Today’s Class: April 13, 2018

Ryan 6 - IMG_5137

Today’s guest, Ryan Roslonek.

Today’s guest was

Ryan Roslonek, Coast Guard Academy graduate, Coast Guard veteran, Business Solutions Architect/ Corporate Senior Manager, coach, and father.

Today’s host was Ayo Onajide.

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Ryan (left) is welcomed to Hope by Ayo outside of the classroom before the start of the class.

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Ayo leads Ryan into the classroom for his introduction

Ryan 3 - IMG_5124

Ayo introduces Ryan to his classmates at the start of today’s class.

Ryan 4 - IMG_5128

Following Ayo’s introduction, students offer their personal greetings to Ryan with a firm handshake, eye contact, smile and a friendly greeting.  In the photo about, Francisco Gonzalez welcomes Ryan to the Hope Life Skills class.

Ryan 5 - IMG_5134

Ryan presents his mission for today’s class. “I will present a business plan I’ve been working on. I would appreciate your critical feedback on a motivational app I’m hoping to launch“.

Today’s class became a entrepreneur’s presentation to potential investors.

Ryan asked students for their critical feedback, their interest in using a motivational app like he was describing and, finally,

asking students to imagine themselves as potential investors

and if they would invest in Ryan’s business.

The class became a collaboration of creative minds, offering what if’s, an exchange of questions, possibilities

and suggestions for Ryan to consider in the development and monetization of his motivational app.

Ryan 8 - IMG_5140

Ryan listening to Jonasia Brown‘s suggestion.

Ryan 10 - IMG_5144

Following his entrepreneur’s presentation, Ryan seeks investments for his motivational app company while Ayo records the investment pledges on the white board.

Ryan 11 - IMG_5145

Ryan and Ayo network after class with Ayo giving Ryan his business card. One of the primary topics of their conversation was a negotiation with Ayo pledging to offer his coding skills to write the algorithms for Ryan’s app in exchange for an ownership position in Ryan’s motivational app company.



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