Today’s Class: October 20, 2017

U.S. Marine. Entrepreneur. Business owner with over 400 employees. Business consultant. New York Yankee fan.  Committed networker.  Non-Profit Founder and President of the Elisha Project.

A servant to those in need.

GOrtiz - IMG_4206

Walter Jimenez (right) greets and welcomes George Ortiz, Founder and President of the Elisha Project, to today’s Hope Life Skills class in the corridor before the start of class.

 George Ortiz was today’s guest of the Hope Life Skills class.

GOrtiz 2- IMG_4209

Walter leads George Ortiz into the Life Skills classroom and introduces George to his Life Skills classmates.

From feeding the needy on Providence’s street each Saturday morning to a future vision of a restaurant offering free meals,

the Elisha Project has become of community of giving volunteers addressing the needs of the less fortunate among us.

GOrtiz 3 - IMG_4213

Laisha Mendez welcomes George Ortiz to Hope Life Skills following Walter Jimenez’s introduction. Catherine Vosono waits to do the same.

GOrtiz 4 - IMG_4217

Eveline Silva introduces herself and welcomes George to our class. Nayely Furcal awaits her turn to greet George Ortiz.

GOrtiz 6 - IMG_4221

Sender Alvarado Ramos welcomes George to our class. Ayo Onajide awaits his turn to do the same.

GOrtiz 5 - IMG_4219

Yaritza Jimenez introduces herself to George and welcomes him to Hope High Life Skills.

George’s reaction to the class’s greeting was immediate and heartfelt. “Your brand is great.  Your greetings were impressive.  Great eye contact. Firm handshakes. Disarming smiles.  Kind words. Impressive.  Thank you.” 

GOrtiz9 - IMG_4232

George Ortiz answers students questions and shares his personal story with them.

GOrtiz8 - IMG_4226

Ianique Imboque raises his hand to ask George a question.

George’s message to our students was emphatic.  “Push yourselves out of your comfort zone.  Meet new people.  Network constantly.  Respectfully ask for advice and help. 

Most opportunities for jobs, internships, interviews, even dates, will come from people in your networks.

The better your network, and, by that I mean the experience and character of the people in our networks, the better opportunities you’ll have for the success you aspire to.  And, don’t be afraid to ask.  Be respectful.  Be humble. 

Always follow up with a ‘thank you’ or ‘it was nice to meet you’ email or handwritten note. 

Success becomes a choice.  You can be successful if you decide to do all the right things to be successful.”

Our Hope Life Skills class ended today with our standard networking session.

GOrtiz 15- IMG_4240

Ayo Onajide networks with George Ortiz after class and asks for and receives one of George’s business cards.

GORtiz 16 - IMG_4241

Marianella Galan Jimenez networks with George and receives one of his business cards.

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