Today’s class: December 15th, 2017

Today’s guest was Stephen Cronin, the teacher of the Hope Life Skills class.

Lisanyis Gonzalez was today’s host, welcoming Mr Cronin

to the class and introducing him to the students.

Why the formality when everyone knows Mr Cronin?

Lis - IMG_4568

Lisanyis Gonzalez exchanges business cards with Mr Cronin prior to the start of today’s class.

Today’s class was a review of the first half of this school year’s Hope Life Skills class.

From Mr Cronin’s performance as teacher and the quality of the weekly class guests and special events like BIF and the Future Forum to Mr Cronin’s concerns about student performance and coming events for the 2nd half of this year, today’s conversation was a review of what’s happened to what’s coming next.  Mr Cronin then introduced and explained the concept of

 “quid pro quo“;

in other words, Mr Cronin said he expects students to work as hard as he works preparing classes and special events.  He also said student effort will determine what they are invited to and considered for.  This means

student attendance and homework completion in the second half of this school year will  affect who goes to special field trips and events

like our annual “jobs info day at the CVS corporate offices in Woonsocket, RI, a college campus tour, and a

May 1st special event called “Designathon.  

If student homework is not close to being up to date and if class attendance is not good, these students will NOT be invited to these events.  Furthermore, nominees for

paid summer internships and scholarships for the National Youth Leadership Forum on CSI and Law in Washington, D.C. for 5 days in July

will only be extended to students with good homework completion and attendance.  Just as companies will NOT accommodate special requests from employees who have poor attendance and incomplete homework assignments, Hope Life Skills will likewise do the same.

This is quid pro quo.”

Students suggested the creation of

an app for the  Hope Life Skills class.

Great!!  I’ll look into this.  May take until next year but it sounds like a good idea”  Mr Cronin said.   And, “what about

a text message to all students

when you, Mr Cronin, post our weekly homework assignment on our web site?”   Mr Cronin said he would work on this too.

And, after Rosa said she liked the inspirational videos posted on the Hope Life Skills web site, Mr Cronin responded

“Rosa, I will try to post more inspirational videos.”

Mr Cronin ended today’s class with

Feliz Navidad!!!  Feliz ano nuevo!!   Y, Dios te bendiga!

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