Today’s Homework: September 23, 2016

1.  Read pages 1 through 31 in the textbook posted on this web site entitled “Questions:  The Importance and Value of Questions“.

2.  Please share something you read in this text that made you think;  it may be something you found interesting or thought provoking.    Were there any words you read in the “Questions” book, any saying or idea, that made you pause and think for a moment or even impress you?  Your statement should be written in complete sentences with good grammar and perfect spelling.  Please send your ‘thought’ to my email address no later than Tuesday, 11:59pm.

3.  I have two seniors at Hope who were part of the Life Skills class last year and were awarded paid internships, went on our field trips because of their great work in our class who will visit this Friday’s class.   Please tell me one question you would like to ask them?  Any question will be deemed to have merit.  You will hear them speak about how they pushed themselves out of their comfort zone to experience success in the Life Skills program.   Please send your question to my email address no later than Tuesday, 11:59pm.

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