Today’s Homework: November 13, 2015

1. Imagine yourself as the owner and CEO of a trucking company.  You learn one day that one of your trucks has had an accident that is explained below.   Please keep in mind, Presidents, CEOs,  supervisors, Principals, managers and people in general are not always expected to solve problems alone.  Good managers collaborate with other smart people within their organizations and sometimes outside their organizations to solve problems.  If you feel inclined to collaborate with any other person to solve this problem, it’s ok and frankly encouraged.   Just tell me me following the well written sentences explaining the solution to the problem the names of the people you collaborated with for the solution.     Here’s the trucking problem:

“A truck driver was driving your delivery truck under an overpass when suddenly he came to a screeching halt.  He wasn’t paying attention and inadvertently drove under an overpass that was just barely as high as the truck.  The truck got stuck; it became wedged so tightly that he could not go forward or backwards.  He called you in your office to say he didn’t know what to do!  He was panicking.  Without damaging either the top of the truck or the overpass in any way, what can you suggest to the driver for him to do to get the company truck unstuck all by himself so he can drive away?”

2. Read the newspaper article I distributed in class today titled “5 Ways Introverts Can Take Networking To The Next Level“.  Check the section I highlighted in yellow.  Please explain in a few well written sentences why this suggestion can be beneficial in building an effective network that can create life time opportunities for you. Delvany is already practicing this suggestion.  Good job Delvany!

3. Change in our Schedule!!  I was informed that our visit to the Langevin Center for Design, Innovation and Advanced Manufacturing on the campus of Rhode Island College has been changed to December 9th.  We’ll leave Hope High around 1:15pm and finish the tour and leave the RIC campus around 4:15pm.   Please let me know in an email if you’re still interested and can attend on December 9th.  I will pass out permission forms next class.

4.  BTW – you were great today in class.  Anna was impressed with your curiosity, your courage to ask questions and the respect and courtesy you extended her.  You continue to make me proud.  Thank you.  By representing yourself, our Life Skills class, Hope High, your families and me so well, your personal brand and the brand of Hope High continues to be stronger creating new and better opportunities for both.

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