The Days’ Classes: January 17 & 24, 2019

The past two classes have focused on writing a great resume.

We often speak about in the Hope Life Skills program

the importance of storytelling.  

Job interviews, networking events, and pushing out of our comfort zone to meet new people are just a few examples of opportunities for sharing our personal stories with others to create opportunities for success.   A resume is another example of an opportunity to tell one’s story for

creating opportunities for personal success.

Ms Nuri observes members of the Hope Life Skills class creating their resumes within the friendly confines Mr Cliff Boyle’s computer lab.

Mr Boyle advises Lydia Watson on formatting her resume.

Mr Cronin and Lydia review Lydia’s completed resume. Lydia then sent a pdf of her resume to the corporate offices of CVS Health for her upcoming interview for a paid summer internship at this $200 billion dollar, international company.  Lydia is interested in an internship working in the E-Commerce of Beauty/Cosmetics products.   Sounds interesting. Best wishes for success to Lydia.

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