Today’s Class: February 15, 2019

Today’s guest was Nan Quinlan,

a senior career consultant at Transition Solutions and the former Training and Development Manager at TACO Inc, a multi-million dollar, international company in Cranston, Rhode Island.

Today’s host was Arthur Bonga.

Today’s conversation focused on best practices for a successful job interview.

Arthur Bonga welcomes Nan Quinlan back to Hope High and, from Nan’s reaction, Arthur does a great job making Nan feel comfortable before the start of today’s class outside the classroom.

Arthur introduces Nan to his classmates at the start of today’s class.

Hope students welcome Nan to today’s class following Arthur’s introduction.

Lisbet Gomez welcomes Nan to today’s class while Isabella Caraballo awaits to do the same.

Nan begins to offer students suggestions for the preparation, performance, and follow up to a successful interview for a job, internship, college admittance, and a financial aid appeal. Nan’s suggestions include research on the company you’re applying for a job, questions to ask your interviewer, standing and sitting posture during the interview, a firm handshake, good eye contact, saying ‘yes’ rather than ‘yeah’ or other slang, and, then, following the interview, writing a ‘thank you’ email with perfect spelling and good sentence structure, grammar and punctuation.

David Narvaez volunteered for today’s first ‘mock interview‘.  David was greeted by the ‘mock’ company’s receptionist (played by Robert Desilets) who then brought David into Nan’s office for the interview.

David introduces himself to Nan at the start of his interview. David’s greeting includes good eye contact and posture as well as a firm, confident handshake.

Nan interviews David for a position of a physical education teacher and coach at Hope High School.

Maricruz Flores interviews with Nan Quinlan for an athletic trainer’s position at the United States Olympic Training Center in our 3rd ‘mock trial’ of today’s class.

Khadiatou Njie networks with Nan Quinlan after today’s class asking her if she can connect with Nan as she prepares her resume for an upcoming job interview.

David Narvaez thanks Nan after class for coming to Hope Life Skills to share her lessons on job interviewing.  Lucy Salado awaits her turn following David to thank Nan as well.


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