Today’s Homework: February 13, 2014

1.  Read pages 78 to 86 in your “A Study of Change” textbook.  Please consider traveling back in time to go to dinner with President Abraham Lincoln and his good friend, Frederick Douglass, in 1865. Please list 3 questions you would ask Frederick Douglass during the course of your meal.

2.   I’m interested in your feedback on today’s field trip to Teespring.  We had several objectives for the trip:

  • Prepare you for our KG3 activity on designing, marketing and selling your KG3 teeshirt(s)
  • Encourage you to continue to push yourself out of your comfort zone and build confidence
  • Expand your network of talented, trustworthy, diverse people
  • Learn more about the benefits of collaboration, diversity, persistence and creativity
  • Learn about the culture, employment/intern opportunities and business model of one of Providence’s fasting growing and fun companies – Teespring
teespring1 photo

Hope students opening their gift bags from the Teespring staff and quickly sporting their Teespring shades!

Please share with me your reaction to today’s Teespring field trip:

  • what did you get out of today’s trip to Teespring?   Please explain in a well written paragraph what you learned during the field trip that will help you with our ‘Life Skills’ teeshirt activity and any other lessons that may help you in your future.
  • was there anything you wish YOU did during our visit to Teespring but didn’t?
  • what, if anything, you would suggest we change for a visit to Teespring with next year’s class.
  • AND, list the names of the people in your KG3 North American division who will be designing and selling teeshirt(s) through the Teespring web site.

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