Today’s Class: April 6, 2018

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Brown University Head Softball Coach, Katie Flynn (right) and Brown University Pitcher, Kait Camacho-Orona (left) share their personal stories of coaching and playing softball at Brown University.

Brown University Head Softball Coach, Katie Flynn and Brown University student athlete, softball pitcher, Kait Camacho-Orona

were today’s Hope Life Skills class guests.

Our exemplary class host for today’s class was Rosa Rodriguez.

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Rosa welcomes Coach Flynn and Kait to Hope High School and the Life Skills class before the start of today’s class.

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Rosa introduces Kait and Coach Flynn to her classmates at the start of today’s class.

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Following Rosa’s introduction, Mariana Guerrero Pimental welcomes Coach Flynn with a smile, good eye contact, firm handshake and a warm greeting as Tatiana Brito does the same with Kait in the background.

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Kait shares her story growing up in a mainly Hispanic Colorado community before going to Brown and finding herself in a diverse college community.

Rosa opened the class by sharing her perceptions of Coach Flynn and Kait’s brand.   “They both came across very professional and kind.

Coach Flynn spoke about the qualities she looks for in the softball players she recruits for her softball team at Brown University.  “First, I look for good softball players.  But as importantly, I look for young women who work well with other players.  We’re a team and

I recruit women who are more committed to team goals than personal accomplishments.

These are the same attitudes organizations and companies look for today.

Kait spoke about the diversity of her network.  “My high school network was made up of Latino friends.  Now, at Brown,

my network is diverse

I have Asian, African, and Caucasian friends and

I’m a better and wiser person because of this diversity.”

 Coach Flynn had some practical suggestions for the Hope High student athletes in the room.  “I encourage

you to

take the initiative and contact college coaches now. 

Tell them you’re interested in their schools.  Send them tapes of your games, matches and races.”  Kait added “if the financial aid package you receive is not enough for you attend the college you’d like to go to, respectfully let the schools know you’d like to go but there isn’t enough aid for you to attend.

Ask the school, politely and humbly, if there is a possibility of receiving more aid.  Reassure them you really would like to go to their school and how you would contribute to their college community by being active in clubs and other organizations.”

Coach Flynn and Kait spoke about the support services in academics and counseling Brown University provides to their students.  “Brown realizes that our students come from different socioeconomic communities.  Regardless of where our students come from,

we want all our students to be successful which is why we provide  academic and counseling support for those asking for it.

Kait added “I tutor underclassmen who need academic support. I want to help others in the Brown community whenever I can.

The softball season is underway and Coach Flynn invited today’s students to come to Brown University and watch them play.  Kait spoke about her plan to go to graduate school for her master’s degree and eventually her doctorate in Public Health!

Today’s class ended with a networking session for students to exchange business cards and hopefully continue their conversations with Coach Flynn and Kait.

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Hope High School softball player, Catherine Visono, exchanges business cards with Coach Flynn.

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Catherine also speaks with Kait during the network session.

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