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An interesting article about our Hope High Life Skills program was recently posted on GoLocalProv by Lauri Lee.  Thought you all might be interested.

The article is a tribute to everyone who has participated for the past 11 years in the program.  It’s been an unselfish community effort from Rhode Island’s best leaders to share personal stories of success with Hope High’s remarkable students.  In the process, great Hope kids find, what Ken Robinson calls, their ‘Element’, i.e. what they’re good at and like to do.   A foundation of confidence is then built for them to facilitate measured risk taking, get out of their comfort zones and keeping failure where it belongs –  as an opportunity for learning valuable lessons.   It doesn’t get better than this; kids learning life lessons and feeling good about themselves along the way.   Guests to the class help the students build their networks and personal brands, understand the value of humility and the fact giving respect earns respect.

Here are some comments I recently received from community leaders who have been part of the Hope High Life Skills program this year:

Thank you again for the opportunity to speak to your class.  Your have a very unique program and great students! Their professionalism, manners and willingness to be inspired and to learn is something I haven’t seen anywhere else. I’ve done speaking engagements at various universities and organizations, and by far, this is the most rewarding out of all.”  Rodrigo Zetina-Yglesias / Director of Operations, Benrus

The Life Skills Program opened doors that I didn’t even know existed, provided me with a wide network of mentors and leaders, and prepared me for networking events in the ‘real world’. I had the pleasure to be the first student who experienced the National Leadership Forum on Law & CSI in Washington, DC – where I met 200 students from all over United States. Thanks to that initial trip, I also got a tour of one of the most beautiful college campuses – Georgetown University (my alma mater)…….To all the students reading this, remember that anything is possible! The struggles and hardships are part of making progress and creating your own personal brand. Higher education granted me the opportunity to turn my dreams into reality. Keep fighting and challenging yourself because it will pay off in the future!  Marta Aparicio, Hope High School 2010, Georgetown University 2014, the Follette Corporation.

I read about your field trip and was on your website checking it all out.  A valuable curricula for the Hope students.  It all sounds so exciting and so very important to the students future.”  Christina Ricci ’65 Hope High Dollars for Scholars

Thanks again for having me join your class. I’m always impressed with the great group of talented students. It was a pleasure meeting all of them. Looking forward to hearing more of their ideas on improving your website.”  Nick DeCesare, TWOBOLT Creative Director

“I truly was impressed with the firm handshakes, enthusiasm and poise from your students.  I love your format – the pre-interview, the introduction by a student, the line-up before and after – you are giving them such wonderful opportunities to practice their interpersonal skills! I only wish we had more time to talk and for them to share more about themselves.”  Wendy Lewis, Senior Copywriter, Marketing and Advertising

the Life Skills Class students – they were so pleasant to have here (at our CVS corporate offices). I was responsible for driving a group of students from the main CVS building over to the building we call the Marketing Support Center so they could meet with our copywriters and graphic designers. The students were so polite (not that I was expecting anything different!), and they asked some interesting questions on the short ride over. I could tell that they were curious and engaged in what I had to say. They really did a good job of representing the Hope High School brand and that of your Life Skills Class.”  Nicole Cuningham, Sr. Proofreader, Advertising, CVS/pharmacy

Thank you so so much for allowing me to be a part of your class Friday, it was an amazing experience and I feel honored to have been able to share my musical stories with you, I hope to be able to see you all again soon!”  Sydney Flanagan, 15 year old singer/songwriter, Dighton Rehoboth High School

I read the article in GoLocalProv and it is great! I love it. I’m so grateful for the experience of visiting your class and sharing my story from Columbia, South America to Boston;  if you need Saylna and myself again, don’t hesitate to email us. We will be there for sure.”  Laura Reales.  Suffolk University Freshman, Entrepreneurial Studies

Love Manny’s email.  He reached out to me directly. I’ll keep in touch with him for sure.  He is an impressive young man.”   Carlos Sanchez,  Senior Director Advertising Production, CVS/pharmacy

the kids made everyone proud last Friday during our visit to CVS.   They were great.  The Hope High brand continues to increase in value.”  Lynn Harrigan, Hope High Guidance

” it was a pleasure to host the Hope High School students at CVS Health today.  This is an impressive group of students, and there were lots of great questions and participation throughout the day. Feedback from other CVS participants and departments has been very positive as well. I am looking forward to adding these future leaders to my network, and will be reaching out to all of those that gave me business cards…….”   Donna Mumma, Senior Director of Pharmacy Inventory Management and Analytics at CVS Health

Just had time to look through the Teespring field trip.  Amazing – so encouraging to the students“.  Jane Bermont, President, Hope High Dollars for Scholars

Thank you for sharing your time with the Suffolk classes and enabling opportunities for students like Salyna, Laura and Kayla to take advantage of “paying it forward” at Hope High School and networking!  Cool to see them get exposure in the Prov community and CVS!”  Chad Heumme, Entrepreneur and Business Consultant

As I’ve stated to you before: your program and your students are truly unique and wonderful. It’s a great honor and a pleasure to play a part in your Life Skills class.”  Rodrigo Zetina-Yglesias / Director of Operations, Benrus

If every community offered a course like yours the country and the world would be a better place. I am going to find the copy of your textbook you gave me a few years ago and catch up on my American history.”  John Danforth, teacher Winston Salem, North Carolina.

What a great article and tribute to what you and your community partners have done and continue to do.”  Mark Shaw, AAA Southern New England.

Reaffirms what I knew already.We have been supporting your Hope High Life Skills work which has great value to the larger R. I. community. Congrats and keep up the excellent effort.”  Tom Farrell, White Family Foundation

Congratulations, Steve.  I’m glad to be a part of your program and class visits. I just finished a meeting about our LAB program and I told them I wanted to reach out to you to find a candidate from Hope High.”  John Sinnott, Gilbane Building Company.

I am proud to be associated with the program. See you and the students in May.”  Lou Mercado, VP Supply Chain Management, CVS



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