Today’s Class: May 22, 2015


Scott Boulis joined our Life Skills class today to speak about the creative and entrepreneurial opportunities for our students through his company web site,   Jessica Dough was the Life Skills host who introduced Scott to the class.


Scott and Jessica meet, greet and prepare Scott’s introduction to the Life Skills class


Jessica introduces Scott to her classmates and describes his role for “Seller Success” at


Following Jessica’s introduction, Raymond Perez promptly introduces himself to Scott and welcomes him to today’s Life Skills class

There is no risk launching your t-shirt design on   Thousands of people all over the world do it everyday.   With some basic marketing on your Facebook site, you can earn good money just by using your creative talents.  T-shirt designers continually test different t-shirt designs. 

With each t-shirt that doesn’t sell, designers learn valuable lessons

which give their next design a better chance of successfully selling.  Failure isn’t a bad thing at Teespring.

  It’s a ‘fail and learn’ process!

Successful marketing professionals call it ‘test and measure’.  As a result, Teespring designers keep getting smarter by learning what designs are popular with specific groups of people.   We have some designers earning thousands of dollars a year selling their t-shirts on”


Scott begins to tell the teespring story of success for so many designers from all over the world.

Scott then invited Olimpia Aldana Perez to the computer to design her t-shirt on the teespring web site during today’s class.


Scott guides Olimpia through the teespring web site as she creates her t-shirt design


Olimpia designing her t-shirt on the teespring web site. By 2pm after today’s class, Olimpia already had 3 orders for her t-shirt!


Zach Reyes contemplates launching his design as Scott navigates the teespring site.

Following the launch of Olimpia’s t-shirt on TeeSpring, the class began its networking session with Scott until the class ended.


Scott accepts Fernando Perez’s business card and, in the process, becomes part of his network.


Travis Barbour passes his business card to Scott


The front of Olimpia’s t-shirt with the color selections listed to the right of the t-shirt on the teespring web site.









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