Field Trip: Roger Williams University; May 8th, 2015

Fernando Perez, Raymond Perez, Olimpia Aldana Perez, Manny Rivas, Gisabel Salcedo, Hafzat Akani, Jessica Dough, Richard Quinnila Gonzales, Zach Reyes and Joan Tueros traveled to Bristol, Rhode Island for a day of inquiry and discovery at Roger Williams University.   The

trip proved ‘questions are more important than answers’ and ‘getting out of one’s comfort zone creates opportunities for valuable lessons learned’.

Students also had an opportunity to see first hand the benefits of networking as our University tour guide, Juan, seemed to know everyone on campus!  At Roger Williams University,

everyone knew Juan!


THE man on campus , our tour guide, Juan!!!!!  It seems Juan knew everyone and everyone knew Juan.  Amazing!


Juan leads Life Skills students to the Athletic Center which featured a fitness center for all students, pool and basketball arena.


Juan leads Life Skills students through the Athletic Center



Juan describes the student resources in the Engineering Center while two engineering students collaborate in the background. The student in the white shirt was an international student from Germany.


Students in one of the lecture classrooms in the Accounting and Finance building


Olimpia enjoys observing one of the many marine samples in the Marine Biology Center.


Students enter the Intercultural Center for a conversation with students about activities organized by the schools ethnically and religiously diverse students.



The tour ended at the University cafeteria with a question and answer session with 4 RWU students during a sumptuous lunch.


On the way home!



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