Today’s Homework: November 2, 2018

  1.  For those students who have NOT given me your resume, send your resume to my email address OR give me a printed copy next class.  Follow the resume format posted on the October 19th blog posted on this web site.  Your resume is important.  Thank you.
  2. Send your 5 Clifton Survey Strengths by Tuesday, November 6th, to my email addressI will add your strengths to your business card information.  I am hoping to have PRINTED BUSINESS CARD PROOFS for you to approve by November 16.
  3.  WE ARE PREPARING FOR DECEMBER 5th’s FUTURE FORUM.  As a result, please finish your reading of THE FUTURE book.   I am hoping your reading of the book will prepare you for the workshop portion of the forum where you’ll be asked in your small group to share an idea for a future career.  The forum workshop is meant to challenge you, to liberate your imagination, ignite your creative thinking, to share your ideas about a possible career or new business you could start;  it does not have to be probable, only possible.
  4. Please send me an email by Tuesday, November 6th  identifying a phrase, sentence, or photo you encountered in THE FUTURE book which resonated with you.  In other words, tell me the phrase, a quotation, sentence, or photo in The Future book which caused you to pause and think about ‘its‘ potential impact on you and your life.
  5.  Check out the agenda for the FUTURE FORUM workshop listed below:

Future Forum 3


  1. 9:amMeet/Greet and Networking:
    Students meet and welcome our guests:   corporate ‘Futurists’ and visiting LaSalle Academy students.  Students will exchange business cards and continue to build their networks in the process.
  2. 9:30amOpening remarks by Stephen Cronin
    9:40amVisions of the Future:

    • Steve Cronin will interview 2 futurists about their visions of what our students will encounter when they enter an “artificially intelligent” (AI) influenced job market post 2024.

    10:00am – Workshop Activity.

             • Students will organize into small groups with one or two corporate ‘Futurists’ for a collaboration to determine an interesting, potential economically successful, ‘future career opportunity’. This activity will begin with each futurists taking 5 minutes to speak with students in their group about their career path and their present job. After each group’s collaboration about a POSSIBLE future job or career pursuit, a group spokes person will answer the following questions:
                 The service or product the student group creates and sells
                 The customer – who will buy the product or service the company sells; e.g automobile owners, aqua-farmers, space travelers, fashion retail stores, parents, adolescents, adults, everyone, etc
                The role artificial intelligence will play in the company; NB – please give at least 3 examples of tasks AI will perform in the company
               The name of the company the students start OR the company they will work for.
               Marketing channels (newspapers, television, social media, direct mail, etc) used to reach its customers and attract new ones
               The geographic market the company will serve; e.g international, just African countries, just United States, just Europe, just Iceland, just Texas USA, intergalactic, etc
             The role each student will play in the company
            The President of the company

    11:15am – Announcements – one student from each group will present their
    2025 career vision.
    11:50am –     Closing comments – Stephen Cronin
    Noon –        Networking over a delicious Lunch at Hope High School: follow up student networking opportunity with our guests.
    1pm –   Dismissal

Today’s Class: November 2, 2018

Today’s Hope Life Skills’ guests were Edwin Silverio and Kirtley Fisher.

Kirtley is the Associate Chief of Staff at the Rhode Island Department of Education. Edwin is an Advisor in the Pharmacy Returns Division of CVS Health, a $200 billion dollar company located in Woonsocket, RI.

Our Life Skills hosts,

charged with welcoming our guests to Hope High School and introducing them to their Life Skills classmates, were

Khadiatou Njie and Aaron Chy.

Both Edwin and Kirtley came to Hope High today to

introduce PAID summer internship opportunities to the Life Skills class.

Khadiatou (left in the foreground of this photo) welcomes Kirtley Fisher to Hope High as Aaron (in the background left) welcomes Edwin Silverio to Hope High prior to today’s Life Skills class.  Please note Khadiatou asked and was given Kirtley’s business card.  Excellent networking, Khadiatou.

Aaron introduces Edwin to his classmates at the start of today’s class.

Today’s Homework: October 19, 2018

  1.  Please begin reading “The Futurebook.  In preparation for the FUTURE FORUM on December 5th, we will have a class discussion on Friday, December 1st, about this book.  Your impressions of what you read in “The Futurebook will be discussed during this class.  Please be prepared; we may have guests from another school at this class.

    The Future” book. If you don’t have a hard copy of this book, click on the book’s cover image on our Hope Life Skills web site –


  2. Please complete your personal resume, print a copy and bring it to our next class.   Please remember:  use a “professional looking” email address; use key words in your SUMMARY, if possible, like “creative“, “dependable“, “hard working“, “responsible“, “focused“, and “leader“.   Furthermore, try to show in the experiences you list where you have been ‘responsible’, ‘creative’, ‘focused’ and a ‘leader’.  Thank you.   



Today’s Class: October 19, 2018

Today’s guest was Ray Nunez, the Program Coordinator at Leadership Rhode Island.

Christian Hernandez welcomes Ray Nunez to Hope High School today.

Leadership RI is a non-profit organization which brings people together, like a networking community, to maximize each person’s potential and, in the process, the companies and organizations they are part of.

Ray Nunez joined our class today

to administer the Clifton Strengths Assessment, an online personal survey that identifies each user’s strengths.

Mr Cronin’s Strengths Assessment

The authors of the survey believe they can identify what people are good at.   Ray Nunez explained “the survey creators believe in focusing on people’s strengths, what we’re good at, rather than what we’re not good at. 

By focusing on our strengths, we will be more successful

in our jobs and relationships.  We’ll feel fulfilled.  And, the companies and organizations we work for will benefit as well.

Today’s survey will identify your strengths so you can focus on potential jobs and relationships which take advantage of those strengths” 

Today’s Homework: October 12, 2018

1. Start creating your resume.  Nan will return on October 29th for a class on job interviewing skills.  Please try to have your resume done for this class.  Please be prepared to give me a hard copy (on paper) of your resume at our October 29th class.  I look forward to reading it.  Thank you.

2.  December 5th is The FUTURE FORUM.  PLEASE start reading “THE FUTUREbook I passed out in class today.  If you were not given The Future” book today, please catch up on your homework assignments so I can give you the book next class.   The Life Skills homework assignments prepare you for the significant amount of work you will be expected to do in college as well as the skills needed for successful jobs and careers.   THE  FUTURE” book will ALSO prepare for the FUTURE FORUM.  Please remember, over 20 corporate futurists from all over the world and the United States as well as students from LaSalle Academy and one other private school will attend the Forum.   “The FUTURE book will inspire you to think creatively.  Seguro!  As a result, you will have great ideas to share in the workshop sessions of the FORUM where you will collaborate with corporate futurists to imagine careers, jobs, even companies you can start in YOUR FUTURE.   Knowing all of you as I do, I know you will find the workshops fun.  I am also confident you will amaze yourself with the creative, innovative, imaginative ideas you will come up with during the Forum workshops.  Seguro!  Keep working hard.  I’m proud of you.

3.   For those who don’t have your profile on LINKEDIN, please create one by going to   All of you, please ask Marta Aparicio, a graduate student at Columbia University studying International Relations, to “connect” with you through LINKEDIN.  Marta is studying to be a United States ambassador representing America at a United States embassy in a foreign country.  Marta is a 2o10 graduate of Hope High and our Life Skills class.    She is amazing!  You will meet her on January 4th!

The 2018 FUTURE FORUM at Hope High School will take place on December 5th. You will have fun. You will also be amazed at how creative you will be thinking during the event. Yes, you will!  And, you’ll have a great lunch too.


LinkedIn is a social media site for professional people. Companies use LinkedIn to find job candidates for their companies by searching LinkedIn profiles.

Today’s Class: October 12, 2018

Today’s guest was Nan Quinlan.

Nan is a well respected business consultant who advises companies and individuals about maximizing career, job and business opportunities.

From advising company leaders how to maximize their employee talents and developing strategies for successfully resolving challenging situations to helping individuals write ‘opportunity-creating’ resumes and preparing for ‘life changing’ job interviews, Nan has been sharing her expertise for the last 8 years with the Hope High School Life Skills class.

Today’s lesson was about creating an opportunity-creating resume!

Good resumes don’t guarantee a job. Good resumes help you differentiate yourself from the other applicants to get the opportunity to tell your compelling story in a job interview”  Nan said.  “Your ability to tell your convincing story, how you will add value to the company, takes place in your interview.  I’ll be back in two weeks to teach your some proven interview skills and strategies.   Today’s about your resume!!!!

Maricruz Flores welcomes Nan Quinlan to Hope High School prior to today’s class. Well done, Maricruz!

Maricruz introduces Nan to her classmates at the start of today’s class.

Alexander Reigosa welcomes Nan to the class following Maricruz’s introduction.

Today’s Homework: October 5, 2018

  1.  If you have not set up a LINKEDIN site, please do asap.  Then, ‘CONNECT‘ with me on LinkedIn.  Find ‘Stephen Cronin’.
  2.  Check the HOMEWORK REPORT I distributed in class today.  If you are missing any homework assignments or you have not sent me your business card information, please, send them to me before next class. Thank you.  If you have issues preventing you from doing any assignment, let me know at your earliest opportunity.
  3. I will be passing out the eyebrow raising, jaw dropping, mind boggling, “No Way!!!” declaring, curiosity igniting, imagination arousing, creativity inflaming, ‘aburrido’ extinguishing, jump up and down causing, collaboration rallying, confidence building,   THE FUTURE” book at our next class to those students who are committed to the Life Skills program.  THE FUTURE book is the start of our preparation for December 5th’s FUTURE FORUM AT HOPE HIGH SCHOOL where the Hope Life Skills class will be hosting 20 corporate guests from a variety of industries and countries as well as students from other schools in the state of Rhode Island for a conversation about ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE’S IMPACT ON FUTURE CAREERS.   This book is a ‘must read’ to properly prepare and get the most out of the Forum experience.  For a preview of the FUTURE BOOK, click on the book cover with the photo below on this web site.  For those students committed to this class, you’ll receive a hard copy of the book next class.

Today’ Class: October 5, 2018

Today’s guest was Anthony Muhammad,

one of the largest banks in the World,

Deutsche Bank.

The Hope Life Skills host for this day was David Narvaez (left in photo) seen here welcoming today’s guest, investment banker, Anthony Muhammad, to Hope High School.

David introduces Anthony Muhammad to his Life Skills classmates to start today’s class.

Today’s Homework: September 28, 2018

Please watch the rest of the interview of Malala Yousfazai by John Stewart on October 10, 2013.  Malala was 16 years old when John Stewart interviewed her. After watching the interview, describe your perception of  Malala’s brand.  Please send your well written answer with perfect spelling, good grammar and punctuation and SHORT SENTENCES to my email address no later than Tuesday, October 2nd, before 11:59pm. Thank you.

Malala met with President Obama, his wife Michelle, and one of the President’s daughters, Malia, on October 11 of 2013.



Today’s Class: September 28, 2018

The topic of the day was


how we prepare to share our own story on a job resume, during a job interview, or at a networking event like BIF.  Our ability to tell our story creates


for fulfilling relationships, exciting jobs, careers, and internships which can lead to lifetime success.  The

flip side of telling a story is listening

to someone’s story, respectfully and artfully.  Listening is arguably more important than speaking.

Today’s class was

a dry run or, practice,

as we prepare everyone to welcome, speak with, ask questions of and listen to the many guests who will visit our class this year in the Life Skills class.  Next week’s class is Opening Day with a mystery guest from New York city.

After today’s practice, everyone understands and appreciates the importance and benefits of our class protocols.

Each class features a host who greets, welcomes and introduces the day’s guest to the rest of the Life Skills class. Today, David Narvaez acts as our host to greet, welcome and then introduce, me, to his classmates. Well done, David!

After the host’s introduction, each student individually welcomes our guest to the Life Skills class.  The photo above shows Jason Sebastiao with a perfect greeting –  eye contact, firm handshake and a welcoming greeting, “nice to meet you Mr Cronin!

The photo above shows what follows the greeting – our guest, otherwise known as me today, answers student questions about career, mistakes and failures and lessons learned, and insights into the decisions made in between. I was impressed by the quality of today’s questions. Looking forward to next week’s real guest.