Opening Day – 2018

First day.  First impressions.   Students and teacher.

Hope Life Skills teacher, Stephen Cronin, introduces the goals of the class, his responsibilities as the program’s teacher and his expectations of the students who choose to enroll in the class.

Students were introduced and invited to BIF, an international storytelling and networking conference, held at the Trinity Theatre in Providence on Thursday, September 13 and Friday, September 14. Students were instructed to email Mr Cronin ( of their interest and the preferred day as soon as possible.

BIF Networking – 2 Hope Life Skills students (Nayely and Rosa in the right side of photo) networking with a student from a Massachusetts private school also at BIF during one of the breaks.

MORE BIF Networking!  2 Hope Life Skills students (Jonasia and Eveline) speak with one of the BIF storytellers following his story telling on the BIF stage.

Your questions will be more important than your answers in Hope Life Skills!”

Today’s class concluded with the reminder –  “if you choose to enroll in this class, you are expected to do the following:

1. Respect – our guests, your classmates, your teacher, and yourselves.   Always.

2. Attend each class – text me if you are not able.

3. Fulfill weekly reading and writing assignments

4. Tryall the time – ‘no excuses!!!’

In return, you will always get my best effort for your best interests.”

Letter from Stephen Cronin to the parents and guardians of today’s Life Skills students. English on one side. Spanish on the other. Assured students I would publish this letter in any other language upon request.




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