Homework Today: January 22, 2016

1. We spoke a lot today about personal brand, networking, trust, courage and responsibility.   Misty Delgado spoke about her life’s journey from teenage runaway and single parent to her eventual successful law career.   Manny Rivas also shared his story about his CVS Health corporate internship last summer in supply chain management and his recent request to one of his CVS mentors about the possibility of trying a different career path in a paid internship at CVS Health this summer.   Was there any particular part of Misty or Manny’s story that resonated with you and is there  a life lesson from their stories to emulate or inspire you in your life?   As always, your explanation should be in well written sentences with perfect spelling and good grammar.   Thank you.   Please email me your answer by Monday, January 25, 2016 before midnight.

2.  Next week’s guest is the ‘futurist’, Natalie Hogan.    She currently works as a Program Manager at Hasbro, multinational toy and board game company.   Natalie is constantly thinking of ways to inspire ‘creative thought’ within the Hasbro team. She designs and develops strategy for generating new ideas for games and play experiences. She also plans and facilitates brainstorming sessions, think tanks, hackathons!!!! and other activities to create new ideas! Natalie also develops networks with creative people in the world for thought provoking conversations at Hasbro.   Natalie is co-founder and current chairman of the Hasbro Women’s Leadership Network.  List one question you would like to ask Natalie.  Thank you.


Travis Barbour introduces himself to Misty Delgado at the beginning of class.

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