Today’s Homework: February 12, 2016

1.   We spoke today about the importance of reading;  not only, to prepare ourselves for the realities of college, but also for the realities of lifetime success.   Today’s guest, entrepreneur and marketer, Jeshua Zapata, the Founder and President of  Xzito Creative Solutions, LLC ( made this very clear in his comments.  “I was assigned to read 30 to 40 pages per class as a student at Bryant University.  And, I was taking 5 classes per semester and each class met at least twice a week!   And today, as the owner of my own company, I must read constantly, daily, to keep up with the changes in the marketplace and my business.  You must read all the time if you want to become and remain successful.  The world is constantly changing and you must keep up with the changes or you’ll be left behind.”    I have a responsibility to you all to prepare you for the realities of college, your career and life and, as a result, I will start assigning your more reading.  If I didn’t do this, I would be letting you down.   Here is your assignment to be completed by next Wednesday, February 17th, by 12am.

  • Read pages 1 through 50 in your new textbook, “The Awakening: Massasoit’s Journey of Change, Renewal and Destiny”.
  •  Complete Activity 8 on page 61.   (Don’t be confused;  there are 2 Activity 8s.   Do the one on page 61.
    • What is your interpretation of the “Life Without Learning”  poem? (This poem also appears on page 7 in the textbook.)  What is the lesson the poet is trying to teach with this poem?
    • Do you agree with the poet’s message or lesson?  yes or no
    • Explain, in a well written paragraph, why you feel this way.
  • Complete Activity 4 on page 56.
    • Massasoit’s kindness –
    • Massasoit’s empathy –
    • Massasoit’s decision for the common good –

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