Today’s Homework: May 6, 2016

1.  As Enio shared his story with us today and Maria shared her story with the bookstore supervisor during her recent job interview and Ayobami, Travis, Valentina, Jose, Juan and Fatima will soon share their story  during their interviews for a paid summer internship at CVS Health corporate headquarters, the rest of us will often share our personal stories when applying for jobs, requesting a date with someone of interest, or representing a company we work for or own.

They way you tell your story will often affect the outcome of your job interview or asking for the prom date.  The better you tell your story, the greater your chances will be of getting the job, the internship and date.  There is a best way for telling your story.  READ PAGES 1 THROUGH 24 in the textbook “Telling Your Story” on the life skills web site to learn about best practices for telling your story.  After reading these pages, answer the following questions –

  • what, in your opinion, is the most important thing to do when telling your story?
  • upon the completion of your story, what does this author advise you to do?
  • for each person telling their personal story during a college, job or intern interview, what is the most important part of the telling of their story?
  • send me your answers electronically be Wednesday, May 11th, 12am.

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