Today’s Class: January 4, 2108

Mr Cronin with today’s guest, Marta Aparicio. He wanted the privilege of welcoming Marta to Hope and introducing her to the Life Skills class.

Today’s guest was Marta Aparicio.

2009 Hope Life Skills student.  2010 Hope High valedictorian.  Georgetown University full scholarship award winner and 2014 Georgetown graduate.   Follett Corporation Southeastern United States Director and Adjunct Professor at Miami Dade Community College.  And today, Columbia University Graduate Student in International Affairs with a Charles Rangel Fellowship who will be serving in the United States embassy in Bogota, Colombia this summer.


Mr Cronin introduces Marta to the students

Darwin Morales welcomes Marta to the class with perfect greeting skills – good handshake and eye contact, smile and a friendly greeting – before the start of today’s class. Great job, Darwin.

Arthur Bonga does a fantastic job welcoming Marta to today’s class. Marta certainly felt welcomed.

Marta listens to Robert Desilets question as other students prepare to ask their questions – Paola, Lisbet, Lucy, Darwin, Christian, Selene, Kevin, and more.

Selene Bun asks Marta questions following today’s class as other students wait to do the same.

For those students wishing to follow up and stay in touch, Marta asked me to share her email address with our students.  Thank you, Marta.

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