Homework 1st quarter review:

Our first quarter is fast approaching its finish line.   For those students looking to catch up, here’s a list of assignments you may complete and send to me electronically for full credit if you so choose.  I hope you do.

    1. Read pages 1 through 28 in your “Brand” text book.  In a well written essay with proper grammar and perfect spelling and punctuation, share your reaction to what you read about ‘personal branding’.   Please send your assignment to me electronically (scronin@twobolt.com).
    2. Dinner with Al Capone!  Complete activity 13 on page 140 in your ‘Brand’ text book.   Read the instructions carefully.  Please send me your essay electronically.  I look forward to reading your response.
    3.  Please watch: Our guests, like Marta today, continually share stories of special people in their networks who have been there for them.  Networks;  the older you get, the more you appreciate their value and importance.  I hope you enjoy this video.  Let me know what you were thinking as you watched.
    4. Fact vs opinion:   There are two assignments on ‘fact’ and ‘opinion’.  The objective of both assignments is to prepare you for determining the difference between ‘fact’ and ‘opinion’ throughout your life.   Everyone encounters massive amounts of information often purporting to be ‘the truth‘.  The challenge we all face is distinguishing what we should accept as ‘truth’ and what is actually another’s perspective or opinion.  Think about what you read in the papers, see on television and hear from people who claim to be experts, authority figures or even friends!   The ability to distinguish between ‘fact’ and ‘opinion’ is critical to lifetime success and personal fulfillment.  See me after class for copies of the assignments if you have misplaced your copies.  I look forward to reading your responses.
    5. Business cards:   You need them for this class.   Business cards are an effective tool for successful networking if you truly want to build a network of successful people you can count on.   If you haven’t filled out our form with the appropriate business card information, ask me for it.  Quickly!!!! if not sooner.

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