Today’s Homework: January 3, 2019

Please let me know if you will commit to going on the following field trips.  Please send me an email stating your answer as either  “YES”, you will go, OR “NO”, you will not be able to go by Thursday, January 9th-  Thank you.

1) April 9th; Thursday –  a trip to Southern New Hampshire University.   They have some interesting, 21st century majors at this school (cyber security, robotics, engineering, 3D modeling and animation, finance, nursing, sports management, web design, unmanned aerial systems, sociology, graphic design, psychology, data analytics, international business, entrepreneurship, etc), and impressive support services for students.  The Director of Development is a personal friend who has been supporting our Life Skills program for over 10 years, Ed Ithier.   Departure time –  8am –  Return time –  5pm  There will be a tour of the campus.  Students will have lunch on campus.

  • Ed Ithier will have student and faculty members from the school’s diversity office and Learning center part of this event.      
  • SNHU students will speak about – 
    • their transition from their high schools to SNHU
    • time management – why time management skills are critical to success in college and life
    • what it’s like going to a college in the city of Manchester, New Hampshire, 2 1/2 hours from Providence
    • SNHU’s heralded student internship program
    • what are the biggest challenges and greatest advantages going to this university
    • what is the cost and how do you pay for this quality education
    • support services on campus that ensure students will be successful, i.e. graduate with a meaningful major and get a good paying job right out of college.
  • SNHU faculty will speak about –
    • expectations –  
      • what do professors expect from their students
      • what should students expect from their professors
      • how much reading should students expect
      • how much writing should students expect
      • what advice professors have for incoming students to SNHU
      • what is the ideal student/professor relationship for student success

PLEASE ALSO LET ME KNOW IF YOU HAVE AN INTEREST IN SPECIFIC COURSES OR MAJORS OR EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES; FOR EXAMPLE, MARKETING, SOCCER, ROBOTICS, ETC.  I will ask Ed Ithier if he can ask a student or faculty member in your area of interest to meet with you.

David Narvaez (red pull over) speaking with Ed Ithier (left) at a Hope Life Skills class last year.


2) March 27th –  Hope Life Skills Annual CVS Health Jobs and Career Day at the CVS Health corporate campus in Woonsocket, RI.   Departure time –  8:15am  – Return time –  2pm

Corporate executives will speak about the culture of this $220 BILLION dollar company;  what employees can expect from CVS Health and what the company expects from their employees.

Each student will pick from an assortment of jobs at this company they have an interest in.  For instance, cosmetics, pharmacist, graphic design, store management, digital services, marketing (collection and analysis of customer data that determines the coupons a customer gets when they buy something at a store, what specific store shelf a product is placed, what products are sold in individual stores because the same products you find in St Paul, Minnesota, may not be the same products you find in a CVS store in Miami, etc) logistics (i.e. getting products delivered from the factory the product is made to the warehouse the product is stored to the store in a specific city the product is sold).  Students will then break out into small groups to speak with a CVS employee working in a job each student has expressed an interest in. 

Lunch and networking with CVS employees ( conversations and business card exchanges).

Hope Life Skills students meeting with CVS Marketing Analytic specialists during the CVS JOBS and CAREER day at the CVS Health campus in Woonsocket, RI.   Topic for this meeting focused on a career in marketing analytics and the value of these skills in the 21st century job market.

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