Today’s Class: December 21, 2018

Christmas cookies to stimulate ideas and encourage constructive criticism!

Today, students provided Mr Cronin with

feedback on what they liked and what could be improved upon with classes and events during the first semester of the 2018 Life Skills program.

From events like BIF and the FUTURE FORUM and visits to LaSalle Academy and Providence College, to the quality of our class guests and Life Skills homework, students provided Mr Cronin with constructive feedback on all of the above.

Mr Cronin was especially interested in student feedback about Life Skills homework,

especially the reading and writing assignments he gives each week.   Mr Cronin prefaced this inquiry with this statement – “we have data about about student preparedness for college and the workplace.  First, Hope graduates have told us, most recently during our visit to Providence College, that they were not prepared for the reading and writing assignments given by their college professors.  Secondly, the President of a digital marketing company looking to fill a number of job openings in his company recently told me he was surprised by the number of applicants with college degrees who could not compose an effective email.  He told me ‘people in my company and many other companies need to communicate effectively with colleagues, customers and prospects through email.’  Part of my responsibilities in the Life Skills class is to prepare you for this expectation.  Furthermore, I have learned I need to do a better job teaching time management skills.  Time management is an important skill for lifetime success.”

Jose Quintanilla and Selene Bun enjoy their treats!

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