Homework: December 5, 2014

1. Read pages 25 through 45 in your “Story of Hope” textbook. In a well written paragraph with well constructed sentences (avoid run on sentences; only short, concise sentences limited to one to two thoughts) and perfect spelling, capitalization and punctuation, identify something you found out about the Information Age (circa 1980 to the present) that you were not aware of prior to this reading.
2. Please let me know if you have either a laptop, tablet or desktop computer at your home and internet access at your home. I will keep your answer confidential.
3. Watch this video, please. Eduardo Briceno tells a story of successful people.  Mr. Briceño is the Co-Founder and CEO of Mindset Works (http://www.mindsetworks.com), an organization that helps people cultivate a growth mindset culture. In other words, he offers a recipe for achieving success.  One of the stories Mr. Briceno tells is about Josh Waitzkin.  Waitzkin has been called a ‘prodigy’, a genius. Yet, he has often failed.  Waitzkin surprisingly acknowledges his success is, in part, because of his ‘failure’.  If you listen closely to Eduardo Briceno’s words and reflect on his message, you too can ultimately achieve the success you aspire and commit to, due in part, by appreciating ‘failure’ for what it often is, i.e. a gift for getting better.  Your challenge is ‘how well will you use the gift to become better’.  I hope you find this video worth your while.  If you have any questions, please feel comfortable asking me either in class, after class or in an email.  Remember the lesson from our last class – don’t be afraid to ask questions.  They will always have more value towards lifetime success than your answers.

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