Today’s Class: March 22, 2019

Today’s guest was Junior Jabbe,

the President of Banneker Industries located in Smithfield, Rhode Island. Today’s host was Christian Hernandez.

Junior Jabbe (left) is welcomed to Hope High School and the Hope Life Skills class by Christian Hernandez prior to the start of today’s class.

Christian introduces Junior Jabbe to his classmates to start today’s class.

Aaron Chy welcomes Junior Jabbe with confident eye contact and a firm handshake following Christian’s introduction.

Paola Varrella introduces herself to Junior Jabbe and welcomes him to today’s class. Please note Paola’s firm handshake and welcoming smile which certainly made Junior feel comfortable at Hope High.

Junior begins to share his personal story from his academic failures in middle school to his high school success after a coach and mentor helped him focus his talents on the football field and in the classroom.

Junior told our students

pushing out of your comfort zone,

while creating some initial anxiety, can create great opportunity.  I never played football until my freshman year in high school.  I was absolutely terrible as a high school freshman.  But I worked hard and eventually became a starter and team captain which ultimately got me a Division 1 college scholarship.  I had never been on an airplane and never been to Rhode Island before going to Bryant University.  But, I pushed myself.  I continually pushed myself in college.   I attended a graduate student class when I was still an undergraduate which ultimately got me internship which led to a job at Banneker Industries which eventually enabled me to buy the company.  If I have any advice for you is push out of your comfort zone, meet new people, network with those who are different than you, try to get an internship, visit places away from Providence, always work extremely hard, persevere through adversity, and  you too can create opportunities for success which can change your life.  Get involved in extracurricular activities whether they are sports, arts, church, or a job, work harder in school, consider and visit schools away from Providence,

create and protect your personal brand, network constantly, and find  trusted mentors

to guide you in life;  these are key ingredients for lifetime success.

Darwin Morales networks with Junior Jabbe at the end of today’s class thanking him for coming to today’s class and exchanging business cards.



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