Today’s Class: May 31, 2019

Today’s guest was Michelle Nguyen, CFO, Shared Services at CVS Health, a $250 billion dollar, international company headquartered in Woonsocket, RI.   The Hope Life Skills host who welcomed Michelle to Hope High School and the Life Skills class was Selene Bun.

Selene welcomes Michelle outside of the classroom prior to the start of today’s Life Skills class.

After escorting Michelle into the classroom, Selene introduces Michelle to her classmates and encourages them to introduce themselves and welcome Michelle to their class.

Taking Selene’s lead, students greet Michelle and welcome her to their class. Robert Desilets introduces himself and welcomes Michelle to Hope High School as Kevin Castenada (green shirt) and Darwin Morales wait to do the same.

Michelle begins to share her personal story as a young girl relocating from poverty and discrimination in Viet Nam to the United States, growing up in a dangerous neighborhood in Philadelphia, going to a high school similar to Hope High before getting a full scholarship to attend Penn State University.

Michelle told the class she has average intelligence.

My success in school and in life comes from hard work. 

I also pushed myself out of my comfort zone by going to a university far from my home with over 40,000 students.  I was nervous but it was the best thing I could have done at that time in my life.   Penn State forced me to meet new people who were much different than myself.  I then went to Paris, France, by myself, for a semester of study.  Of course, I was nervous but it forced me once again out of my comfort zone.  Slowly but surely I gained confidence and built a network of diverse people who continue to enrich my life and support me”.

Lisbet Gomez networks with Michelle by giving Michelle her business card after today’s class.

Jose Quintanilla informs Michelle he has a paid summer internship at the CVS Health corporate office and hopes they can connect over the summer for lunch in the corporate cafeteria.

David Navarez networks with Michelle at the end of today’s class.



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