FUTURE FORUM #4: December 12, 2019

FUTURE FORUM #4 – a collaboration among a diverse group of caring corporate futurists and exceptional Rhode Island high school students looking to solve a chronic, societal problem while enjoying each other’s company topped off by some great food.   From left to right above, Sarah Cunningham (Rocky Hill Country Day), Nehemias Rojas (Hope High School), and Donghoon Ryu (LaSalle Academy) network during the day’s lunch.


Hope High School hosted its 4th annual FUTURE FORUM on Thursday, December 12th, 2019.

FUTURE FORUM 4’s topic of conversation was ‘public education’, specifically, Providence, Rhode Island, public education.

25 corporate ‘futurists’ from companies and institutions like DataRobot, Bank of America, Working Planet, Gilbane Construction Company, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, Revival Brewery, Barclays Investment Bank, Alex & Ani, NOAA Office of Ocean Exploration and Research, Brown University and CVS Health joined students from Hope High School’s Life Skills program as well as students from Rocky Hill Country Day, LaSalle Academy, St Raphael’s Academy, and Juanita Sanchz High School at this year’s event.  Corporate futurists facilitated collaborations among small, diverse groups of students from the participating schools to create specific, near term improvements to the quality of education in the city’s public schools.

Arnell Milhouse, Inventor, CEO of Career Devs University, and Entrepreneur in Residence at Brown University’s Nelson Center and featured in the photo above on a hover board, was FUTURE FORUM #4’s keynote speaker

The FORUM’s keynote speaker was Arnell Milhouse,

Inventor, Co-Founder and CEO of Computer Science CareerDevs University, and Entrepreneur in Residence at Brown University’s Nelson Center.   Mr Millhouse began the FORUM leading a design thinking presentation that students used in their FORUM workshops to identify ways to address the critical needs of Providence students in the urban schools.

Providence Mayor Jorge Elorza opened the FORUM

sharing his inspirational personal story of challenges and success.

Mayor Jorge Elorza gave an opening address to start FUTURE FORUM #4

Providence Public Education has been an issue of concern in Rhode Island for decades” states Steve Cronin, the Hope Life Skills and FUTURE FORUM coordinator.  “The FORUM provided an interesting dynamic for Providence Public School students to collaborate with private school students, facilitated by successful professionals from a variety of industries, and create potential, measurable, near term improvements in their public education in Providence, Rhode Island.  It’s an opportunity for Providence’s public school customers, the students, and people in their personal networks, to create solutions to improve their public education.  It was very interesting  to hear what the customers, the students, had to say.

John Sinnott, a Vice President Gilbane Building Company, and noted graphic designer, Nick DeCesare, (Signature Printing Creative Director and Owner of Third Effect Marketing and Design) facilitate a collaboration among students from LaSalle Academy, Hope High, St Raphael Academy, and Juanita Sanchez High School to identify improvements to Hope High School education which could be implemented on January 1st, 2020

Today’s Homework: December 6, 2019

1. Prepare for FUTURE FORUM #4, this Thursday, December 12, 2019  by reading the Johns Hopkins University review summary of the Providence Public School system Mr Cronin distributed in class today.  Every corporate guest and visiting student from LaSalle, St Raphael, Rocky Hill Country Day, Central, and Juanita Sanchez has been given the same summary to read.

2.  Be prepared to explain to the FORUM visitors the Hope Life Skills formulas for lifetime success.

Today’s Class: December 6, 2019

Today’s class focused on anticipating the opportunities and responsibilities of this Thursday’s  FUTURE FORUM # 4 and developing a strategy and the tactics to address each.  This year’s FORUM will welcome 25 corporate futurists from companies and institutions like DataRobot, Working Planet, Bank of America, Barclays Investment Bank, HarborOne Bank, Brown University, Telebuddy, Alex & Ani, Harvard Pilgrim Health, CarePort Health, Signature Printing, and Gilbane Building Company.  Besides our Hope Life Skills class, 30 students from the following schools will also be in attendance:   LaSalle Academy, Rocky Hill Country Day School, St Raphael’s Academy, Central High School, and Juanita Sanchez High School.

Mr Cronin informs students what to expect at FUTURE FORUM #4.

Strategy and Tactics:

The following students will welcome each guest to Hope High School and FUTURE FORUM #4 in the lobby of Hope High beginning at 8:30am:

Today’s Homework: November 22, 2019

  1.  Please answer the 9 questions following the story in today’s homework handout pictured below.  Please note THERE ARE NO ‘RIGHT’ ANSWERS.  This survey is simply soliciting your perspectives, your opinions, on the subject.    Please send your answers to my email address before midnight, Wednesday, November 27.

Today’s Class: November 22, 2019

Today’s class focused on Paid Summer Internship opportunities.

Edwin Silverio, a senior manager overseeing Pharmacy Returns at $200 (billion) CVS Health, Ted Mower, a senior consultant at CVS Health focusing on workforce initiatives (training and talent development), and Yael Torres, Hope Life Skills and Hope High School graduate and present member of the CVS Health Digital team, visited the Life Skills class to explain the application process for summer internships and the many opportunities afforded to Hope Life Skills students.

Josiah Diaz (far left in photo) introduces himself to Yael Torres and explains he will escort Yael into the Life Skills classroom and introduce him to his classmates to start today’s Life Skills class. Omayra Corporan (far right) follows the same process as she introduces herself and welcomes Ted Mower to Hope High.

Mariely Brito Leonardo (far right in photo) is the Life Skills host for today as she welcomes Edwin Silverio to Hope High and informs Edwin she will introduce him to her classmates at the start of today’s class.

At the same time as Mariely, Omayra, and Josiah were welcoming the CVS Health guests, Marques Jett-Correia welcomes a new student to the Life Skills class, Alexander Rodriguez, and informs Alexander he would also be introducing him to the Life Skills class at the beginning of today’s class.

Josiah begins today’s class by introducing Yael to his classmates as Marques, Omayra, and Mariely wait to do the same with Alexander, Ted, and Edwin.

November 15 & 16, 2019: Hackathon

5 Hope Life Skills students represented Hope High at this year’s problem-solving

‘Hack the Power’ Global Hackathon at the Rocky Hill Country Day School

last Friday evening and all day Saturday.

Hope High’s Ambar Tavaras, Omayra Corporan, Lydia Watkins, Hector Guererro, and Jose Quintanilla

were active collaborators at the Hackathon.  Other schools participating in the Hackathon were Rocky Hill Country Day, East Greenwich High School, Chariho High School, The Met School, Bishop Hendricken, The Wheeler School, and Narragansett High School.

The event was officially called the  “Rhode Island Hack for Global Good” with a theme of “Solution 2 Pollution.”   The Hackathon objective was for groups of 10 to 12 students from different schools collaborate to create potential solutions that someday might solve some of the planet’s critical pollution problems. The solutions from the more than 40 student participants included genetically engineered bio-luminescent trees harvested from nuclear power plant coolant water, apps that measure personal energy consumption and CO2 scrubbers on car tailpipes.

Hope High School students with the Hackathon co-founder and Rocky Hill Country Day senior, Cortlandt Meyerson. From left to right – Omayra Corporan, Cortlandt, Amber Tavaras, Hector Guererro, and Lydia Watkins.

Today’s Homework: November 15, 2019

1.   Read today’s blog posted on this web site that tells the story of Francisco Noya’s appearance at today’s class.   THEN, write your reaction to Francisco’s visit in the “LEAVE A REPLYcomment section below the post on this web site before midnight on Wednesday, November 20th.

Saturday, November 16, at the Veterans Auditorium for the Rhode Island Philharmonic Orchestra performance. GUESS WHO WAS IN THE AUDIENCE with complimentary tickets from Conductor Francisco Noya?

Today’s Class: November 15, 2019

Today’s class was a lesson on the importance and value of asking questions.

Francisco answering Lydia Watkins’ question.

Unlike most classes, our students were not told anything about the job of our guest when today’s class host, Omayra Corporan, introduced him to her classmates to start the class.   ” I can only tell you our guest’s name is Francisco and he was born in Venezuela.”

Omayra Corporan welcomes Francisco to the Hope Life Skills class before the start of the class outside the classroom.

Omayra Corporan introduces Francisco to her classmates to start today’s class.

Elliott Burrell introduces himself and welcomes Francisco to today’s Hope’s Life Skills class following Omayra’s introduction.

The students were then instructed to ask any question to Francisco to figure out his job.

However, the only answer Francisco was allowed to give was “yes” or “no“.

Today’s Homework: November 1, 2019

  1.   Please write a ‘succinct’ statement sharing your perception of one LaSalle Academy student brand you encountered yesterday that impressed you.   Describe the brand using adjectives which describe the brand of one of the many LaSalle students you observed yesterday.  Please, send your ‘succinct’ statement to my email address no later than Tuesday, November 5th, 11:59pm.  By sending me your homework before Tuesday, November 5th, 11:59pm, it will give me an opportunity to read, reflect, and respond to your statement.  Thank you.
  2. Establish your personal LinkedIn site.  After doing this, send a “CONNECT” request to my LinkedIn site.  I spoke about the value of LinkedIn yesterday to you and the LaSalle students.   Please keep in mind the importance of the ‘information’ you share on your LINKEDIN site.  Information like your extracurricular activities, your after school jobs, your enrollment in the Hope Life Skills program, your attendance in the FUTURE FORUM, and your career aspirations are important to encouraging successful people with their LINKEDIN sites to send a “CONNECT” request to you to join their network.  This is one way for you to build your valuable networks for lifetime success.   For example:   describe your enrollment in Hope Life Skills as “an elective, credited course introducing and developing life skills and attitudes for success. The program’s foundation rests upon the importance of personal brand and the development of specific skills using one’s personal brand to build a network of successful, reputable professionals for career opportunities and mentorship for life.  You might also acknowledge your attendance in THE FUTURE FORUM # 4 as “an annual event bringing national corporate futurists (e.g. Bank of America, Data Robot, Accenture, Working Planet, Brown University, etc) together with a diverse group of high school students for a collaboration using design thinking and creativity to solve a social problem or create an entrepreneurial opportunity with AI (artificial intelligence).   And, don’t forget the teams you’re part of AND the part time jobs you hold. Hope High School soccer team or Subway Sandwich Shop, shift manager

Today’s Class: October 25, 2019

2 guests visited our Life Skills class today,

Juanita Sanchez High School Junior, Weam Mousa,

and Entrepreneur, Founder of Career Devs University, and

Entrepreneur in Residence at the Nelson Center at Brown University, Arnell Milhouse.

Welcoming Arnell back to the Life Skills class and, for Weam, her first visit to Hope High School was

Katelyn Taverez and Dalanti Vanover.

Dalanti Vanover (far right) welcomes Arnell back to Hope High as Weam (far left) is welcomed to Hope High for the first time by Katelyn Taverez before the start of today’s class.

Katelyn introduces Weam to her classmates to start today’s class.

Dalanti introduces Arnell to his classmates following Katelyn‘s introduction of Weam.

Jarlene Carona welcomes Weam to the Life Skills class following Katelyn’s introduction.