Today’s Homework: December 12, 2015

1.  Your PERSONAL BRAND:    List 3 adjectives and one skill you hope each person who meets you will associate with you.   Before you send me your email answer, think about the way you’ve written your email.  All people will evaluate your brand not only by the way you present yourself in a meeting or networking event but also how you present yourself in your written correspondence.   The way you write your emails can shape the perception people have of you.   Correct spelling.  Proper grammar.  Good punctuation.  Sentence structure that is easy to read (avoid ‘run-on’ sentences; no more than 2 ideas in each sentence).  Your greeting to the recipient (Hello Ms Smith).  The way you close your email message (do you wish the recipient ‘a good day’ or some other positive wish? (Have a nice holiday, Ms Smith).   Saying ‘please’ and ‘Thank you’.    It can all shape the positive brand you’re hoping to create with your network of successful, good people who could help you with a future job opportunity.).

2.  Please watch this video about a courageous young person who would not give up despite his incredible daily challenges.  I hope this young man’s story inspires you the way it continues to inspire me.

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