Today’s Class: January 10, 2019

Today’s guest was Raymond Perez,

Hope High School and Hope Life Skills graduate and Syracuse University senior.

Today’s Life Skills class host was Juan Severino.

Juan Severino (left) welcomes Raymond back to Hope High School before the start of today’s class.

Juan introduces Raymond to his classmates to start today’s class.

Following Juan’s introduction, students individually introduce themselves and welcome Raymond to the Life Skills class. Omarya Corporan starts the process.

Raymond begins to share his personal story with the students.  He spoke about how he dealt with his family setbacks in high school, how he applied for scholarships that ended paying for most of his tuition and room and board costs in college, his networking in a predominantly Caucasian university, his experience as the manager of the Syracuse University women’s basketball team, the college courses he’s taking in data analytics, his present plan to go to graduate school, and his plan to be a successful, well paid professional.

“I’ve learned a few lessons since my days at Hope High. 

One of the most important lessons I’ve learned is ‘NO EXCUSES’! 

Everyone has problems in life.  I’ve had many.   But, companies don’t care.   Colleges don’t care;  well, colleges will feel sorry for your personal problems but they will not admit you to their college because of your problems.   Colleges only accept students they’re convinced will be successful students, who will contribute to their campus community by making their college more diverse with students of different interests, talents, and ethnic perspectives and, in the process, a  great place for all students to work hard to become the best they can be.   As far as companies, they too look to hire people who convince them they’ll be successful getting their jobs done well, on time, all the time, and, as a result, make their companies more profitable.  

What really matters in life is how you deal with your problems and setbacks and, in the process,  you become a stronger and wiser person.”

Katelyn Tavarez networks with Raymond at the end of today’s class.

Elliott Burrell networks with Raymond after class as several other students wait to do the same.

Brian Matos ends the day giving Raymond his business card and promising to connect with Raymond on LinkedIn.


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