Homework: February 5, 2016

1. Despite the fact there is no class today because of the snow, I’d would still like you to watch this video on the award ceremony of a recently completed tennis tournament in Australia, The Australian Open.  It was a historic and exciting final in the women’s division as a German, Angelique Kerber, beat the heavily favored American, Serena Williams, in three sets.  We speak often in class about personal brand and how people make judgements about us based on how we conduct ourselves when they meet us or observe us from afar.  As a result, our challenge is to always be aware of this possibility and, then, be disciplined to act in a way which builds a positive brand for ourselves and those we represent:   a brand that creates admiration and respect rather than scorn;   a brand that opens doors of opportunities rather than shutting them;  a brand others wish to associate with and not avoid; a brand which others want to add to their network.   This video displays how one person, the winner Angelique Kerber, conducts herself in victory.   Be the observer of Angelique Kerber at the Australian Open.  Then, share your perspective of Ms Kerber’s brand based on how she conducted herself at the award ceremony.   List 4 adjectives which describe your perspective of Angelique Kerber’s brand and, then, in a well written paragraph, explain what you observed in Ms Kerber’s demeanor during the award ceremony that caused you to choose the adjectives you did.

Please email your answer by next Tuesday, February 9th.

Have a nice day and be safe.

I hope to see you next Friday.

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