Today’s Homework: May 24, 2019

1.   Please list ONE adjective or descriptive phrase which describes your reaction to Arnell’s conversation with our class.  AND, DON’T TELL ME  “INTERESTING” OR “GREAT” OR “MUNDANE!”   COME ONyou’re better than this.  As Arnell challenged us today, “use your brain!!  The brain is like any muscle in your body.  If you push yourself and exercise it, it grows; it develops.  If you don’t push yourself to work harder, your brain will atrophy and, thus, you become the prey in the predator pyramid“.    Send your adjective or descriptive phrase to my email address by Tuesday, May 28th, 2019.

2.  Send a “CONNECT” request to Arnell Claude Milhouse’s LinkedIn site. 

3.  If you’re a curious person and want to exercise your brain muscle, check out Arnell’s TED TALK.

TEDx Talk:

AND  Talk at Google:


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