Field Trip: December 8, 2015

Today’s field trip was to Rhode Island College’s

amazing Langevin Center for Design, Innovation and Advanced Manufacturing.


Rhode Island College students putting one of the many robots in the Langevin Center through an exercise

Robots and routers.  Pneumatics and prosthetics.  Fingerprints and security threats.    3D printing and whatever you wish to design and make.


Dr McLaughlin shows recent creations from his newly installed, ‘high tech’ router as Life Skills students look on.


One of the Rhode Island College advanced manufacturing students shows the Life Skills students a highly functional and durable wrench just created from the nearby 3D printer.


A fingerprint lifted from an Iphone by the high precision scanner below.  This is the first step in re-creating the fingerprint with 3D print technology.  Imagine, a process for re-creating a person’s finger print and any other body or machine part one wishes to replicate.


The precision scanner copying the exact features of an object on the table.


From left to right in this photo: Michael DeCesare (East Greenwich High School Freshman), Fernando Perez, Chanda Nuth, Jose Orellana, Dr McLaughlin, Travis Barbour, Djovan Devega, Alex (Rhode Island College student), Jesse (Rhode Island College student) and Yaen Torres Mitchell (front).

Dr Charles McLaughlin and several of his enthusiastic students welcomed Hope’s Life Skills students to their amazing workshop  of new,

cutting edge technology, hardware and software, and revealed how it all shapes our world and each student’s future, today.

The 5,100-square-foot, on campus Langevin center  is equipped with two programmable robots for automated manufacturing, an Objet 24 and Objet 30 Pro 3-D printers and a uPrint special edition 3-D printer, a 3-D scanner that can read objects and translate them into CAD files, a FaroArm high-precision measurement tool, a 50-watt laser cutter for plastics, metals and wood, a pneumatics trainer to power machines and provide other manufacturing applications and a programmable CNC router.

We’re preparing students for jobs awaiting them at graduation and other jobs that don’t exist yet!” 

Dr McLaughlin said.

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Dr McGlaughlin describes the operating system and functions of another of the many robots in the Langevin Center


One of the Rhode Island College students describes a Langevin Center laser cutter process.


Jesse DeLauder, Partnerships Coordinator of the 360 High School at Hope High, examines a recently laser cut product as Life Skills students look on.


What do you think this image is and the opportunities this specific scanned image  can create?


More to come………  could be another visit in March for student presentations…….. will keep you posted.


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