Today’s Amica Insurance Field Trip: April 28, 2016

“Your brand is amazing!  


Leah Scott, Associate Human Resources Recruiter, welcomes Hope’s Life Skills students to Amica Insurance before sharing her personal story of a nursing education and entrepreneurial experience before coming to Amica.


Ramona Royal, corporate Human Resource Officer at Amica Insurance, shares her personal story of transition and success before and during her experience at Amica Insurance.


Raymond Perez, donning his Syracuse University Orange, asks one of his several probing questions to the Amica Insurance team.

Your level of maturity, the

sophistication of your questions and your courage to ask them

among our staff here at Amica is unlike most groups visiting our Amica campus. 

You seem to have no trouble pushing out of your comfort zone. 

It’s a level of maturity we haven’t seen before……………..  You are so professional for such a young age.  You’re an impressive group of young people……”  These were just a few of the impressions of the Hope Life Skills students shared by the Amica Insurance corporate staff following today’s tour and activities at the Amica Insurance corporate campus. 


Fernando Perez (left) and Juan Corona (right) speak with Amica’s Assistant Vice President of Technology, Greg Calderiso, during one of the breakout sessions.

The purpose of today’s tour was to introduce Hope Life Skills students to another successful, Rhode Island company, the Amica Insurance Company in Lincoln, Rhode Island.  Not only did the students learn about Amica’s core business of insurance but, more importantly, they learned about Amica’s team and their amazing culture of dedicated people focused on helping others.  “Mr Cronin,

I can’t believe how nice everyone is.  Really, they’re so polite and pleased to help” 

one student commented during the tour.    “This is a nice place to work!” someone else said.  “They have a fitness center with trainers for the staff to work out!  They even have a place to get your clothes dry cleaned!


Eduardo “Ed” Naya, Amica’s  Assistant Vice President of Marketing,  shares his personal story of growing up with his Cuban born parents in Miami, going to University of Miami to play soccer and sustaining an injury forcing him to end his college soccer experience. Ed then spoke about his discovery of ‘marketing’, his passion for a college marketing education and the career opportunities for those with a Latino heritage in the United States today.

AMICA -4photo

Gia Pastore, Amica’s Assistant Training Instructor, speaks about her personal journey from a rural community in Indiana and onto Purdue University before “coming east, far from home, to work at Amica“.

 “It’s amazing to hear so many successful people at Amica went to college for a career in one field and then end up after college in a different career. 

We heard the same thing last month during our CVS Health visit”   Raymond Perez observed.   “Mr Naya seemingly was the exception“.

AMICA- 88photo

Samantha Risk speaks about her initial college major in medicine before switching to accounting.


Bob Jean, Amica’s Media Producer, gives the Life Skills students an orientation of the company’s production studio where Amica Insurance commercials are produced.

AMICA -6photo

Students gather for a photograph with the Amica team.


Lunch is served at the end of the tour.


Amica team members: Lauren Fain (at the door), Leah Scott (back to the camera near Lauren), Greg Calderiso and Samantha Risk lead the class into the audi






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