Preparing for Future Forum 2

At the end of Friday’s class,

I encouraged all of you to prepare for Future Forum 2.

The better we prepare, whether it’s a softball game, an exam, or a networking event like the Future Forum, the better our chances for the success we hope to achieve.

I encourage you to watch the videos posted here.  The speaker, Masayoshi Son, is Japan’s wealthiest person.  Be patient watching this video.  However, if you can, it will be worth your while.  Watch and listen.  You will not only learn a lot;  many of you will become more curious, more creative and more confident.

‘Masayoshi Son’ is worth $23.5 BILLION! despite having lost most of his wealth in the year 2000

when his investments in internet companies failed.  He didn’t quit; he persevered!  Today Masayoshi Son is the Founder and chief executive officer of SoftBank, the chief executive officer of SoftBank Mobile, and current chairman of Sprint Corporation.

Masayoshi Son believes ‘AI’, Artificial Intelligence, will increasingly change our future.

He has stated the year 2017 is the tipping point for the world’s focus on AI, Artificial Intelligence. From this year forward, there will be more and more conversations, investments and uses of artificial intelligence devices. Siri, Google and Ford driverless cars, Rumba vacuum cleaners, drones, to name a few, are here NOW!  UnderArmour is designing and producing intelligent sportswear with AI in the fabric of the clothing.  In fact, Masayoshi Son predicts

in “30 years, when the population of the earth will be 10 BILLION, there will be 10 BILLION robots on the earth as well“.

Tuesday’s Future Forum is our first step getting prepared for this eventuality.

You are intelligent and creative enough to be successful in a world of artificial intelligence.  Yes, you are! Keep being curious. Don’t be afraid to be imaginative. Work hard always.

Push out of your comfort zone!

And, keep building networks of diverse, curious, hard working, respectful people who always do the right thing.

If you examine your network and everyone looks like you and has the same interests as you, you are missing opportunities for success.

Build a diverse network of good  people who have similar AND different interests as you.

See you Tuesday at the Forum!  And,

don’t forget your business cards.

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