Today’s Class: April 27, 2018

Today’s Hope Life Skills Class guest was Ray Nunez, the Program Coordinator at Leadership Rhode Island.

Our host today who welcomed Ray Nunez to the Life Skills class was Eveline Silva.

ray IMG_5149

Eveline Silva welcomes Ray Nunez from Leadership Rhode Island to Hope High School

ray 2 IMG_5150

Eveline introduces Ray Nunez to her classmates at the start of today’s class

ray 3 - IMG_5154

Following Eveline’s introduction, Lisanyis Gonzalez and her fellow classmates welcome Ray Nunez to today’s class.

 Leadership Rhode Island is an organization which focuses on maximizing the potential of  individuals, organizations, communities and, in the process, the entire state of Rhode Island by bringing people together to share their stories.

One of Leadership Rhode Island’s services is a personal strength assessment.  

Astrength assessment’ is a survey designed to identify a person’s personality assets. 

By identifying a person’s strengths, each person and the organization or company they are part of can maximize their opportunities for success by exploiting the findings of the strength assessment.

Thousands of managers, administrations, employees, self-employed people, job seekers and students have discovered their personal strengths since Leadership RI launched the strength assessment campaign. Many participants have learned how to apply their strengths with the help of 20 Leadership RI-certified Strengths Coaches.

Hope Life Skills students took the strength assessment survey during today’s class

and were immediately given the survey results.

Ray Nunez returns to the Hope Life Skills class on May 11

to inform the students how to use the findings of their assessment to create their own opportunities for lifetime success.

Ray 4 - IMG_5157

Ray Nunez rolls out the strength assessment for each student

ray 5 - IMG_5164

ray 6 - IMG_5165



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