Today’s Homework: March 13, 2015

1.  Create your resume following the format presented to us during yesterday’s class by Nan Quinlan.   Send your resume to my email address ( as if you’re submitting it to a company for a job you would really like to get.


Nan Quinlan presenting a resume format preferred by many companies and organizations today

2.  Send me an email indicating which CVS employees from the following departments you would like to speak with in our small group discussions during our visit to CVS this Friday:

  • Pharmacy  (Antoinette Muhammed had an internship with this department last year)
  • Supply chain management (Jean Rodriguez had an internship with this department last summer)
  • Graphic Design
  • IT/App Development
  • Promotional Planning/Marketing
  • Copywriting/Marketing  (Jessica Dough and Wendy Lewis)
  • Procurement/Contracts

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