: September 18, 2015

It was Opening Day


Hope Life Skills 2015-2016 class Opening Day Roster: from left to right – Travis Barbour, Manny Rivas, Ruben Blanco, KiKi Lassend, Maria DaSilva, Valentina Gomez-Rincon, Delvany Soares, and Raymond Perez.

for this year’s Hope Life Skills class as teacher Stephen Cronin outlined what students and teacher Stephen Cronin must expect from each other.   From protocols for students to follow when acting as host with each class guest, contacting (text, email or mobile phone) Mr Cronin whenever any student is tardy or absent and encouragement for pushing out of one’s comfort zone  to students expecting Mr Cronin to have well prepared classes, suggestions for interesting guests and on time all the time attendance by Mr Cronin, all

expectations for students and the teacher were presented and discussed to ensure a successful Life Skills class.

The essential expectation at all times –  mutual respect.

Homework:  Send Mr Cronin an email by Monday, September 21st, the following information for their student business card:

  • Front of the card:

    • Student name
    • Career/Life Aspiration or Current Status – (this could be a career aspiration like “computer programmer” or “lawyer” or “professional recording artist“. However, if a student is unsure at this moment in time, they can simply put their current status as “Student”.)
    • Phone number –  This is optional.  However, if a student is handing a business card to someone they would like to add to their network, there is a benefit for this person to have the phone number to text or call.
    • Email address –  Many people still use email especially in business.
  • Back of card (Optional)

    • An inspirational quotation



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