Today’s Class: October 4, 2019

Today’s question to our class –  how many students are thinking about the FUTURE, NOW?

Today’s answer –  everyone should be, NOW.

This class of Hope High juniors should be thinking about the next big step to help them have the kind of future they’re hoping for.    A good job.   Maybe a good college with the most financial aid possible.   Possibly, a summer internship for valuable experience in a career they’re really interested in.  Building a network of successful people who will advise and help them throughout their lives.  All types of experiences and relationships that prepare our Hope Life Skills students for the kind of future they want –  a  job they love doing, earning good money to enjoy having all the things each student wants.

To make this happen, Mr Cronin began by giving each student a book to read that provides a look into the future they will soon find themselves competing with other talented, smart, well connected, well prepared people from ALL OVER THE WORLD.

MR Cronin passing out “The FUTURE” books to each student

The next topic Mr Cronin introduced today to prepare students for their future is TIME MANAGEMENT.

How we use our time each and every day must be connected to the goals and objectives we’ve set for  our lifetime success.   Every activity we do, every day, must help us achieve our goals.

MR Cronin passes out TIME MANAGEMENT worksheets.

Next week,  students will take the Clifton Strengths Survey.  This scientific survey, used by many companies all over the world, will identify a student’s strength;  in other words, what each student is really good at.    Stay tuned.

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